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16th Apr 2004, 00:02
This isn't some kind of sectarian thread, i'm just curious to see if it's mostly ex-pats/UK military in US Aus China etc or if we have more of a mixed group??
Im rather uninterestingly from the UK in the UK.

16th Apr 2004, 00:07
Don't know what language you wrote that in.



16th Apr 2004, 00:15

Huron Topp
16th Apr 2004, 00:24
The Socialist Republic of Canuckistan.

16th Apr 2004, 01:18
You have before you a very eclectic mix including Poms, Scots, Welsh, Irish, Canucks, Yanks, French, Belgians, Scandiwegians, Dutch, Germans, Spaniards, Swiss, Kiwis, Malays, Ozzies, Latin Americans, Jedis and Saffricans of military and non-military backgrounds, expat and indigenous, either actively involved in aviation or wishing that they were.

The scary thing is that we can all relate to the universal phrase......"Do you want fries with that?" :\

Onan the Clumsy
16th Apr 2004, 01:29
I'm English :ok:

16th Apr 2004, 02:39
I'm Australian ...

from England ...

of Irish descent.


16th Apr 2004, 03:30
I'm a South African Englishman; born in Simonstown; raised on Teesside who has wandered the earth in search of enlightenment ever since leaving home at the age of sixteen. The strange and exotic places that I've lived and worked in over the years include Lincolnshire, Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal and Brunei. Altogether thirty years as an expat - if you exclude Lincolnshire - and twenty six as an adopted Brit. I haven't found enlightenment yet, but I've learned a lot about sex, drink, drugs, religion and politics.

I doubt if anyone will ever find enlightenment here though, despite JB being full of the weird and wonderful... ;)

16th Apr 2004, 03:40
Welsh by birth
Aussie by choice
Living in PER
Currently working on XCH

Ralph the Bong
16th Apr 2004, 03:43
Ah, yes Blacksheep, the world is an amazing place!

Ralph the Bong-Citizen of Earth.

16th Apr 2004, 05:16
... and lets not forget the austrians in here!


16th Apr 2004, 05:28
Brit, with an Irish passport, still searching for a decent pint in the '48 Contiguous'.

Chat's empty tonight, maybe they saw me coming... :p

Aileron Roll
16th Apr 2004, 06:34
we British..................

16th Apr 2004, 07:13
I am a citizen of the USA but I grew up in Viet Nam.... Nowadays I just belong to that vague agglomeration of aviation bods, Third Division (Oil Patch, Niger Delta and environs). Citizenship doesn't usually come into it much before 1800 local when the boozing and the barracking starts and the Scots get stuck into the Yorkies, etc, etc. And everyone seems to want to pick on the Septics, until they try to pick on me. Once usually suffices.

Rather than 'Do you want fries with that?' I will stay with 'You talking to me, man?' Go Travis Bickle!

16th Apr 2004, 07:23
I was born in Balham, London. My father was Cornish and my mother Irish. I was given up for adoption on the day of my birth. My wife was born in a house on the Old Kent Road, London. Her father was British, her mother Irish.

My son was born in Hong Kong and my daughter in Singapore. They are citizens of the world but have British passports.

16th Apr 2004, 07:51
Jx is English...with some Irish and a little Spanish ancestry..

Papa Charlie
16th Apr 2004, 08:06
I'm English - none of this British stuff! ;)

16th Apr 2004, 08:10
Definitely Australian - 75% 7th generation Anglo Australian with 25% 3rd generation Irish Australian.

CoodaKids on the other hand are 50% Aussies/50% Finns (and they prefer KFC :} )

Wouldn't live anywhere but Oz ('cos nowhere else 'll have me :E )

16th Apr 2004, 08:14
of Ralph The Bong.
I was born there, and never left..........
It's such a nice place, but not everywhere.
Hope we can survive..............

16th Apr 2004, 08:59
I'm Australian, born in England, of Armenian and French Mauritian parents. - go figure!! (I can't!)

