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You want it when?
12th Aug 2001, 12:06
OK fellow PPRuNers Danny has created JB II for those of us who canot keep our minds out of the gutter (shame).

It had to happen as PPRuNe gets more popular and the entry fee for this club is nominal - but is it going to be worth it?

Whose going to stump up and join? It will need about 20 or so of us to gain sufficient momentum otherwise it's 50 down the drain.

My hand's up - any others?

12th Aug 2001, 12:19
Well I must congratulate our mightly leader on his intelligence and business sense. What better use for smut than to make money!
Line up the deviants make their wallets noticably lighter and send them off to play in a special room :)

Such is the admiration I feel right now for your ability to turn a buck from human weakness that I just had to take my hat off to you and post, breaking my silence.

What can we expect next from your brilliant mind boss, I hear those numbers you can call to hear women talk about what they are wearing are very popular also.

Kermit 180
12th Aug 2001, 12:27
Yeah, it'll stop the bickering about what is right and wrong on JB. Good idea to make people pay for typing their own smut. Personally, I'll spend my money on flying.

Kermie :D

Tartan Gannet
12th Aug 2001, 16:37
Fifty Quid?????? NOMINAL! okey if you are well paid 4 stripe occupier of the left hand seat, but to those of us on the lower tax band I doubt it!

A tenner would have been reasonable, 15 at the max, but not 50.

I'll stick with the original JB thank you and self censor my postings.

:( :( :(

HOWEVER, this gives me an idea. What not carry this the full mile.

Should Danny set up, for a fee, the following "Sons of Jet Blast!"

THE PULPIT. Specially for the likes of OCB and other Bible Thumpers where they can save each others souls.

THE NEW JERUSALEM for all the liberal intellectuals such as HM, U_R etc, etc, etc, where they can talk about what a lovely world they would make it if only they were in charge.

THE BIER KELLER for all to the Right of Centre who can fulminate about the above group without having to put up with their whineing wet bulls**t in response.

THE LOONEY BIN where those off the wall types can post way out threads that nobody really understands but are amusing to some.

INNS OF COURT for lawyers where they can indulge in mutual admiration, discuss obscure precedents, Latin Tags, Judges of yesteryear, Court Procedures etc.

A bit like the Daily Papers in a way, chose the one which suits your bias and interests and ignore the others.

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12th Aug 2001, 17:21
JB2 brilliant concept, banish everything controversial there, never to be seen again...... sorry may be seen for a nominal fee.
Neat, packaged and gone.
I'm not being sarcastic, it's genuinely brilliant.

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tony draper
12th Aug 2001, 17:24
Not A bad idea TG,Folks could make a kind of pilgrims progress.
Begin in the Loony Bin, confused, surf the Pulpit and see the light, progress onto the New Jerusalem, become cynical, progress to the Bier Keller, be dragged up in front of the Inns of Court, and sentenced to the Loony Bin.
Loony Bin sounds more like my natural habitat ;)
Something almost Zen like in progress like that.

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12th Aug 2001, 17:56
You know the bait is irresistible, Tartan, and it is very wrong of you to cast it on the waters. But Okay, why not, by substituting a noun, accommodate in one tent the wretched lawyers (hereinafter referred to as “WL”), the classicists, the sexually explicit who have brought the current plague upon us, the literary lot, the movie lovers, Dr Bowdler, the saintly physicians, and yourself as arch-Latinist, with the inclusive but soft focus:
Inns and Outs; or
Membrum Virile: Quo Vadis?

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Tricky Woo
12th Aug 2001, 18:10
Am I the only one who finds the recent turn of events ominous?


Radar Departure2
12th Aug 2001, 18:21
As ye reap, Tricky......


12th Aug 2001, 18:22
Ominous. no. However I'll hazard a prediction that JBII doesn't last very long other than as a dump for inappropriate subjects. It will be undersubscribed as most of us are not here for its purpose.

12th Aug 2001, 18:26
Crikey! A posting by Tartan Gannet containing a vaguely aviation-related reference! Is that allowed?

When I was young and naive in the ways of the pprune I was under the impression that JetBlast was for jokes/moderate-rudery and ranting/whingeing within a loosely aviation-related context. Nowadays it's jokes and rudery plus setting the world to rights/ranting/why-oh-whying about whatever makes your teeth go frothy. I don't blame Danny et al for seeking a further source of revenue to keep the mighty machine going, but it is a bit depressing that this place needs a closed "adult" room at all.

I can get almost an hour's worth of aerobatics for 50 so I'll continue setting fire to my money in that fashion.

spelling-nazi auto-edit

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12th Aug 2001, 18:34
A piece of strategic brilliance by Danny IMHO. The Slashers of the world want to find the boundaries, now they have found them. Nobody is going to take the chance of paying 50 quid and being the only silly bugger in the new forum, so it will die a lonely death, yet Danny can rightly and fairly say to anybody who wants to complain about free speech that he has provided a place for exactly that sort of thing.

