View Full Version : A nearly perfect day. Not many dead...

15th Apr 2004, 21:11
I was busy wasting my time looking at some of the odd displays of semi-lunacy here to be found when a halt was called to much of the more rampant stuff. So that is what 'moderating' is all about. Cool!

What else is there in life? Hmm....

My main motorcycle went down with a case of worn-through rear brake pads. That's what I get for playing the fool and not bothering to check pad wear resulting therefrom. Somehow I always have the impression I hardly use the rear brake, while the front discs are often deep blue. BMW is onto something here; a new rear disc costs 155!

So I sent the BMW off to the bike shop in the back of a van and got out the wife's little Fazer 600. The sun was shining and the birds were singing, along with all that other lame Mother Nature bullsh*t God sends us just to raise the pavement temperature to a point where you don't go onto your nose diving into a corner.

I checked the little booklet to find that I can now rev it up a bit higher than before, since it is almost new. Then I hit the key, when the lights went out, the clock went dead and the starter went all limp-wristed on me. The battery was just about dead! What a mockery of my pathetic 'Man the Master of the Machine' trip this was. All dressed up in leather and nowhere to go! The birds were laughing, I fear.

Then I thought back to owning a Norton. Ah yes! Engage first gear, rock backwards against compression, pull in the clutch, take two big steps, land with butt on seat letting fly with clutch at the same time and... 'Varrroom!'

It was good. I didn't have a single thought of any significance, nor did I even think I had a thought of any significance right up until now. So now I am not going to watch the news and go to sleep. If someone got shot, stabbed, kidnapped, raped, genitally mutilated, sexually oppressed or discriminated against, well, tough!

Keep that 'moderating' up. See what you can do with CNN while you are at it! 'Meanwhile, on the Occupied West Bank....zzap!'

Bubbette, darling, if you are there, I don't know about it! Let me know your thoughts on motorcycling, if you have any, there's a good girl. Ta for now....