Standard Noise
16th Apr 2004, 09:07
Well, I was born in Belfast, so that makes me British, although for reasons of rugby, I'm Irish. 13-19!

tony draper
16th Apr 2004, 09:12
One is a Geordie.

16th Apr 2004, 09:21
Im a Scot born and currently living in Glasgow but dreaming of pastures new in about 16 months time. My mother is Welsh and Irish and my father erm dunno bout 'im. What a diverse and interesting cultural makeup I have, not :rolleyes:

Note: Never refer to G-ALAN as a Brit

P.S. I have previously lived in London for 6 months, does this make me a successful ex pat? :}

16th Apr 2004, 09:29
English-I've lived in Dorset for all but 2 weeks of me loife, and oim gettin the accent rathar bardly.

16th Apr 2004, 09:31
Something like 15th+ generation pure Danish (that's how far mum has tracked our family on both her and dad's side - she's still working on digging deeper but it's getting exceedingly difficult). However, now an active expat, but one day i shall return to what I consider the best place to live on this here rock; Denmark. Only moved out for career purposes .......:sad:

16th Apr 2004, 09:47
Born and grew up in Southern England, now adopted Welsh...and speak the language fluently enough to get accepted and mistaken for someone who grew up here. But...

On my mother's side, both grandparents were Polish Jews. My paternal great-grandfather came to the UK with his family in the mid-19th century. My maternal grandmother left her Polish village alone at the age of 16 to find a better life, and didn't see her parents again for many years. My mother was born in London.

On my father's side, Ukranian Jews who came to London in the very early 20th century, speaking no English...when my father went to school the only english he knew was "I do not speak English". Various more adventurous members of my ancestral family scattered far and wide - some in the US, one who seems to have married several times and lived just about everywhere, and one or two black sheep who just disappeared.

So what am I? :confused: Answers are not required. :D

16th Apr 2004, 09:56
Pure Kiwi.

50% Welsh and 50% Danish, with an eighth - for me - of Dutch (originally Spanish) Jewish, and a sixteenth - for me - of Spanish, on each respective side, makes me....100% Kiwi, born and bred.

UK passport as well as my NZ one. Would have been given a Danish one had I applied before I was 24 and rescinded the other two, which I wasn't going to do.

Now waiting for the partition of New Zealand into the People's Brown Socialist Republic of Aotearoa (North Island) and the Federal Constitutional British Monarchy of Zealand (South Island) so I can truly claim to be a South Zealander.

Pure Kiwi.
:ok: :E

16th Apr 2004, 10:03
Born in England, therefore English! :ok:

16th Apr 2004, 10:17
Hmm, let's see.

Born of Scottish and Welsh parentage in England, (does this make me a true Brit?).

Lived, loved and worked in Singapore, Iraq, Oman, France, Sarawak, and latterly, Hong Kong.

Just obtained permanent residency in Hong Kong, does this make me Chinese? :uhoh:


16th Apr 2004, 10:21
Cornish. (None of yer English froppiness ;)
Cornish parents + Grandparents + great grandparents.....

Mrs DM Scottish all 4 DMKids born in France - European probably now best describes the DM family...

Takan Inchovit
16th Apr 2004, 10:24
...... Mongol! Honest!

16th Apr 2004, 10:38
I'm a scouser. :p

16th Apr 2004, 10:44
Always considered myself 100% pure Welsh , however in the last 4 years discovered I also have Dutch ancestry through my Paternal great great Grandfather.
So I'm 7/8ths Welsh and the rest Dutch.

16th Apr 2004, 10:53
Mongolian? Should organise a pprune bash over there!

Hostie from Hell
16th Apr 2004, 11:02
Born in Turkey

Dad English, Mom Irish.......

