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Wee Weasley Welshman
15th Apr 2004, 15:59
Well - where does a young blade obtain an excellent engagement ring and who knows of a winkingly good way of going about asking for its wearing?

Cheers (purely hypothethical of course),


Huron Topp
15th Apr 2004, 16:12
If you want something absolutely unique, these folks (http://www.bearclaw.bc.ca/) are the ones to talk to. As for how to ask the possible-bride, I don't have the imagination...or so Mrs. Topp tells me.:hmm:

15th Apr 2004, 16:16
A classic, simple diamond solitaire shouldn't go amiss - expect to pay a month's salary.

or how about asking first and then choose together? Or you try a subtle approach to find out if she prefers say, sapphires (pale or dark), rubies etc. NB emeralds should be square cut and opals are considered unlucky. You could also get something that is her favourite colour.

Hope it goes well WWW - oops sorry it was a hypothetical question.;)



15th Apr 2004, 16:30
If it flies, floats or fncks ..... rent it ..... it's cheaper in the long run.

Good luck tho' - hope you have a pre-nuptual sorted!

15th Apr 2004, 16:38
Unless you are absolutely certain the lady in question likes a particular type of ring I wouldn't buy one without her being present.
Hopefully this item of jewellery will be worn by her for life and it may seem a little unromantic but I do think she should have a major say in the choice of it.

Wee Weasley Welshman
15th Apr 2004, 16:42
Theoretically she doesn't go for jewelery at all and is a country girl with a frugal temperament... massive diamonds wouldn't really work.

V simple would be the motto of the day. Plus - how does one find out about ring sizes when the person in question doesn't currently wear one at all? Piece of string in the dead of night?!?

One likes to plan ahead is all,


15th Apr 2004, 16:47
I bought my wife a 9.99 ring from Argos for the "popping of the question" (just in case). Being welsh we decided to go to a company called Clogau that are based in north Wales to have a custom ring built from 18ct Welsh rose gold with a single 3/4ct DeBeers diamond. The diamond is held in place by kind of twist and the rose gold really sets it off and its unique. I dont know if Clogau still make custom orders as their mine has been closed for a number of years so their stock of Welsh gold is slowly dissapearing. Anyhow at the time the ring cost me 1200ish.

And I asked the question after Wales beat England 32-31 at Wembly in 1999. Proberbly the beer talking at the time but I've no regrets.

Good Luck:ok:

15th Apr 2004, 16:53
A number of my friends have the Welsh Gold for their wedding rings, have to say as a Welsh Lady I would want the same as well.
Regarding ring sizes , unless she has a ring she wears on the same finger on the other hand there is no easy way.

WWW ask her first at a setting you know will be perfect for the two of you, be it on a lovely walk or over a romantic meal. Stop worrying about the ring, they are beautiful but they are not what is important when you ask someone to marry you.
Tell her what is in your heart and let the ring come along at a later date.

Huron Topp
15th Apr 2004, 17:31
WWW, I say again, check the above link. Very unique, not at all ostentatious, and will NOT cost an arm and a leg.

15th Apr 2004, 18:22
I'd definitely say choose it together otherwise what should be an amazingly special moment could be soured.

My other half is very anti-jewellery and so she wanted a simple band with a tiny inset diamond. When we were in Switzerland we saw a ring that was beautifully simple exactly like she wanted. when we got back to England we found it was nigh on impossible to obtain. I, nearly giving up hope stuck up in the Scottish Lowlands on holiday, nicked someone's laptop and quickly google searched for the manufacturers. Very happy to see that the UK importer was based in Edinburgh! Drove to get it and popped the question a few days later.


15th Apr 2004, 18:42

I would suggest commissioning a pair of matching silver or platinum engagment rings & then do the same for the wedding bands - nothing flash or fussy - just a pair of plain, substantial sterling silver rings.

I've a couple of friends who just did it and should I ever trek that particular path, I will follow suit. I think they paid 7-800 for each ring, but they were designed by a proper silversmith to their specifications & turned out truly beautiful.

As regards popping the question, I would just pop one of those big feckin rings into a sock, swing it round your head & knock the bejesus out of her with it - then drag her back to the cave by the hair - a traditional technique with a modern twist, if you will :E :ouch:

15th Apr 2004, 20:04
Price guide rule of thumb for buying (if you are serious) is two month's salary.

Go to a reputable small-town jeweller, forget the chain shops and Hatton Garden sharks.

Dawson's of Stamford is worth a visit. They're nice people and they will measure the size of your wallet perfectly at a glance.

Solitaires are a bit naff these days, so I'm told. Go for a modest cluster setting.

Sobering thought: It takes about seven years for the value of a decent piece of jewellery to match it's buying price. The ladies don't care if it's for life, which, of course, it should be.

Good luck!

Wee Weasley Welshman
15th Apr 2004, 21:59
Hmmm, interesting.

Keep 'em coming.



15th Apr 2004, 22:13
If you are really serious about this then go to the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham.

You will get better cheaper.

16th Apr 2004, 07:34
Choose one with her - she is going to wear it every day from then on after all!
It's worth the two months salary as well......

