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21st Jul 2001, 00:02
Air Europe - British
Air Europa - Spanish
Fly Europa - British.
Same Logos.

What is the connection?

Apparently Fly Europa is a new english airline atrting services to gibraltar from Stanny. Anyone else heard about this? Who is the parent company who obviously owns (owned in case of Air Europe) these airlines?

see www.fly-europa.co.uk (http://www.fly-europa.co.uk)


"Ayline 221 airbourne"

carlos vandango
21st Jul 2001, 04:41
wouldn't hold your breath on that..have a feeling this is Fly-European MKII

21st Jul 2001, 20:47
Shame the fancy bits around their website don't work properly.

Fly Europa was originally being set up by Brian Beal, late of AB Airlines fame. Not sure if he is still involved, but it sounds to me like they are going to use a 737-200 wet-leased from European Air Charter to fly schedules from Manchester and Stansted to Gibraltar.

European recently applied for a route licence to fly these sectors and one of their 737-200s (G-CEAF) is now painted in Fly Europa colours, which bear more than a passing resemblance to Air Europa's colours. As a Spanish carrier, they obviously can't fly to GIB and so one wonders just how involved they are - is it a form of franchise or a UK front company so that they can start flying to GIB?

Anyone at European know what the score is please?