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Rich Lee
15th Apr 2004, 18:54
In order to more scientifically respond to the question in another thread, as relates the physical act or acts, in which country or culture are the most amorous women found?

Please be remined that the PPrune rules of engagement exist for your safety and for that of your fellow posters. They are not flexible nor are the moderators. Either obey them or you are history. Is that clear?

(Many thanks to a certain film, the name of which I cannot recall at the moment)

15th Apr 2004, 19:01
Brazilian, but failing that quite a lot of the South American countries, especially Venezuala!!

However English Girls for being the most fun and up for it.

The U.S.A chicks don't rate, yeah some are pretty but blatent false advertising!!

15th Apr 2004, 19:10
The dirtiest/easiest ones can be found in england, not amorous, but after a few beers 'amore' isn't really the point is it. It's not a reflecton on everyone in england but myself and many friends have a throughly lax and irresponsible attitude to sex. I hope that when i have children that they behave more respectably at university than i currently do.

15th Apr 2004, 19:16


South Korean,


& any other very slim stunner.:cool:

You did ask.;) :D :D

15th Apr 2004, 19:23
Have to agree with British chicks being the easiest (Glasgow & Newcastle being the easiest places to score in my experience), athough in certain parts of Ireland you can find some fairly slappery mingers too....:ouch:

However, for pure beauty, I'd have to say that the Latino ladies win hands down (not a sexual reference btw) Although I did go out with a beautiful (but unfortunately slightly mental) Afgan bird when living in Manchester who could give 'em a good run for their money!

Why are wimmen sooo goddamn lovely??



15th Apr 2004, 19:23
The fuller figured ones (of any race) tend to be best!! Dunno what it is about them they just seem to have some element of control and satisfaction that the skinny ones don't :ok:

I have to agree on the Irish girls. They're top class, there's something very attractive about that soft accent. I've always had a thing for Irish girls ever since I became interested in the fairer sex as a spotty teenager :}

15th Apr 2004, 19:35
Irish and Sicilian women are the best!

(And just guess what Mrs. C-P is?)

15th Apr 2004, 19:36
Fuller figured ones might not be exercizing control eating though. atheroscerosis, diabetes mellitus, increased stroke risk and the chance of a heart attack aren't good. I'm not telling people how to live but personally i like a woman with a BMI between 19 and 23.

Southern Chinese girls are lovely, i like petite girls. But an all american blonde is always good. Nice legs a must.

Ralph the Bong
15th Apr 2004, 19:41
1) Japanese.

2) Vietnamese.

3) British.



197) Australian.

198) USA.

15th Apr 2004, 19:42
I don't mean fuller figured as in a big fat [email protected], just chicks with a nice curves as opposed to yer stick thin models.

15th Apr 2004, 19:48
To score with an Irish chick you gotta pretend you don't want to, while she is busy pretending that she doesn't know what it is anyway!

I have an unhealthy obsession with Shakira from Columbia
She looks dirty!

Mrs Shakira Autosync, that will always be the dream!

Boss Raptor
15th Apr 2004, 20:04
Russian...dead game...

Romanian...dead gorgeous...dead game

Czech...really nice

Spanish...underated...after the token 3 refusals and catholic coyness...go like an express train :ok:

Swedish...overated as are Italians

English...well disappointing and inconsistent performance :E

15th Apr 2004, 20:05
Holy shite C-P!! Good luck mate! Although I bet the food is good...;)

I know I shouldn't get all political, but.....

would anybody else pork Condoleezza Rice?

I'll get me coat......


15th Apr 2004, 22:10
G-Alan, ahh i understand now, thought you might mean the ones nicknamed moby dick at first.

Fishtits - i don't know if i could, it's the name - condoleeza rice sounds like a new indian dish
... i'll have a vegetable samosa to start, then a chicken madras with condoleeza rice and two popadoms please, oh and a bottle of cobra beer too...thanks

surely not
15th Apr 2004, 22:25
Interesting I thought that a Sultana was a female Sultan? Now I am confused (not difficult)

Dutch women rate very highly with me.