Hope she doesn't have it stolen from a hotel room with the eternity ring like Mrs DM did. :{ :{ :{

We went to a small well established jewelers in Glasgow.

16 years on I have identified the ring style with them and am aiming to get a replacement made up.....

As to where.....I proposed on a balcony looking at the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

(OK so it was where we were living at the time :E)

But try and make it somewhere that's special for both of you...like a place you regularly go for a walk.....

16th Apr 2004, 07:51
So long as you are not stupid (i.e. the 9.99 ring being THE ring!) there is no need for this "months/two months" salary rubbish. I certainly couldn't afford it anyway, plus if she's places such importance on the cost rather than the meaning, you need to ask yourself some serious questions. Spend that and she'll be expecting the 20,000 wedding to go with it. (When will people understand that the "average" cost of a wedding is the world's most meaningless statistic!)

Spend what you can afford, not what you'll be paying off for years.

Sounds like some like Brum's Jewellery Quarter would be a good option for a wide range of options/costs.

The important bit is the how and where you ask. That's what'll be remembered most!

Wee Weasley Welshman
16th Apr 2004, 07:53
Is the Jewellery Quarter in Brum really any good? I am off to Amsterdam in a few months and was thinking that might be a good place to buy diamond rings but Brum would be easier... Never been there.



16th Apr 2004, 08:09
I found that it was good to have the lady present to choose.

However to make it more than a Saturday trip to the shops I tied in the proposal with a trip away.

Went to Florence, proposed next to the Duomo and then we spent some happy hours on the Ponte Vecchio choosing a ring. There are many jewellers shops there, some make the rings themselves, others just sell.

As to price I quite agree with what some previous posters, if it is just measured by the cost and size of the ring then questions need to be asked.

Hersham Boy
16th Apr 2004, 08:25
I bought a $5 silver ring in a market to do the question-popping with... it didn't fit! The better-half wears it round her neck on a chain...

The sparkler was then bought in the Brighton Lanes... never mind how much it costs (within reason!)... just get whatever you both like, I reckon.

Oh - and make no mistake... the ring is very special to the recipient... make a big fuss about it!

Good luck!

16th Apr 2004, 08:42
It doesn't always end up as romantic as you think.
We were in Paris. My wife to be said she had fallen in love with a ring in the shop window. I said that if their till was stupid enough to authorise my credit card she could have it.
Somewhat to my surprise, it did.
That was 7 years ago. Now children, mortgage, family car....

16th Apr 2004, 09:28
I initially looked for a solitare on a edwardian style ring, looked great in the images (london victoria rings) but in the end I wanted a ring that she loved, after all it's her that's going to be wearing it for the rest of her life.
In the end we wandered around several jewellers trying on many rings in each. I was amazed how different rings looked when they were actually on her hand (I found that very important) and realised that a solitare didn't suit her.

For the proposal I took her to one of her favourite places, took her aside to a little alcove and just told her my feelings for her on one knee. I wanted to do an amazing surprise, take up to the mountains watch the sunrise on new years day etc. but in the end I just found it incredibly difficult to find excuses and reasons to get her there and to get all of the 'romantic' things in place i.e. picnic blanket, breakfast etc. unfortunately I wasn't in my native country which just added to the difficulties especially being the non driver over there.
In the end it was just her I wanted and took whatever opportunity came along when the moment felt right. I had the ring in my wallet for 6 days before the right time appeared.

All the best!!

16th Apr 2004, 09:33
Speaking as a woman I can assure you the ring is not important, neither is the cost or the wedding.
Quite frankly if it is then you really do have to question a persons motives.
I would rather live in a tin shack on a beach with the person I loved, than have some ridiculously overpriced piece of jewellery just to keep up with the Jones.
As long as the marriage proposal comes filled with love than that is all that is important.
Rings , what sort of wedding that is something that needs to be chosen by the two of you, the days when a man chose the ring seem gloriously outdated and sexist to me. The ring is there to celebrate your love together , it should be chosen by the two of you together.
Elaborate plans don't impress the majority of woman, i have to say a lovely walk someone special and the right moment will stick in your memories for ever.
Stop worrying, if she loves you then she would take you poverty stricken anywhere.

16th Apr 2004, 09:53
if you go to the jewellry quarter in birmingham - make sure you go to one that has been recommended - most are ok - but some aint!!!!!

you right flower - but having said that - i was proposed to with said ring - and it was perfect!! ( well - it was gold and sparkly - my favourite!!)
apparently a few months previously we'd been shopping in town and walked past a jewellers - i dont recall this - but apparently i said i quite like that sort! - which was the one i got - quite a cunning way - the ring size was got by measuring a ring i wore on my other hand

(and most jewellers will give a certain money back guarantee -just in case the wrong answer is given!!!!!)

good luck with it all WWW!!


16th Apr 2004, 10:15
My husband knew what stone I wanted (a pink diamond), so instead of getting the ring, he proposed with just the diamond in a box - I then got to design my own ring.

I think it's a great way to do it, because on the one hand, you've got something to give her, but she still gets to "choose" the ring - this is dependent on knowing if she prefers diamonds, sapphires etc!

