View Full Version : "No-frills pilot could not land plane in fog"

Evening Star
22nd Mar 2002, 20:48
http://icnewcastle.icnetwork.co.uk/0100news/0100local/page.cfm?objectid=11725973&method=full&siteid= 50081. .. .A terrifying ordeal because the pilot is under training? Get a grip! (Or am I too relaxed about these things?)

22nd Mar 2002, 21:29
I think that the captain blew it himself.. .. .Ok, so he's not rated for Cat 3 thru that fog, but heck he could have just said the weather was too bad to land and they were diverting, right???. .. .As for terrifying? I'm with you, they need to get a grip.

23rd Mar 2002, 00:48
OK so the captain makes the correct decision based on the rules, and a bunch of knee jerk reactionaries (sp?) make bad light of a good call??? Glad to see that the press release for GO tried to at least back up the captains call. Shame no-one was probably listening at that point.. .No ES you're not "too relaxed about these things" just more informed than the SLC and press.. .But as I read some time ago on PPRuNe, headline:-. ."Plane lands safely, Hundreds NOT killed"

24th Mar 2002, 16:45
There is no doubt that the Cabin Address was, shall we say, imprudent. . .. .That's the Press for you. The poor cricketer who died in a car crash was of course 'Killed in Porsche Disaster'. Had it been a Ford, it would have been a car crash.. .. .I always feel sorry for poor old Yusuf Islam. Twenty years after he changed his name, journos still describe him as 'the former singer Cat Stevens'.

Tartan Gannet
24th Mar 2002, 16:53
Yes, U_R, its not what you say, its the way that you say it. I have found this to be one of the truest maxims in life.. .. .Pilots and other people versed in Aviation matters would accept the statement given from the Flight Deck but the SLF in the cabin would be alarmed. A well worded announcement that "due to adverse weather conditions at Stanstead the flight had been diverted" would have been far better in the circumstances.. .. .I have to add that I never us the likes of GO, Ryan, Easyjet, etc prefering to Fly the Flag.. .. .Although I condemn spin and PC, euphemism is sometimes the oil which makes the gears of life glide smoothly and acheives the same result with less distress all round.. . . . <small>[ 24 March 2002, 12:02: Message edited by: tartan gannet ]</small>

24th Mar 2002, 21:14
What struck me about that article was how badly written it is. What kind of hack works for that rag. Schoolkids on work experience?. .. .The quote that the pilot didn't know how to land in fog is so absurd as to be laughable. Maybe we should tip them off that at any one time there are hundreds of pilots out there without CAT III approval or who don't know how to land in fog as the junior hack so incisively put it.. .. .Duck everyone it's raining planes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24th Mar 2002, 23:50
I must admit when I read the headline I was wondering why a pilot who is not trained in fog was allowed on the flightdeck. When I read the story, I was at times amused, irritated, but above all exasperated by ill-informed and sensationalist reporting.. .. .It would appear that the pax were never in danger, that they were landed safely and then, albeit 3 hours late, taken to their destination. . .. .Sheeeeshh, now I guess they'll all be suffering from trauma bought on by this tragic and terrifying experience.

25th Mar 2002, 00:03
The pyelat sed e worrunt treyund.. .. .Perhaps 'mums from Gateshead' should stick to the bus. Or better yet, confine their activities to the scullery.

26th Mar 2002, 19:56
I saw the same story in lst Saturdays Times, and it was just as bad from a journolistic point of view. Having said that, I think that it wasn't too bright to be that honest with the punters-its not realy suprising that it got blown out of proportion-"Not yet qualified to land .." <img border="0" title="" alt="[Confused]" src="confused.gif" />