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13th Aug 2001, 16:03
Jeremy Clarkson. A pretty funny guy, I think many will agree. Did anyone see his column in The Sunday Times yesterday?

To praece, he described his unfortunate experience of going on holiday to Spain on a charter package. The return flight was delayed by about 4 hours due (we are told) to the captain being stuck in traffic on the way to STN. JC in his own inimmitable style rather lambasts everyone and everything around him during the 4 hours of delay and the susequent flight. Particularly the unfortunate Captain (JC is not brave enough to name the airline, but the Captain is referrred to as Captain James T Burke - PPRuNe name perhaps?).

So, my point. JC is a funny guy, and I enjoy his style and most of his work, so when he has a pop at my profession I don't think I can suddenly change my opinion. If he was having a go at town planners or lawyers, or any other profession I would laugh as loudly as anyone, but more on the sad reflecton that he gives us of the UK charter market, and the piss poor levels of service and value for money that are given there.

Would the captain of that flight care to comment, or someone from the airline? Or was this a piece of comedic prose to keep JC in Volvos and Marlboro Reds? Maybe our industry should take more notice of the JCs of this world. It's only if people point it out, do we know that something is wrong! :rolleyes:

tony draper
13th Aug 2001, 18:18
Anything Jeremy says should be chisled on marble slabs, and kept for future generations.
Clarkson is a God. ;)

I'd rather
13th Aug 2001, 18:24
For anyone who wants to read it, the full text of the article appears on a thread on Rumours and News.

I found it funny - but hardly the pilot's fault if, say, he was stuck in a 5 mile tailback! That said, sitting on the aircraft for 50 minutes without any announcements is unforgiveable - how much hassle is it for the crew to spare 2 minutes to let the pax know what's going on?

You want it when?
13th Aug 2001, 18:35
TD - Clarkson is not a god, every time I buy a car I find he has ridculled it to the point that it has no value what so ever when I come to sell it. I'm getting paranoid about it to be honest.

I read the article and found it like all of his stuff - excellent, a nice dig at charter conditions etc.. 1 for 1 it is still the cheapest flying around.

13th Aug 2001, 19:56
If the Captain is not responsible for his own timekeeping then who is? I suppose is the captain crashes his aircraft then it`s not his fault it`s an act of God.

13th Aug 2001, 20:33
Mmmmm.... Jeremy Clarkson.... *drool*

Sorry to interrupt!

tony draper
13th Aug 2001, 20:47
Clarkson has something rare in todays media world, a personality. :)

Luke SkyToddler
13th Aug 2001, 23:05
You are all having a laarrfff right? Jeremy Clarkson is the most irritating, egotistical [email protected] on British television. His car show was toerable for the occasional nugget of useful information beneath the hyperbole, but what Einstein gave him his own chat show! Jesus H Christ! Did you see the smug c*nt interview Will Carling? Or his oh-so-funny TV chef impersonation? :mad:

If you want dry BBC style humour with personality you have got to go for Marc Lamarr, Angus Deayton, or if you must have automotive presenters then the bloke that replaced J.C. on Top Gear is a damn sight better.

About the funniest Jeremy Clarkson related TV I ever saw, and certainly the best thing that ever came out of his mouth, was his own breakfast, straight after the F-15 ride he got on the 'extreme machines' show. Now that's entertainment!!

tony draper
13th Aug 2001, 23:17
Everyone to their own taste I would agree about Mr Deyton, but mark Lamare, yuk,can't stand the man, or if I am honest about it anybody under thirty on the box.
My all time hero Is old J Paxman,you just can not beat that withering sneer.

Tricky Woo
14th Aug 2001, 00:27
Herr Draper,

Personally, I could happily beat Jeremy Paxman's withering sneer with a large stick with lots of rusty nails on the end.


the funky munky
14th Aug 2001, 02:10
My 1st mail and its on a funny topic cool. Clarkson comes over as Mr Joe Public but he can still afford a Lightning as a gate guard thus earning him some very big plus points as a BLOKE. The only reason we watch/read him is to see him slag off the Germans or try to half kill himself.
Personally I laughed my socks off when he staggered down the steps of the Hunter at BD after the inverted spin .
Top marks to the chap but not Godlike cos he slagged off my motor.

tony draper
14th Aug 2001, 03:43
Come on TW, Nobody better at putting ratbag politicians to the question than J Paxman.
Most of the newsies just sit there like tins of milk and let the bastards browbeat them, then waffle on over the top of them, old Jeremy just fixes them with that sneer ,shuts them up and pounces.
Makes the bastards squirm does Mr P.

Delta Wun-Wun
14th Aug 2001, 04:12
Was Top Gear about buying cars then???...I thought it was about Jeremy lambasting all the common cars then telling us to buy something that cost more than all the houses in my street.!! :D :D :D :D

14th Aug 2001, 05:13
Jeremy Clarkson - what a [email protected]! Squeezed into those tight jeans, with his ridiculous haircut, and adolescent sense of humour, I often feel the urge to change channel whenever he appears on my TV screen.

14th Aug 2001, 10:38
Problem is that people listen to Clarkson. So much so when he said the Vectra was rubbish Vauxhall's sales fell through the floor.

Tricky Woo
14th Aug 2001, 12:02
The Vectra IS rubbish.


You want it when?
14th Aug 2001, 12:34
Come on Tricky get off the fence and say what you mean :D

Tricky Woo
14th Aug 2001, 12:47
Ahh, but reticence has always been my problem.