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16th Apr 2004, 18:45
I was watching a rerun of a 5th gear program last night in which they declared that several county police forces, have begun to turn their backs on the traditional approach of fining/points for speeding, and instead, have offered motorists a remedial driver training programme (cost 90) on which drivers have their hazard awareness assessed and hopefully improved. Because no points are awarded, the old insurance company is kept in the dark about the transgression. Every person they interviewed who had taken the option, was in favour of it and described it as something positive coming out of a negative experience.

It does strike me as a sensible approach which should be adopted nationally. Has any prooner been on such a course and if so, was it a positive experience??

16th Apr 2004, 18:55
90 for a course, is better than a 60 fine in the coffers! The admin costs are probably the same. :suspect:

Shaggy Sheep Driver
16th Apr 2004, 19:25
The Lancshire police operate this scheme, but only for 'minor' offenders. Two people I know have been on it; both caught by cameras, one at 34mph, the other 35mph in 30 limit. Any faster, and AFAIK you get the points and fine, no choice.

They both thought it very positive day, and learned a lot. One is even going on to take some advanced driver training.

The other 'cost' is that you have to take a day's holiday from work and drive to (in this case) Preston (one guy on the course was an HGV driver from Kent!).


16th Apr 2004, 19:30
Positive approach - yes BUT:

1. Many will see it as a way of avoiding points mounting up and so the real message will not get through.
2. Male drivers particularly think they are good drivers already and are therefore closed to learning before they attend.

I have been on several driver training courses to evaluate them for use by our company and if you are open minded then you can and will learn new skills.

The real skill though is in the instructor being professional enough to genuinely know more than you and be able to help as well as having a personality that retains your interest during the session.

Standard Noise
16th Apr 2004, 20:41
It's not a bad idea, but it won't work with everybody. I'd probably choose it over a fine and points cos I know I'm not perfect.

But then, speeding isn't really the worst offence, is it?
Mrs Noise, Noisy jnr and myself took a run over to Bath this afternoon, and on the return journey I narrowly avoided 4 potential accidents none of which involved speed. Where were the Police when these four incidents of careless/reckless driving occurred, well, they nearly caused one of the accidents, so I suppose they were there or thereabouts :-

1 - Some coffin dodger tried to change from his lane into mine while I was on his right hand side in the one way system in Bath. He gave me a furious wave as if it were my fault.

2 - A complete halfwit pulled out from a junction on the left, about 5 yards in front of me as I was doing 30mph. How I avoided him and whiplash at the same time I'll never know.

3 - A POLICE CAR, yes you did read that correctly, pulled out 20 yards ahead from the left (I was doing 40mph) and drove up my lane toward me causing me to swerve to the left, while he was trying to fit in with the opposite lane's traffic. And no, he had no blues and twos going, the complete t**t. Yes I know they have a difficult job and all that, but why he thought his Fiesta was a match for the front end of my Beemer is beyond me. If I'd have got his reg no. he'd have got a rocket from his Chief Constable.

4 - A few miles outside Bath, "camper van man" in his 35 foot tin hut pulled out on a bend from the left , across my path 30 yards in front while I was doing 50mph. I had to come to a complete stop and the guy behind me nearly joined Noisy jnr in our back seat.

Speed wasn't a factor on any of these occasions, but they were all examples of bad driving. Where are the courses for arseholes like that???

:mad: :mad:

Sorry, went a bit off topic there.

16th Apr 2004, 20:53
No I don't think off topic at all.

I wrote along similar lines in a different thread some time back.

Unfortunately plod has lost the plot to such an extent, and the Labour Government are so determined to make money out of motorists that 'sensible' traffic policing has gone to the four winds.

That is why deaths from Drink Driving are on the Up.

It is now cheaper to drive without car insurance as the fine is less and the chances of getting caught are virtually nil.

Speeding is a factor in only 1 in 8 accidents, that surely puts bad or inappropriate driving responsible for 7 in 8.

Speed cameras have not contributed to overall road safety as deaths are on the increase, even where cameras have been installed.

16th Apr 2004, 20:54
Mr. Noise:

I would like to offer my sincere commiserations. A skilled, responsible and experienced driver such as yourself has been subjected to the appalling driving of lesser beings.

A coffin dodger, a halfwit, a POLICE CAR, and a camper van man (as well as unspecified areseholes) have all risked your life by their gross stupidity.

You could try counselling, but I think that introspection might be of greater help.

Failing that, why not buy a bike?

16th Apr 2004, 21:33
Over in the U.S they have a good system going, if you are caught speeding you can get a fine or else you can go to your blockbuster video store rent out a couple of boring road safety videos, sit down and watch them then ring a number or go online and answer questions about it.

