View Full Version : Should the M11 be renamed?

16th Apr 2004, 18:50
The recent terrorist atrocity in Madrid is now referred to as
M-11. Therefore, should the motorway bearing this definition in the UK be renamed, as a mark of respect?
As the motorway passes both Duxford and Stansted, the renaming as the M111 would seem appropriate.

16th Apr 2004, 18:55
Only if the M25 is renamed NCP

simon brown
21st Apr 2004, 21:19
And to that end are Porsche expected to re name their 911?

Onan the Clumsy
21st Apr 2004, 23:47
Well if they did that, it might encourage the terrorists to create an M6 and an M1 etc. Maybe Welsh terrorists would blow something up on the 4th of March.