View Full Version : Help a poor African Astronaut

tony draper
17th Apr 2004, 17:34
Least this one is original.hee hee :rolleyes:


17th Apr 2004, 17:54
After meeting some of the space cadets working out here, anything's possible!


17th Apr 2004, 22:28
$ 3,000,000 USD for a return flight is a bargain, really!


18th Apr 2004, 09:04
The launch vehicle should be the one that launched Orvill (that green pathetic bird) into orbit several years ago.


18th Apr 2004, 09:13
Anyone who falls for this is definitely in line for a future darwin award :}

Boss Raptor
18th Apr 2004, 09:20
The reverse 419...how about we offer to raise money to send them all into space to keep him company ;)

Sure Star City and Baikonur would have noticed the odd Nigerian wandering round their facility trying to jump into the nose bay of one of their rockets :cool:

PS. sent this to a Nig. Govt. Minister who thought it was hysterical...the best 419 he'd ever seen :D

Like our Mr. '419' having worked in Lagos I can confirm that the younger Nigerians have a quite incredible view of their own abilities/importance, they are all going to be '747 Captain Sah...' so into space is not going to be an issue...and they do have Govt. Agencies for everything, all with important sounding initials...so the Nigerian Space Agency seems perfectly feasable to me :hmm:

silly walks
18th Apr 2004, 09:30
It made me chuckle on a cold and very wet sunday morning:ok:

18th Apr 2004, 09:59
You might not believe it, but there is actually a Nigerian Space agency.
Nigeria put a satellite up last year (with a bit of help from the Ruskies!).
If it's built and wired to the same standard as their cars, houses, etc it must be a sight to see. (anyone who's had a look around the Nigerian Airways hangar will know what I mean)

One of its planned uses will be to stop fraud!!!

The Nigerian government hopes that the satellite will assist in identifying potential embezzlers as they are in the process of emailing their requests to people abroad.

"We've got a strike team ready to go," said Akinyede. "The next banker who tries to move $25 million out of the country is going to be in big trouble."


Boss Raptor
18th Apr 2004, 12:46
Mr 419...why does that not surprise me...one assumes that the said sat was a cross between a Lada and a 'Peejot' and must also have used a lot 'foowell' :)

Have been to the WT hanger many a time in the distant past...especially at 0200 in the morning to catch the night shift sleeping on the A310's instead of actually doing the check :E