Makes me an Anglo/Irish/Turkish delight;)

16th Apr 2004, 11:13
United Kingdom (48.40%) 468,429

Australia (13.12%) 126,995

United States (9.83%) 95,111

Canada (2.96%) 28,603

Ireland (2.24%) 21,661

New Zealand (2.05%) 19,842

Netherlands (1.79%) 17,340

United Arab Emirates (1.77%) 17,173

Hong Kong (1.59%) 15,436

Germany (1.43%) 13,810

France (1.42%) 13,709

Sweden (1.04%) 10,055

Belgium (0.90%) 8,696

Italy (0.86%) 8,276

(0.83%) 8,048

Singapore (0.83%) 7,988

By Continent

Europe (62.86%) 608,392

Australia/South Pacific (15.26%) 147,726

North America (12.83%) 124,213

Asia (6.96%) 67,352

Africa (0.94%) 9,056

South America (0.21%) 2,034

Caribbean (0.11%) 1,020

Total: 967,841

16th Apr 2004, 11:18
Dad was born in Glasgow. His Mum was born in Liverpool apparently (you wouldn't have known by her accent). His Dad was born in Glasgow. My surname is Irish but goodness knows what happened there.
Mum is many generation Australian. The first known relo was transported around 1830. He either nicked a loaf of bread or was done on forgery. They did ok in Oz. I am related (albeit distantly) to Prime Minister Harold Holt and my great great great grandfather was the mayor of Sydney just before Federation.
There's some scurrilous rumour that my Mum's Dad was born in New Zealand.

Dad described himself as a Scottish born Australian.
I am Australian and now live in the UK as a British citizen.

16th Apr 2004, 11:25
SYD, Australia :p good on ya!

16th Apr 2004, 11:35
You don't really think that I'm going to tell you?

16th Apr 2004, 11:37
Very boring englishman of english parents.

Thats it really....:zzz:

16th Apr 2004, 11:39
I am a Mokummer........

16th Apr 2004, 12:06
My father is half (French) Canadian half English, born in Malaya. My mother was half (English) Canadian, half French, born in Quebec.

Bits of Scots, Irish and Blackfoot crept in here and there.

16th Apr 2004, 12:40
I was born (at a very early age) in Yorkshire. Mother from Yorkshire, father from Kent.

16th Apr 2004, 12:48
British (Citizen). Except once every 10 years when I have to apply for a new passport. And have to prove that I am all over again...:mad: :mad: :mad:

That might have something to do with being descended from very hairy parentage of East African origins... :}

16th Apr 2004, 12:52
Origin Czech/Slovak,
nationality Czech,
workplace Czech.

Czech-mate! :ok:


16th Apr 2004, 12:54
Family-name ancestors from Wiltshire, though they came to America in 1640. Other ancestors straggled across over the years, mostly from the UK. Most recent arrivals around 1830 from Scotland, Netherlands and France.

Oh, and a "Scots-Irish". If you're not familiar with 19th century religious bigotry and code words, that was used to mean not catholic .

Just another American mongrel, though I can't match the diversity of some others.


Jeffrey S
16th Apr 2004, 12:58
I'm actually a british citizen.

Jamaican born parents, but interestingly my Granny is Portugese and my great grandfather was apparently Scottish!

Can't speak a word of portugués either!!!

Mrs S Also has Jamaican-Born parents, but her Father is 1/2 INDIAN!!

What a mess.....!
:\ :\ :\

Huron Topp
16th Apr 2004, 13:44
Heya HugMonster, good to see another Métis on here.:ok:

Buster Hyman
16th Apr 2004, 14:44
Half Aussie (of Oirish extraction)...half Scouser...Come here & I'll give yer a kiss!:mad: :} :ouch:

16th Apr 2004, 15:21
I don't really now what to say sometimes. I'm from England, Britain, The UK, Europe. Dunno where to say i live!

16th Apr 2004, 15:28
Devonian - still got straw in me hair and dung on me boots!

