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15th Apr 2004, 20:44
I only post this here in order to widen the publication.

This warning received from The Motley Fool co.uk

Internet Phone Scam!

By Cliff D'Arcy (TMFCliff)
April 14, 2004

Premium-rate telephone services regulator ICSTIS has warned consumers to beware of a growing phone scam. Hundreds of Internet users have had their computers hijacked, leading to massive phone bills.

Many Internet users in the UK have received huge bills for calls to unfamiliar '090' premium-rate services charged at 1.50 per minute, which appear to be linked to dubious online businesses, often based in West Africa. Another scam involves international numbers terminating in Byelorussia and Eastern European countries. (These are yet more examples of how tangled the Web has become - perhaps they are the new Nigerian scams?)

These people are victims of a 'rogue dialler' swindle, in which virus-style programs hijack their PCs, making them connect to the Internet via premium-rate numbers, instead of their usual Internet Service Provider's numbers. PCs can become infected by rogue emails, web pages, unsolicited links, pop-up windows and downloaded programs. Note that these diallers usually only work with dial-up modems, so broadband users are normally unaffected (although they are more at risk from other scams, like credit-card number grabbers).

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