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tony draper
13th Aug 2001, 19:58
Talking to a special branch spook of my aquaintance today re a documentry about Government surveillance, he recons a forum like this is bound to have a spook in residence keeping toot under a cover name
Hmmm wonder who it is?? :eek:

Thats Draper up the creek, name in the book with a red line drawn thru it.

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13th Aug 2001, 20:01
Is this a double bluff on your part???? With that many posts in such a short space of time I reckon you are a team of special branch agents!!!

Any comments?

tony draper
13th Aug 2001, 20:05
Different department,Mr O, look for the letters GCHQ, in the nickname, or from,
RAF Menwith hill,in the profile hmmm, lots of RAF and exe RAF, here. ;)

You want it when?
13th Aug 2001, 20:11
TD - Dannys got the ISP tracking software, however I could tell you who the spook is but then I'd have to kill you. ;)

Tricky Woo
13th Aug 2001, 20:12
Herr Draper,

I've always had my doubts about that Gerund chappy. Think about it: he made lots of provocative posts in his early days in order to buy our trust; he stirred up all sorts of anti-governmental feelings; then informed his superiors that he was onto something juicy. Result? A nice, fat expense account, plus permission to surf all day.

Clearly, he's now lying doggo, taking notes on us all. Treacherous sod.

Wonder what he makes of you?


Onan the Clumsy
13th Aug 2001, 20:14
Maybe the whole show is run by the government?? :cool:

Yours sincerely
Mr. John Smith
14 Accacia Ave
London SW3

tony draper
13th Aug 2001, 20:15
He or she is probably also working for
Dzernetski Square not sure if thats how you spell it, can't seem to lay my hands on any of my old payslips. ;)

We shall have to be extra careful now, they will be able to fit us up for downloading naughty stuff from Jetblast2. :eek:

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Tricky Woo
13th Aug 2001, 20:22
Nah, considering the average PPRuNer is connected to his/her ISP for 12 hours a day, the Russians couldn't afford the phone bills.

My money is on Luxembourg. Small country with large ambitions. They've never quite forgiven Belgium for nicking three quarters of their country last century. It'd be just like that rotter Gerund to sell out to them.


tony draper
13th Aug 2001, 20:26
Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Sailor, Pilot,
Bloody hell the Circus must be desperate. ;)

Gash Handlin
13th Aug 2001, 22:10
oops, sorry wrong thread, thought this was the Kid Creole and the Coconuts appreciation society, bye

PS I'm not the spy

Vauxhall Cross
13th Aug 2001, 22:19
Some people might think that; I couldn't possibly say! :cool:

I suspect that the main forum of interest to anyone would be the Military Pilots one - and there I do have to say that there have been times in the past where my eyebrows (and those of others) have been raised at some of the posts made.

tony draper
13th Aug 2001, 22:25
Hmmm, military pilots working for intelligence, there's a flaw in that reasoning somewhere. ;)

Bio Warrior
13th Aug 2001, 22:38
You know the government agents are always the least likely candidate *amused smile*

tony draper
13th Aug 2001, 23:11
Madam Velvet,George here, we may have to reactivate you.
Some chap seems to have stumbled on to one of our ops.
This could prove to be a embarrassement to HMG.
This cove's file says he has a weakness for red headed ladies,so we may need you for a spot of wet work, we trust you still keep the cyanide hypodermic's in the toe's of your six inch stilleto's. ;)

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14th Aug 2001, 00:21
tony draper,

It's Dzerzhinsky Square, you fool, named after "Iron" Felix, a Pole and Vladimir Ilich's first head of the Cheka (KGB).

But, you knew that all along, didn't you? You were just trying to lead us on and cast our suspicions elsewhere -- and not on you -- by your purported ignorance, weren't you? Ain't that right? British amateurism, my foot! I know the game.

14th Aug 2001, 00:38
Tony, should we really have let them know we know about what they know, wouldn't it have been better to keep them thinking we don't know that they know about what we know - right.

George, I'll just check the files to see who we put on this case, but I have to say there could well be a double bluff with a 'joker', or possibly two in the pack. ;)

Speaking of which Trickster, I can assure you (we have ways of knowing these things) that Gerund is safely tucked up in the dark place.

tony draper
14th Aug 2001, 00:44
Nah Mr C,Draper did not have a Oxbridge education and has a preference for women so he was not qualifed to be work for the comrades ;)

14th Aug 2001, 01:44
It`s not me! (on this occasion)

tony draper
14th Aug 2001, 02:03
Shhhhh, Madam Velvet we must be more circumspect, this source is gold dust, dossiers are being compiled as we speak,
The midnight knock is coming.
We shall roll up the whole network, none shall escape. ;)

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14th Aug 2001, 12:01
No idea who the spook might be, but there's some bloke in the corner humming 'The Lincolnshire Poacher' and taking down numbers....

WxJx ;)

Kermit 180
14th Aug 2001, 12:13
Do you lot rue the day the wall came down?

Kermie :eek:

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tony draper
14th Aug 2001, 13:54
Yeh, all those poor spooks have to have something to do, all those objecting to speed camera's are a threat to national security and shall be watched.
Personelly Draper loves camera's, the more the merrier, mebbee my work will start picking up again. ;)

Kermit 180
14th Aug 2001, 14:04
I suppose your 'job' would be easier if we were all photographed and had those microchip thingames put into our skulls. When you purchase your groceries you could scan your head at the same time and a log entry would be entered into your database to say where you were and at what time. But then you wouldn't need spooks, eh.

Kermie :confused:

14th Aug 2001, 14:46
Spooks? I like spooks!

eh? what? Oh. Not that sort of spook. Oh well...............

tony draper
14th Aug 2001, 15:08
Good thinking Mr K, I can see your a man after my own heart,I was also thinking of electronic locks fitted to all homes,controlled from a central location, we could allow people out alphabeticly, for shopping ect.
It would be a lot tidier tha people with different initials wandering about the streets at random. ;)

Tricky Woo
14th Aug 2001, 15:27
Herr Draper,

Interesting suggestion.

Could the locks be calibrated to only release people with an acceptable level of IQ? We could have 'thickie' days devoted to the mentally-challenged. They'll have a nice time discussing football, reading tabloids and comparing shell-suits, without the pressure of looking too half-witted in front of the clever people. At least the country will continue to function 'cos all the thickies are able to drive trains and buses, and work in shops.

There would also be 'clever-clogs' days where all the bright people can sit together in parks doing crosswords, discussing Plato, playing chess and trying to figure out why the drains have suddenly stopped working.

I wonder if such a rule would cause any disruptions to an air service? Answers on a postcard...

Just a thought.


Kermit 180
14th Aug 2001, 15:31
I reckon there's a big enough spread of pilots to cover all those categories and allow them to work at those times. Hmmm, just a thought, but perhaps the system you propose Herr Draper, would be best suited to soccer hooligans.


tony draper
14th Aug 2001, 16:14
With the speed of todays chips they could be programmed with a honest and upright citizen detector, only those above certain level will be allowed to roam abroad, I suppose we would have to have a low HUC day for scallywags to get their shopping in or the eec will play hell.
Not sure what arrangements will have to be made for the legal profession I suppose the system could be switched off wednesday afternoons. ;)

Tricky Woo
14th Aug 2001, 17:59
We'll have to think this through very carefully, otherwise the clever-clogs will be able commit all sorts of naughty criminal acts with impunity. Let's face it, Plod isn't going to around to stop 'em.