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28th Nov 2001, 22:05
Mid-air scare as flames pour from jet engine
Sydney Morning Herald 11/28/01

A Qantas flight was forced to make an emergency landing when a fanbelt came loose, causing flames and sparks to pour from one of the engines.

QF426, with 192 passengers and 10 crew, left Melbourne for Sydney at 11.20am and was about 10 minutes into the flight when the malfunction occurred.

A Qantas spokeswoman said there was a loss of power in the left side engine of the Boeing 767, possibly caused by a fanbelt coming loose. The engine was quickly shut down, and the aircraft returned to Melbourne, where it landed safely.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is investigating the incident. The bureau's deputy director, Alan Stray, said the engine would be examined for possible faults, and metallurgical tests might be required.

It was not unusual for sparks to be seen coming from an engine under such circumstances, he said.
:D :D :p

The Guvnor
29th Nov 2001, 02:53
No laughing matter, trying to change a fan belt on an RB211!

Anyone know where I can find the carburretor?

29th Nov 2001, 02:55
Any bets on "Fan Blade"?

29th Nov 2001, 05:46
Surely it would cause the radiator to overheat and you would get steam not sparks?

29th Nov 2001, 17:35
Why didn't they call the AA? :D

29th Nov 2001, 17:46
Well, at least the little 767's are much easier to roll-start down a big hill, unlike the big 747's.
It's also a right bugga getting them rolling down the hill then getting back inside ...

29th Nov 2001, 18:46
Any offers for the consequent PA asking for the ladies' holdups/tights to replace the fanbelt?!
mcdhu ;)

29th Nov 2001, 19:06
When the AA do arrive, one only hopes that there will be suitable cloud for them to park on. Remind the hosties to put out the emergency triangles.

Travelling Toolbox
30th Nov 2001, 10:50
AA? AA? What has Alcho's Anon got to do with throwing the old P&W Fanbelt I ask you?

Any decent organisation would have a "Royal" in front of its name surely if they were serious about offering assistance when your self-propelled conveyance suddenly decided not to (self-propel that is) :D ;)

Over here the auto club is a "Royal" establishment. Gives some comfort to all the poms in this neck who have stuck their "motor" in the sand ;)

BTW - I have a PW4000 fanbelt in my toolbox - right next to the can of K9P, the long weight and the box full of used sparks. :cool:

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DX Wombat
30th Nov 2001, 11:09
TT a little enlightenment appears to be called for. The two biggest roadside assistance organisations in the UK are the RAC (NO! not the Royal Aero Club at Jandakot) and the AA: the Royal Automobile Club and the Automobile Association - which happens to have a reciprocal agreement with your Royal Autmobile club in WA. The need for a driver in charge of a vehicle to require the services of the other AA is frowned upon by the law and liable to lead to the removal of ones driving rights. :D :D :D

I hope the fan belt on the 767 I will be flying in on Sunday is in tip top condition. Do you think I should take along a spare pair of tight just in case? If so, what size?

Edited because I posted it accidentally before I had finished.

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Travelling Toolbox
30th Nov 2001, 11:50
Jeez DX we gotta stop meeting like this. The penguins will be onto us in no time!

Re the RAC/AA - I knew that! my poor attempt at humour - sorry ;)

On the tights situation - I would suggest the super "Big Girl" size ( I believe they come with a Caution - Wide Load sticker on the packet. :D

767 Huh? How far away can it hoover up a penguin from at T/O thrust? :cool: