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12th Aug 2001, 22:56
Can I just ask why Tony Draper Locked his "Movie Sound Effects" thread, when it was doing exceptionally well, and relatively smut-free?



tony draper
12th Aug 2001, 23:03
Don't think there is anything sinister in this, Mr F, As I understand it the server has problems with threads over 100 post's long, Sir Prune probably scragged said thread before the server blew up.
I would start it again but I ran out of Movies.
Draper will try and think of something else even more insane. ;)
PS, we must have won the record for the fastest thread to a hundred posts.

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13th Aug 2001, 01:09
Tony's right, CF - as you'll see from the last few posts, we knew the end was nigh...

congrats tony on the 100 posts speed record - I look forward to the next madcap scheme with anticip - p - p - ation


You want it when?
13th Aug 2001, 02:04
Kit kat anyone.....

tony draper
13th Aug 2001, 02:43
Hmmm Naming confectionary by sound effects, nah, don't think that would work Mr Y.
On the other hand,hmmm,
Scrabble scrabble,scrunch, snap, dunk, slurp, ahhhhh.
Might just work. ;)

429 CJ
13th Aug 2001, 04:23
OK, I'll have a go, if I may play too?

Picture this.......




Any takers?

Arm out the window
13th Aug 2001, 04:27
Aah...Thomas the Tank Engine? :D

429 CJ
13th Aug 2001, 04:30
Not quite Aotw, but not too far off! It involves trains, planes, and Englishmen though!! ;)

Gash Handlin
13th Aug 2001, 04:41
I don't know, you go away for a weekend and some people race off and put a hundred posts on a thread before you get a look-in.

Now you could be onto something here Draper (or should that be Herr Draper?)

I reckon it's got to be Digestive coz its the only biscuit too big to fit in the cup in one go.


DUNK,DUNK, indecision, indecision, indec - SNAP, Splosh, "bugrit"

429 CJ
13th Aug 2001, 04:47
Yer teeth didn't fall into the cup did they gash? :eek:

Perhaps another clue from the the theme of the movie......

They go up, diddy-up up, and go down, diddy-down down.

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Gash Handlin
13th Aug 2001, 05:21
okay cj, I'll play along to put you out of your misery but this movie title malarky is old hat, you need to get with the times and move into the confectionary sound effect game, it's a far more exclusive market :D

Wind in the Willows by the way.

And no it wasn't my teeth, I've only lost half a tooth and he was bigger than me (And if you're reading this Capt fatboy or wideload or whatever you're calling yourself today - it wasn't you ya puff :D :D :D )

429 CJ
13th Aug 2001, 12:34
Gash, woa-up there! ;)

Nope, it isn't Wind in the Willows either. :D

Qwin T Senshall
13th Aug 2001, 12:39
Those magnificent men?

tony draper
13th Aug 2001, 12:50
Grasp, grip, tug, tug, gasp ,heave, "dammmannnbassttbloodyfu-- thing," grapple, pull,heave, "arrrgggg"!!stomp stomp stomp,creaee, {sound of drawer opening)
snip, snip,russle, chomp ummmmmmffff.

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Tricky Woo
13th Aug 2001, 14:36
Herr Draper,

That wouldn't be the sound that a lorry-driver makes when trying to scoff a Yorkie bar, would it?

Try this one:

Very, very careful snap
Careful scrape
"Will you eat that properly"!


429 CJ
13th Aug 2001, 15:50
Qwin, yep that's it! :D

tony draper
13th Aug 2001, 16:16
Negative T W,Thats trying to get the wrapper off a Mars Bar,don't even try the teeth thing now, just go straight to the drawer and get the scissors out.
Beats me why BNFL don't store nuclear waste in Mars wrappers, it would be safe for eons. ;)

Tricky Woo
13th Aug 2001, 16:27
Herr Draper,

I'm not sure if this is public knowledge, but I feel that I can share such information on Jet Blast, seeing that, as a rule, it's a very discrete site:

As you may know, BNFL spent millions assessing the various forms of container suitable for the storage of nuclear waste. Much of the effort was directed towards sealing such waste into glass blocks, and then chucking them down the nearest coalmine, so that future generations can get all puzzled by them. However, the glass idea has two problems: It's expensive, and glass can easily be shattered.

Therefore, the hunt was on for a cheaper alternative, which is impossible to open either purposely, or by accident.

For a few years now, BNFL have been using standard supermarket milk cartons. As you must know, they're cheap and cheerful, plus an absolute sod to open.

I hope you feel reassured by this.