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15th Apr 2004, 11:35
OK it's official, I'm now in a really bad mood.

Trying to join any of the 3 local gyms to me, it's all been a bit of a shock to find they all have minimum 12 month contracts. ie you have to sign up for a year. Being less than happy with my current job etc (who is happy!) I'm not keen on doing this for the main reason that I doubt I'll still be here in 12 months, but also because I know there will be times when I don't go and I don't want to pay when I'm not going.

Now I know this is thier plan, force people to pay for 12 months, knowing interest will wain after 2 or 3 months - but as I explained to each of them, they have the option of taking my money for 1 month, 2 months or 3 months...and hope I keep renewing, OR they just won't ever see a penny from me as I refuse to sign up for 12 months. They all stick to thier mantra of '12 months is the minimum term we offer'.

Grrr not really sure what answers I expect from here, just needed a rant I suppose. (although if anyone here is a director of Esporta or Spirit Fitness etc & can pull a few strings for a poor, no, VERY poor prospective ATPL who wants to increase fitness before his class 1...it would be much appreciated).

15th Apr 2004, 11:44

Aint no way out. A couple of years ago, I was regularly staying for a week at a time in a part of London that is well endowed with gyms. I managed to do a deal with one for a few months but this stopped.

You might try the Council's gyms, if these are any good.

Aileron Roll
15th Apr 2004, 11:48
You want to be very carefull with that exercise stuff, always the danger of getting fitter, don't want to use all the heartbeats at once.

15th Apr 2004, 11:54
I joined up with my local council run sports centre on Tuesday.

I get to use the outdoor running track (one of those professional ones like), the gym and the tennis centre as well as the pool, sauna, solarium and sports activities (squash, badminton etc) for a mere 35 pcm.

Even better news is that I pay one month at a time, either by direct debit or manually at the start of each month (haven't decied yet), and there is no 12 month minimum contract.

Cracking or what!

Guess how many times I've used the place since I signed up then? Pair of sweaty socks to the winner :ok:

15th Apr 2004, 12:13
Isn't it cheaper on Tuesday afternoons for OAP's?

15th Apr 2004, 12:15

Have a search on Google for Virgin Active gyms, they have a very flexible payment system - I think you can cancel the DD at any point - no yearly membership plans. The one I used to use in Solihull was huge and had all the latest gear aswell as decent indoor and outdoor pools, sauna, chill-out bubbly pool thing.

I've managed to leave a yearly contract early with a polite letter to the gym manager explaining that I'd moved jobs and it was no longer convenient to use their facilities. I guess it depends on the gym, but as long as you give them reasonable notice and have a decent excuse - you should be ok. I wonder if any legal eagles could offer their thoughts on how much water these contracts actually hold? And if you stop payments, would they really bother to take you to court? Doubt it somehow.



15th Apr 2004, 12:54
Here in the neighbourhood, as there are lots of aircrew members, some of the gym offer a package of 10 entries. I think it was first negotiated by a group of CC with the same problem of wasting money in peak season when you fly so much that you don't have anything left to work out. You could try and negotiate the same if you find other people with the same problem.
I am currently in a gym that doesn't offer that kind of payment, because I didn't want to be stuck in with 20 other crew member and end up talking business instead of training; but considered that I end up not going sometimes for 3 weeks, I am changing my mind and will probably join a pay-per-entry outfit.

15th Apr 2004, 13:14
My gym does 25 sessions / 50 session / six months / 12 month options.....

First time I took the 50 option and used them in 6 months....so then changed to six months for exactly the same price with all good intentions of increasing my attendance rate.
6 months now lapsedand ithink I only just got 45 sessions in........haven't got around to renewing yet and feeeling worse of for it :(

May be this will "jog" me into renewing.....next week....:E

15th Apr 2004, 13:20
You could always not bother, save some pennies and simply buy a push-bike, go out for a run in the hills (assuming you have any!), go swimming (which does not always require membership), buy some weights for home for strength training.



15th Apr 2004, 14:19
...or get some weights put on yer zimmer...

15th Apr 2004, 15:17
:E I suppose I could always get fit by chasing & strangling stray Yorkshire Cats.

16th Apr 2004, 14:21
Here's (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/3631023.stm) the excuse you need not to do it TC..

16th Apr 2004, 14:25
Have a search on Google for Virgin Active gyms

Active virgins? That would be a workout indeed!

16th Apr 2004, 15:45
Two answers here.

1. Black Iron gyms. Favoured by serious bodybuilders and usually found on industrial estates they have no concept of membership fees or first sessions that you have to go through before they let you loose on the equipment. They can be pretty scary but I found most of the people to be alright if you just shut up and get on with it. They charge a couple of quid a go. A quick google might reveal a few.

2. Where I work now (Cheltenham) we have an arrangement with the YMCA. They have an excellent gym plus squash and badminton courts, alos spinning classes and that kind of stuff. We pay 35 a year for membership and then 2 each time to use the facilities. Often its pretty empty. I don't know if they all have these type of facilities though.

I don't go near those flashy gyms at all.