Family can be traced back to 1650 in Topsham. Lived and worked in:

Sri Lanka

Mrs S: Cornish though her mother's family are Scillonion - does that make her a Scilly Person?

Oldest son: Cornish (b. Truro)

Youngest son: Confused (b. Cape Town, RSA and once had British passport that stated as much but was issued in Singapore and said he was a resident of Indonesia - He was refused entry to Kuwait on the strength of that! He was 8 years old at the time.)

16th Apr 2004, 15:51
Hey Smeagol - seeing you're Devonian reminded me of my first trip to Oz.

There's me at immigration in Perth, immigration officer takes passport, looks at where I was born and comments on me being a long way from Cornwall I sort of looked up and he says "I'm from devon meself!"

I smile and (remember it's a loooong trip AMS-PER) come back: "Oh, Never mind!!" :oh:

I realised I shouldn't have said that a nano-second after it came out....luckily he laughed and carried on with the usual questions and still smiling handed my passport back!

Wow I thought - try that in Washington and I'd have been up against the wall hands cuffed and deported before I could blink!

Nice folks down in WA! (Even if he is from Devon ;) )

16th Apr 2004, 15:56
Smeagol, though at first you meant the late paleozoic era 410 360m years ago.

I'm Cornish too.. love the place (scouse parentage tho), probably why i want to steal tractors.

16th Apr 2004, 16:47
Aussie. Take me or leave me.

16th Apr 2004, 16:57
Take you or leave you where exactly, Binos?

Anyway, Balix is 100% Yorkshireman though living in Scotland I will always state my nationality as English as this gets right up the nose of the locals. Otherwise, I'm quite happy being a Brit although a quick glimpse of my family tree will reveal a pinch of French in my genes.

(Only 1/16th so I don't think it counts...)

16th Apr 2004, 17:11
Canadian, with a New Zealand passport. Dad's a Kiwi, Mom's Canadian. Before that there is a mix of English, Irish, Scottish, Polish and I'm sure even more than that that I don't know about.


16th Apr 2004, 17:14
Im spanish. Im half from the north ( Vasc country ) and the other have for the south (Malaga) and I live in the center Madrid.

16th Apr 2004, 17:32
Swedish-Estonian, both soon member of EU...

16th Apr 2004, 18:21
I'm an Aussie, not that you'd guess :ok:

16th Apr 2004, 18:33
Mother French

Father Scottish

Self - devout Gooner

Pablo K
16th Apr 2004, 18:44
Unfortunately I do not really know... I am quite international... I feel home here in Argentina, as a naturalized Argentina citizen, married to my wife who is from Buenos Aires, our kids are Argentina citizens as well. Even changed my first name from Paul to Pablo...!
I was born in USA... father an Irish-American of second generation, and mother was Belgian-born... I got educated in Europe mostly (France and Belgium) as my father was an air attaché with US Embassies there, later with NATO...
I served in the US Air Force, as pilot... then joined the reserves to be able to become airline pilot. I have been flying overseas for most of my life, often based overseas as well. In 1993, I moved to Argentina, to continue my career as pilot.
All of this gives me fluency in many languages -
I speak fluent French and Spanish, some Dutch. I can do basic German, and Portuguese as well.
Happy contrails :)
(s) Pablo K

St Hilary
16th Apr 2004, 19:10
I was born in Malta but both parents are welsh.

That makes me a Welsh Malteser !

i have a honeycombed centre

16th Apr 2004, 19:50
Second generation Italian-American

16th Apr 2004, 22:17
like the guy in Goodness Gracious Me! says:



living in Bombay. Aspiring Aero Engineer.

Onan the Clumsy
16th Apr 2004, 22:55
What a great thread. Makes me feel stupid now for my earlier reply. Everyone seems to be so much more interesting, especially the ones who have worked in many places.

Me, born in Blackpool and everything I know about my family tree is English. I am now living in America.

