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17th Apr 2004, 22:20
I am usually not the type to watch Saturday night TV shows, and I generally don´t like all star bands. However, there was a show on German telly tonight to celebrate 50 years of Rock´n´Roll - in April 1954, Bill Haley´s "Rock Around the Clock" came out, which they celebrated as Rock´s 50th anniversary - and I must say that watching and listening to Jon Lord, Peter Frampton and Ian Anderson performing "Smoke on the Water" and "Locomotive Breath" live on stage, and together, was quite an experience.

I´m more a bloke of the early seventies really, so these songs brought back fond memories... Who said you´re too old to RocknRoll but too young to die??

I was missing Pete Townshend, though, he would have completed the band!

18th Apr 2004, 13:37
Sounds like a great show - sorry I couldn't see it.

Peter Frampton.............ahhhhhhhhh that takes me back! :ok:

18th Apr 2004, 13:46
"If you think you're too old for rock 'n' roll then you are. And it happens to musicians - you see them on stage and they sound great and everything, but it's almost like you can tell they're looking at their watch . 'Have we finished yet? Let's go back to the wife and poodle.'

.....Lord Lemmy of Motörhead. :cool:


18th Apr 2004, 13:49
EDDNHopper, as someone only in my early '40s, "Smoke On The Water" also brings back happy memories...!

I'm glad to be able to share something in common with you. To think there are people who believe there is a "generation gap"! :p

18th Apr 2004, 22:50
There´s no such thing as a generation gap when it comes to Rock´n´Roll (despite of what Roger Daltrey sang ;) ).

When I said I´m an early seventies men, I meant I grew up with the music of that time, though. I´m in my forties too...

Saw Jethro Tull live a couple of years ago, and I must say it was one of the best concerts I´ve ever been to. Tull were obviously enjoying the show as much as we did.

I never met a girl (at that time) who wasn´t crazy about Peter Frampton (except for those wild Marc Bolan fans, maybe).

18th Apr 2004, 23:11
Jethro Tull?

God I thought I was the only fan left.

Trying to introduce my daughter to em but she's not fussy at the moment.
I'll keep trying though, As soon as she starts talking she can tell me to turn it off.:E

18th Apr 2004, 23:18
How it was In The Beginning!

One remembers "Blackboard Jungle", with its theme of "Rock Around the Clock", and the despair of cinema managers the country wide as the Young Idea took to rockin' an' a rollin' in the aisles an' a slashin' the upholstery an' the woodwork an' anyone who interfered with their youthful high spirits.

The dear, dead, days.

19th Apr 2004, 11:59
VFE - dont tell me you are a Motorhead listener as well as a Strangler?

19th Apr 2004, 17:04
Jethro Tull

God I thought I was the only fan left.

Well, that makes three of us then!

Jethro Tull are playing Cropredy this year headlining on the Friday night! See some of you there?



20th Apr 2004, 11:15
I have been told that Tull have always been far more popular over here than in the UK.

Recently bought Sixty Six to Timbuktu (Robert Plant) - another fine CD.

I still haven´t decided about the ultimate 20 LPs/CDs I´d pick to take with me on that proverbial lone island... Who´s Next, Live at Leeds, Warchild, and Brothers in Arms would definitely go into my bag.