View Full Version : VODKA CRUISERS

High Altitude
30th Nov 2001, 09:53
So who has induldged in a Vodka Cruiser or ten?

Wow fluro sh*t........................

30th Nov 2001, 11:23
Ah, the predecessor to the technicolour yawn. :D

They're not bad, taste more like soft drink than Vodka, especially the passionfruit ones.

Good if you can afford to get smashed on approx AU$4 for a 375 ml bottle. (Not much, I guess, but when compared to a beer....)

I think that about covers it. If anyone wants to contradict me on anything, or has anything to add, be my guest. I promise not to get angry, or send you Anthrax! (Bad joke I know, but I couldn't help it) :rolleyes:

the wizard of auz
30th Nov 2001, 14:18
I tried em...there alright I spose, do the job though a bit exxy.

Hey HA did rob buy the 210? ;)

EMB Bras
30th Nov 2001, 20:52
Tip... a good way to ruin a white shirt is to spill your girlfriends 'BLUE' cruiser all over it!
It did look pretty cool though when the nightclub strobe lights start going off and because you and your mates are just THAT drunk, your fluro blue mouth and funny coloured shirt keeps everyone entertained all night!! :)

Very true though owie, not the cheapest drink around