It shows that they are more concerend about getting you to learn something useful from your experience then just gaining revenue.

However, is it just me or does anybody else feel that there should be a minimum speed limit that should be enforced, more strictly then overspeeding, I always find that the ones who are well below the speed limit are stubborn old farts, crap at driving, never indicate and are more likely going to cause an accident?

Would prefer to be stuck behind a speeder anyday!!

17th Apr 2004, 01:01
Suggestion in the local press in Nottingham that the authorities use the carrot approach rather than the stick.

On a monthly basis one driver receives a cash prize for being caught on camera OBEYING the speed limit - obviously the amount involved would have to be sufficient to motivate drivers to comply!

17th Apr 2004, 11:23
I was caught on a B road in Germany doing 62 kmh in a 50 zone by a radar trap set in a parked car with blacked-out windows.

I saw the radar car at the last minute and could have avoided being 'blitzed' by nailing the brakes but then the motorist behind me might have joined our outing! I think the fine was 20 or so, for what?

As with so many things in flying, where one is taught one procedure and one procedure only, for ease of evaluation among other things, speed is very easy to measure. All that other stuff: road conditions, time of day, amount of traffic and what not, those things are very hard to evaluate. So Plod goes for the easy kill, usually.

I got done once on the Interstate in Florida at 2130 on Sunday evening, doing 70 mph in a 55 zone, all alone on the road in a Peugeot 504 station wagon.

Thank God they stopped me before I killed someone! The Trooper had been lurking on the 'Welcome to Florida' (Free Orange Juice!) area access road, waiting for some sucker like me. I was thinking about my DC-6 Flight Engineer's ride coming up in the next week, so that I had let my speed reach insane values there while I was driving on autopilot and reviewing procedures.

Needless to say I passed my ride and went off to happy Lagos, Nigeria where anything, but anything, goes, driving-wise. Speeding? Hah! I know of a guy who fell out of his car, drunk, and was bundled back into it by the forces of law and disorder after a brief exchange of drinking vouchers.

18th Apr 2004, 11:39
Just a thought brought about by a conversation the other day. PC Plod points his speed gun camera at you, light amplification by the stimulation of emmission of radiation (LASER) is produced, forgive me but does this, if misdirected, damage your eyesight? Do i detect a legal case potentially happening in the future?

Best bet is to jam the suckers like a mate of mine does, he got some old EW kit off a jet and hugely modded his car, hours of amusement apparently....

18th Apr 2004, 16:21
Me and Mrs Frogbox where returning from the swamp capital in Jan this year, along a busy A road during early evening doing circa 45mph when some gimp pulls out right in front of us from a side lane. Mrs Frogbox has no option but to swerve across oncoming traffic to avoid, however we manged to clip the rearside of this idiot and sustain the usual whiplash/chest bruising (thank God for seatbelts) kinda injuries.

Fortunately we didn't hit anything from the other lane. Turns out the gimp involved is some 17 yr old spotty faced chump who has been driving a grand total of one month. The flatfoot on the scene reckoned he would be charged with undue care and attention.

Some weeks later and recovering from our virtual upper body paralysis we receive a letter from County Police stating that Mr F**kwit will be attending a remedial driving course as opposed to being charged and would this be ok with us.

Our anger had subsided by this time so we declined to comment. Yet to add insult to injury, only last week we received a letter from the Police informing us that Mr Numbnuts has passed his remedial driving course.

Well thanks very much for this information it's really what I needed to know considering our car was a complete write-off (2 youths were spotted that evening torching it - wonder who they were?), and we were in considerable pain for many weeks, Mrs Frogbox still is.

What the hell is this country coming to when some web-fingered, banjo-strumming ijiot almost kills us because of his total lack of consideration for other motorists, and what the hell do the police think they're doing!

No I'm not bitter, just glad we weren't in my Golf GTI, might be in prison for murder!


19th Apr 2004, 23:51
It seems that the message is finally getting through to a few people.....HM Gov are not interested in road safety. They are only interested in using road safety as a revenue raising exercise.

Even their own figures show that "inappropriate speed" is the major factor in under 10% of accidents yet they reduce efforts to catch uninsured, dangerous, wreckless and chemically influenced drivers whilst concentrating on the cheapest one to detect.

When you look deeper and find that "inappropriate speed" is actually all those who are driving too fast for the conditions, ie 40mph in a 60mph area in fog then actual speed in excess of the posted limit drops down to around 5% of all accidents.

Then when you argue they trot out the old emotive "try facing the familiy of a little girl..........etc etc etc"

When confronted with facts they fight back with emotions as their own facts stack up against them.