Italian women are also good fun

There are some excellent English women but they seem to be developing a coarseness of look

15th Apr 2004, 22:29
lol, i though a sultana was a dried fruit...

15th Apr 2004, 23:30
I rate women of the world very highly indeed.

16th Apr 2004, 09:13
All of them. Just plain gorgeous and I wish i could do it all again, no disrespect to Mrs DanAir of course. Did much travelling and much 'romancing' (ahem, erm yes well....) when I was a wee bit younger. For some strange reason, having those bars (the type on ones shoulder before this degenerates) seemed to assist as an aphrodisiac!! ahhh THOSE were the days!

16th Apr 2004, 09:23
1: Nordic, subdivided as
1a: Icelandic
1b: Danish
1c: Finnish
1d: Swedish
1f: Norwegian

2: Costa Rican / Venezuelan / Brazilian
3: Russian / Chech / Belarus / Ukranian
4: French / Italian
5: Canuck
6: Sheilas

Way down the list

20: Irish
21: German
22: Dutch

Even further down

50: Polish
51: English
52: Swiss
53: Austrian

Nearing the bottom

100: American
101: Greenlandic
102: Belgian

Rock bottom

2000: Anything from Asia

16th Apr 2004, 09:27
Fer **** sake Flopster you sure get around don't you mate? :}

16th Apr 2004, 09:27
Chechs, Ukrains, Russians, all same league, pure naturals, often stunning ballerina bodies, many very smart with university degrees, no time to be bored.
Filippinas, great family girls and hot as hell
Thais, just for stunning looks and raw sex
Brasilianas, stamina, great energizing bunnies
Vietnamese, drop dead beautiful
Dutch, greatest legs in da world, independent, great sense of humor fun to be with

16th Apr 2004, 10:01
Well, haven't tried them all mate ;) but a fair portion - yes :ok: Have, however, visited their home countries and that's how I formed an opinion. Most importantly though, I have tried all of the Nordic editions. Mmmmmm. Current GF, by the way, is Danish.

16th Apr 2004, 10:30
Thai women are without a doubt the best looking women in the world!!!!!

Why??? Cos i say so!!!!!:= :p :=

16th Apr 2004, 12:54

oddly enough, Yes!

16th Apr 2004, 12:59

We should start a club...


Jeffrey S
16th Apr 2004, 13:25
Cypriot women are my flavour, cant keep my jaw from hitting the floor when i see a good 'un.... ;)

Scottish women only have to talk and that will do for me....sexy accents and sexy looking. (see Lorraine Kelly)

so are:
Anything from the Carribean
Germans (yes seriously)
Irish Girls = tasty
Slovakian is good too :ok: :ok:

Not keen on:
American Ladies with big blonde hair
Oriental (sorry!)
And some of our own brits can be minging too


16th Apr 2004, 13:27
Condelizza Rice . . . . Well, she has a pulse so yes (although the pulse is an optional extra !!)

French Women - top

Amercian Women - pretty close to bottom

16th Apr 2004, 14:10
Right up there in the top 5, must be Tibetan women. Not only do they almost always have a fire going, they don't mind getting their hands dirty to keep it going. When collecting yak droppings and drying them in the sun as combustibles. They have things pretty well sorted out. When she marries, she also "marries" her brother-in-law/s. They help to support the household but don't have the right to find their own wives. Oh, and I almost forgot, property rights descend through the female side of the family. All things considered, they're probably at No. 1! Just don't let any other women know about this, they may get ideas...! :{

Or did I get the wrong end of the stick here? :E

So Jeffrey S, is it true? That most men can use a ruler but there are some of us who have to bring out the tape measure?! :)

16th Apr 2004, 14:56
Did a stint in Armenia a few years back, used to sit in the street side cafes just looking at the talent passing by. I still think they're no 1.

Russians are cute but can be a real handful when they get mad (often!)

