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Sick Squid
1st Dec 2001, 04:31
....of which I am one, and flew with the other one last week. At least we could share my copy....

However, he told me of his previous flight, which went like this....

(Enter front galley FA, with a Daily Mail, and a Telegraph.)

FGFA: "I've brought you some papers, boys...."

Left-Wing First Officer: "Daily Mail? Torygraph? Errr, thanks, but do you have something a bit less right-wing, perhaps? Something like "Mein Kampf" maybe?

FGFA: "Sorry, we don't have any German newspapers on this one...."


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1st Dec 2001, 04:40
And how you feel about the Spectator?

1st Dec 2001, 18:02
I remember seeing a photograph from the Gulf war of a Jaguar, which, instead of the usual "laser lips laura" style of nose art favoured by the Tornado drivers carried the motto: "Avid Guardian Reader". Was the pilot being ironic?

Send Clowns
1st Dec 2001, 19:28
Well the Grauniad is always avilable in the Wardrom/Officers Mess, but only one copy and it is always easier to get hold of than the Telegraph or the Sun, as these are more often in use (being read in the first case :D ). The Guardian is there because you have to know what daft "liberals" think you shouldn't do before doing it!

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1st Dec 2001, 21:13
Couldnt have been BA pilots ;)

Not sure any of them can read :p

Duck.......Incoming :eek:


Wee Weasley Welshman
1st Dec 2001, 23:45
Gaurdian reading pilots? Surely not?


2nd Dec 2001, 17:02
Don't knock it - it was the Grauniad's 'website of the week' that introduced me to the delights of pruning.

2nd Dec 2001, 22:05
"The Guardian reader" was painted on Sqn Ldr Mike Rondot's Jaguar in the Gulf War. Dunno if he read it or was winding them up.


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4th Dec 2001, 20:51
Knowing Mike he'd want to wind them up whether he read it or not! Brilliant artist as well.

5th Dec 2001, 02:34
"Sorry, we don't have any German newspapers on this one...." :eek:

6, you make me squirm in my seat here.. ;)

Click Clack
6th Dec 2001, 02:46
Kate Winslett was looking particularly horny in todays G2.
Easily the best of the broadsheets.

6th Dec 2001, 17:03

Kate Winslet? Now you're talking - pwhoaaaaargh!

Biggles Flies Undone
7th Dec 2001, 20:57
flaps - if that's what it takes, I'm off to the newsagent's ;)

8th Dec 2001, 00:43
More likely the eight tentacles Biggles ;)

8th Dec 2001, 02:13
Happened to tell Squid's story at dinner tonight and both my kids refused to believe that any FA could be so dumb.
(yup, good kids! :D )

BFU with a mind like yours, who needs to read Nancy Friday? ;)
And mate, forget about the Frankfurter Allgemeine and get me a Corriere della Sera instead.
That language.......... :D

Vel, right as usual you bright woman! :o ;) :D

9th Dec 2001, 19:38
I am sorry but my literature would be more along the lines of FHM. Is this acceptable? :D

VFE. :cool:

PS: One of my instructors said that his role as Flight Engineer on the Nimrod was to supply the pilots pornography! I said shame FEs are a dieing breed! ;)