18th Apr 2004, 16:20
A happy crapaud,thats a Jerseyman to you,no not that one the real one doh.Mother Irish,Father English.I am a Jersey,Euro,Brit with a love of the oirish and a fondness for my Norman and Breton cousins. :cool:

19th Apr 2004, 00:19



19th Apr 2004, 01:02
Me, born in Blackpool Well, someone's got to be I suppose.:E :E

PS: me from Noddy Holder land - ****!

a is dum
19th Apr 2004, 08:30
Well, well, Capt.K.

So am I!

19th Apr 2004, 10:00
Mother - Mancunian
Father - Welsh
Me - Born in Wales, but an adopted son of Kernow(still Celtic tho!)

montys ex teaboy
19th Apr 2004, 12:28
Where ever you are born, is what should determine your nationality.

I was born in Egypt and happy to be a Gypo.:}

19th Apr 2004, 12:46
... and lets not forget the austrians in here! Hear, hear!!

So to all the Austrians in here,

"G'day mate... let's throw another shrimp on the barbie...!!!"

BD shouldn't that be a ...:uhoh: instead of a :D ???

:E :eek:

NOT an indian despite where it says I'm from. In fact I thought we were ALL from our fathers' marble sacks.

19th Apr 2004, 13:11
Born in England, parents born in England, 3 of my g/parents born in England, 1 born in Malta.

19th Apr 2004, 13:55
Itchy; or perhaps a Wiener?

19th Apr 2004, 14:19
100% Swedish Origin
Swedish Citizen

Lived in:

Saudia Arabia

Could be an Austrian citizen if I wanted to, but I wouldnt want to hate myself...

ps: Pablo K, skip, Good to see you again!

19th Apr 2004, 16:05
montys et


Where ever you are born, is what should determine your nationality.


It's not quite as simply as that, though is it?

If one's parents are living in a country other than that of their nationality ie a 'foreign' one, it depends whether that country will grant nationality by virtue of just being born there.

Many do not.

All the Middle Eastern countries I have lived in certainly will not.
I know of many people of Palestinian origin born in such countries who are effectively stateless and have to rely on 'travel documents' issued by their country of birth or even a different, more sympathetic, counrty to travel anywhere. It does not, however,confer 'nationality'.

Children born to parents of European, US, or similar nationalities are lucky and are normally able to take the nationality of their parents.

Hostie from Hell
19th Apr 2004, 16:15
montys et

Would you care to explain your comment further, I am fasinated !

Where you are born does not determine your NATIONALITY!

Like I said before, I was born in Turkey. I can assure you that does not automatically make me a Turkish citizen!

19th Apr 2004, 16:24
Montys et

I believe many countries used to confer the right of nationality to anyone born on their territory. However, the ease of international travel resulted in some women travelling to a country heavily pregnant, having the child there and by virtue of the childs automatic citizenship they too were granted automatic right of abode. Thus a way of getting around economic immigration laws.

France now, I believe (must check up) requires a child to live for five consecutive years in France to permit them to choose, at age 18, if they wish to take French nationality. The mother does not get the automatic right to stay anymore.

By the time my kids hit 18 (eldest only 12 now) there will probably be a European Passport anyway! ;)

19th Apr 2004, 16:27
itchy - why :uhoh: ?

19th Apr 2004, 16:31
The Duke of Wellington said, in effect, that being born in a stable does does not necessarily make you a horse. I think someone had said he was Irish (since he was born in Ireland), but he thought of himself as English.

19th Apr 2004, 16:55
Like Hostie from Hell,I was born in Turkey out of Russian/Romanian parents. According to Turkish constitution,you are not a Turk.

I'm a mutt...:uhoh: :ok:


As one Vermonter puts it,if your cat gives birth to kittens in an oven,do you call them biscuits?

19th Apr 2004, 21:23
Depends how hot it was inside the oven.

Are we talking about a microwave?

19th Apr 2004, 22:00
Just another Aussie with a funny accent originating north of Hadrian's protective device from Draper influences.