I appreciate the sentiments in Flower's post and I'm the first to agree that you shouldn't commit yourself to something you can't afford, but I do think that the love and thought you put in to getting something she will really like, and proposing in a way that she will feel is romantic and thoughtful, can never be wasted.

16th Apr 2004, 10:54
Speaking as a woman I can assure you the ring is not important, neither is the cost or the wedding.......................

...........if she loves you then she would take you poverty stricken anywhere.

I couldn't have put it better myself Flower, my thoughts exactly!:ok:

Wee Weasley Welshman
16th Apr 2004, 11:30
Ooh, nothing iminent - I'm still in my 20's and for my generation that equates to early teens ;)



16th Apr 2004, 12:38
When one of my colleagues got engaged her hubby to be presented her with a "pop the question" ring - a very nice gold and diamond thing it was too, not over the top but a decent dress ring for all that - then told her that for the "actual" ring they would go shopping together. She looked very happy!

16th Apr 2004, 12:50
I agree totally with Flower also......

As for the proposal - any time/setting is perfect as long as it comes from the heart.

Ropey Pilot
29th Apr 2004, 15:56
I like Octopussy's idea. In this day and age it is 'sexist' to make any decisions on your own (plus if she doesn't like it she may be stuck with it). Others have said it is 'something special for both of you' (Funny my turn to wear ours never seems to come round:p )

Get the stone and get her to pay to make it into a ring - that way it will truly belong to 'both of you':E

(Otherwards where is your 2 month's salary worth of prezzie when she says yes?):O

Oh, and I'm sure no reasonable woman would demand that you spend 20,000 on a wedding. The problem is that they will include so many things that it will inevitably add up to 20,000:ugh: (250 for ONE BUNCH OF FLOWERS!!:mad: )

29th Apr 2004, 17:25
As a sad old git of 33 who has been married for 11 years I also wished I did the drop it in the champagne glass thingy with the romantic look and stuff.

Knowing my luck she would probably have swallowed it and I guess retrieval might knock the edge off the romance.

I bought my wife a pretty simple 3 stone ring - I was poor but she still loves it, even though I have bought much better stuff as my bank balance improves.

I would suggest getting a certificated stone - quality not quantity.

Hypothetical congratulations.

G-Foxtrot Oscar 69
29th Apr 2004, 17:49
If she is a country lass not into flashy jewerly etc. How about a buffed up piston ring. Tell her that the coke on it is carbon. Just like a diamond:ok:

PPRuNe Radar
29th Apr 2004, 17:59
This is very worrying for us Mods who like living the life of Riley as singletons ..... first Danny and now WWW (theoretically only of course :p ).

Maybe it's something they have started to slip in to our cocoa at nights :ok:

29th Apr 2004, 19:40

Ring sizes - ask her girlfriends - they'll know. They are bound to have swapped rings and tried them on 'certain' fingers in the past. Girls do !

How to do it ? Well its got to be a personal choice. Me ? She thought she was going to her parents for a few days, but when she got in the car she found tickets to Rome on the seat.... Silly girl still hadnt a clue until I asked her later that day though...

Why get a certificated stone ? People see quantity not necesarily quality. After just a days wear it will start dulling with all the crap that life throws at it. If you decide on a plain diamond or similar, go see a diamond importer / wholesaler, buy the thing and then go to a ring maker. Youll save about half the cost of the ring from the shop. Hatton Garden in London is the place to go.

SET 18
29th Apr 2004, 20:46
WWW, have to both agree and disagree with the previous poster!

Whatever you do , DO NOT buy a ring from any jewellers. Their overheads are truly deadly.

Buy a diamond on the open market. (Any jeweller can supply you with that week's prices ) If you know a jeweller, he will probably be able to get some samples sent to him.

It is VERY important that you choose the best colour, clarity and cut that you can afford. If you can, get a colour D or E and a V VSI or VSI clarity.

The last "c" Carat, is probably the least important. The idea that the size is most important is complete b**locks. If you see a small, but very clear, well cut diamond next to a large yellow dull one, there is no comparison. That is why large industrial diamonds are not expensive. (!)

When you have seen the kind of ring that you like, or you think she likes then try and design a unique, similarly themed version of your own. (Make sure the diamond does not sit too prominently, or you will sentence her to a lifetime of catching it on her clothes etc)

Take this design to a good jeweller, who will then make it for you, and charge you mainly for the metal which he uses.

Present fiance with said ring as a truly unique example. If she doesn't like your efforts, the jeweller will almost certainly be happy to melt it down and re-cast it to her spec.

Having said that, if she loves it, you are on a winner. The jeweller will then value it for you, and if you have bought a decent diamond, it will be worth approx 3 times what you paid for it and your future wife will have a completely unique engagement ring. Trust me, she will love that bit.

Good Luck.

PS I agree entirely with everything you say on the EU constitution thread!!

29th Apr 2004, 21:39
Oh, forgoodness sake, all this agony.

Just get a ring pull off a beer can and propose then suggest that you both go and choose an official ring together at a later point.
I betchya she will treasure the ring pull forever.

And..............if you change your mind you can always blame it on the beer! ;)