Finns and Scandinavians are up there for handling and roadholding

I could go on but if Ms mini reads this I'm in deeeeeeep s*******t

:ouch: :ouch:

16th Apr 2004, 15:09
is it true? That most men can use a ruler but there are some of us who have to bring out the tape measure?!

airship, we 'women of the world' KNOW that men have absolutely no concept of measurements.
That's why
is referred to as 6 inches! :rolleyes:

16th Apr 2004, 15:17
More willywaving, what a pharking stupid thread. One breath of commonsense from TT5A....

Dream on boys.:yuk:

16th Apr 2004, 15:18
I agree with a couple of the posters, Brazilian girls are very hard to beat. Sensuous, warm, very touchy-feely, keep themselves in good shape, dress provocatively, love to be looked at.


16th Apr 2004, 15:28
Damn these little metric-only rulers! :yuk:

15cm is just 6 inches, 'ang on, eeh opp, go'on then ya beautie... nope 15cm is still 6 inches. O' course, tis a bit nippy an' blowin' a gale here on the French riviera this afternoon. That would explain it...! :rolleyes:

Luckily, the Tibetan women didn't get any comments! ;)

Ahem, Binos, a magnifying glass would be more practical then... :{

16th Apr 2004, 15:37
Italian girls look nice. I'd like to try one; although only part italian - Aria Giovanni, what is your opinion on her boys?

16th Apr 2004, 15:46
I shouldn't say this, but it always helps me maintain a sense of perspective whenever men are rabbiting on about their conquests, real or imagined, past or present.

As a good friend of mine once opined; no matter what they look like, they've all got a yard and a half of sh*t in their bowel.

Think Elle, Claudia, Page three girls, Posh and more particularly the money-seeking bimbos currently occupying page one of the UK sensibilities, then dream on.

Ahh, I love it.


16th Apr 2004, 15:46
More willywaving, what a pharking stupid thread. One breath of commonsense from TT5A.... Wozzup with ya lately Binos mate?

16th Apr 2004, 16:02
Wozzup with ya lately Binos mate?

Is it that bad? Sorry Kapt, you could be right. I think I've lost my sense of humour.

Natural for the boys to brag about their exploits in the public bar, but I suppose as the father of four daughters I find the cheap anonymous bragging in this thread objectionable, mainly because the general intelligence level is supposed to be a little above average.

Just ignore me, I'll get over it. :ugh:

16th Apr 2004, 16:17
you have nothing here to get over Bino's ;)

16th Apr 2004, 16:19
Aww, TB, thanks for that. I was starting to feel a bit of a loner. I might have to declare myself an honorary woman; I'd certainly learn a few things that way. :ok:

16th Apr 2004, 16:21
Four daughters! Commiserations old chap! But perhaps one should also be reserving some sympathy for the young men who will be / are / have been knocking on Binos front door! :p

16th Apr 2004, 17:17
No wuckin forries mate. 4 Daughters...bloody hell...Wish ya good luck!

16th Apr 2004, 17:19
Does declaring yourself an honorary woman get you cheaper car insurance and free can of pepper spray?

16th Apr 2004, 19:09
Binos, consider this, I guy I know is the eldest of 12 kids. Imagine having 12 kids to look after in a 4 bedroom house. That should make yer feel lss unlucky. :ok:

Rich Lee
16th Apr 2004, 19:23

It is not as if you are being forced to read this thread, nor participate in the study. This is not so much 'willywaving' as a non-serious intent to discover which women the men in this forum find most desirable.

I never would have even considered Tibetan women to be on the list, but Airships considered opinion has opened my eyes. Holy Yak dung batman - I have seen the light!

Jeffrey S
16th Apr 2004, 20:56
So Jeffrey S, is it true? That most men can use a ruler but there are some of us who have to bring out the tape measure?!

:p :p :p :p


:\ :\ :\

16th Apr 2004, 21:22
The size of the shrivelling fella doesn't really matter once you have a six inch tongue and can breathe through your ears!!

:oh: :oh: :ok:

16th Apr 2004, 23:09
If Mrs. Huck ever goes over the wall, I will immediately take a month's leave and plant myself in the middle of Buenos Aires. I get severe whiplash just walking around down there.

