View Full Version : The Jetblast 5% Rule..

16th Apr 2004, 21:55
Anyone else noticed that the average JB thread gets about a 5% ratio of post / views. Anything less than that usually has a very attractive title (like.. Free Sex for Pilots!) and no content, and disappears very quickly. Or, a thread with a greater ratio is a real corker, one which usually involves absolutely no input from the likes of me....

16th Apr 2004, 21:59
I thought this was going to be some sort of Mensa thing. You had to be in the bottom 5% to play in Jet Blast.

The Invisible Man
16th Apr 2004, 22:06
Thats me ok then, I can play.


16th Apr 2004, 22:42
Oh yes my dear TIM you can play here.

Now anyone seen Onan today?

17th Apr 2004, 10:38
5% of Tottenham Court Road takes you straight to Mornington Crescent :E

The Greaser
17th Apr 2004, 10:44
Oh dear, this is already well under 5%!!!

17th Apr 2004, 11:26
I've just had a great idea.
The rest of you can pay me 5% of your salaries!:E

Huron Topp
17th Apr 2004, 15:09
Why, do you need a cup of coffee?

17th Apr 2004, 15:14

It's just that I need to supplement my pension!

Paul Wilson
17th Apr 2004, 15:31
We're losing the battle to the 5% thread above errrr 5%.

17th Apr 2004, 17:21
The theory is proven correct, thanks to Onan's 'Free Sex' thread.

Tempting thread title, disappointing content.. currently giving a 1.6% return.