But the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life was the teenage daughter of a safari operator in Harare a few years ago. Dutch with a deep southern-African tan. And in khakis! Can probably gut an impala if needed....

Oggin Aviator
16th Apr 2004, 23:24
Either obey them or you are history. Is that clear? (Many thanks to a certain film, the name of which I cannot recall at the moment)

Top Gun.

CO Top Gun to Mr Cruise after he broke the hard deck to shwack Jester

"sad film spotter"

17th Apr 2004, 05:49

Just to clear up one point, I don't consider myself the least bit unlucky to have been blessed with four beautiful girls... nothing could be further from the truth!

Romeo Delta
17th Apr 2004, 09:02
Ah, what fun! Useless, but fun!

So, having been blessed with a multitude of opportunity, I'd have to agree that Thai women are "Da Bomb." Close second are Brazilians, and following third are the Euro-Africans. Kiwi women are pretty good, too, though.

As for American women, heck, I'm an American and I can barely stand them. ;)


17th Apr 2004, 09:22
What if WE wimin started rating YOUR performances??? You would be up for a few surprises folks...:E

surely not
17th Apr 2004, 10:31
Feeling pretty certain that I haven't performed with any of the wimmin on here, please go ahead :O

17th Apr 2004, 10:56
I don't mind that taptcat, you'll all have to come and try me first though :E

17th Apr 2004, 11:26
Aahhh, the women of the world.

The Mothers of the next generation.

Daughters of the Godess, Brides of Man, Protectors of the Faith, Guardians of Small Boys; who in turn are the Keepers of the Clear Vision.

Without them, we would be lost.

I love them all, and salute them.



Rich Lee
17th Apr 2004, 15:48

Rate the men? Capital idea and you are invited to do so. After all, why say 'rooster' when you can say 'cock'?

18th Apr 2004, 09:13
Really surprised to see no mention of Ethiopian woman. In my humble opinion they are some of the most pleasant looking woman.

18th Apr 2004, 10:34
I notice a bit of Yank-bashing going on here. I only wish I could come up with some snappy comeback that would show you all that we too ARE the greatest, but none comes to mind.

In fact, around the greater New York City conurbation there is the definition of a 'menage au trois' as 'two headaches and a hard-on' that seems to have some validity.

18th Apr 2004, 11:13
I think you're the winner, Blue Wolf

But only if you really meant that!


White Cloud
19th Apr 2004, 02:24
I have been to Perth. The women there are fantastic. Not all of them, but most of them. They are like girls from the West Coast in the U.S. but without the attitude and they seem to be more honest and sexy! Hubba, hubba!:ok:

Rich Lee
19th Apr 2004, 05:39
White Cloud

Women from Perth? Geez, can you be anymore obvious. Is your real name Mr. Blue Diamond by any chance?

The thread is Rate Women not Pander to One Woman.

19th Apr 2004, 08:08
A wise man once said:

It really doesn't matter where she comes from or how impossibly hot and sexy she is.... somewhere in the world there's a guy who's sick of putting up with her sh*t.

19th Apr 2004, 08:50
I think Answer 42, Binos and Blue Wolf are supreme joint male champions of the world so far - on this thread.
The rest of you need a good spanking and no pocket money for a week
Shame on you.....tut tut. :}

19th Apr 2004, 10:48
The rest of you need a good spanking Now here's a woman who knows what a man needs ;)

TB, the guys who you mentioned may not differ that much, they only use different tactics....

Send Clowns
19th Apr 2004, 13:46
British women have to be best. Have the confidence to be strong without being snotty, arrogant or feminist. They know how to have fun and flirt. The best ones enjoy pints of proper beer, and shots of decent spirits, none of these faddy girly drinks. They know how to share a great time in bed (or in the park, woodlands or beach ;) ), on equal terms.

20th Apr 2004, 08:15
obviously a connoisseur, :p

20th Apr 2004, 08:31
I don't really think any of you can really answer the question.

All women, or should I say, people, are different in their own special way.

The only thing you need to worry about is that you are lucky enough to meet someone who loves you as much as you do them.
No more, no less.

Not much to ask................is it?