And let's face it, if Slasher (nothing personal,I'm just using him as the most obvious example since he provoked all this) is only going to be obscenely outrageous to people who don't care if he's outrageous, he isn't going to be there either. Anybody who's had kids is familiar with that syndrome.

A master stroke, Danny. Now, where were we?

12th Aug 2001, 21:22
Yes, excellent. Prurient and scatalogical exchanges are not my cup of tea, although I don't necessarily condemn those for whom it is. Nothing to do with flying though.

But a question - does this now mean that JB (original) has to be moderated ? Otherwise what's to prevent the offenders (no, make that perpetrators) from just doing business as usual.

PPRuNe Towers
12th Aug 2001, 23:32
Steady Tiger,

Most of you have sussed it out and read between the lines. You know what's on here and what isn't - the explore the boundary types will face a very small audience

PPRuNe Dispatcher
13th Aug 2001, 01:08
A point of information - Jet Blast is one of the most expensive forums to run due to the bandwidth it requires. So if you don't want to fork out 50 for JB-2, at least consider spending a tenner on a PPRuNe badge!

aka PPRuNe Dispatcher

13th Aug 2001, 01:22
Hey Mik - put me down for a coupla badges :cool: :cool:

And congrats on the solo ! :D


You want it when?
13th Aug 2001, 02:00
Well this thread has had a day to run, and the outset is a pretty predicatable - NO WAY JOSE.

If PPRuNe needs the holding folding then email me privately and I will cough up, a little (and I mean little) chunk.

Self moderation appears to be the way the board desires, I think some examples are going to needed and I don't believe you will make any friends highlighting them.

Forwards to victory or the next medical at least... :D

13th Aug 2001, 02:08
This could be used a bit like wheelclamping. Any inappropriate use of other forums will result in the thread being wheelclamped in JBII.

A 50 quid fine is levied to retrieve it!

13th Aug 2001, 03:03
Don't think I'll be coughing up the 50 either. Certainly if all JB traffic died when JB2 went live I'd consider it, but I can't see that happening....

As for paying 10 for a badge, I think I'd rather pay a little more for the personalised screen-name message - just need to decide what message to go for first! Any suggestions welcomed.....


I'd rather
13th Aug 2001, 19:38
I hope none of the regulars de-camp to JB2 - I'd miss everyone!

Not interested in going there myself, if, as I understand it, it's purely for the smuttier posts. But it would be a shame to lose the more eccentric posters to JB2. Save your money and stay here everyone!

14th Aug 2001, 10:11
I'd Rather

Most of the regulars to JB have had experience of alternatives such as Afterburner or whatever the two or so variants were called. Both petered out after the initial outbursts following freedom to say what you like. There may also have been some form of external censorship.

I think the 50 entry fee is a cunning ploy by the Capt PPrune to price JB2 out of the market!!.

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Brit Abroad
14th Aug 2001, 11:35
I think Binoculars has hit the nail on the head on both points:

When people are stretching the boundaries on JB, they know perfectly well that they're doing it. The fun is not writing it though is it ? It's the fact that it's read by everyone and there's the risk of breaking the rules.

Deep-down everyone knows that, including Danny who, reading between the lines, is calling people's bluff to make the point..

It's a shame that it had to come to this. I guess PPRuNe is a victim of its own success.

I must admit, I do prefer the JB of long ago, where there were plenty of jokes, anecdotes and light-hearted humour. Some aviation-related, some not.

More importantly, you actually saw a good cross-section of PPRuNers in there joining in the fun. Now, understandably most from the other forums stay away and the majority of JB'ers don't even venture onto the other forums. I imagine this is what annoys the moderators the most. Jet Blast was setup as a side-show to the aviation forums. *Not* the other way around !


Feeton Terrafirma
14th Aug 2001, 15:55
I can't help noticing the great rush of regular JBer's to the new fancy anything goes 50 quid forum. Two threads I notice, and no new posts for several days. Given that the 50 quid translates to roughly $150 Ozzie and a lot more in South Pacific Pesos as used in NZ it's no surprise that those from the south are not rushing to it.

I do have a badge on the way thou :)

14th Aug 2001, 16:43
Hmm, since I've failed to find any inspiration regarding a personalised message under my name, I might have to order a badge myself soon in order to contribute to the funds.....

Even if JB2 never has any more posts, presumably it will mean that Danny can banish any threads which break the Hotel Lobby rule off to JB2 without any arguments, thus making his life easier - good news either way if you ask me!


PPRuNe Towers
14th Aug 2001, 21:23
Between them Binoculars and Brit Abroad have correctly divined the strategy.

We chose to run a website for aviation professionals. It is very time consuming but that's our choice.

It is not our choice to continue expending our time and energy on a forum which is essentially non aviation and whose regulars make little contribution to the parts of the site we actually want to run, nuture and develope.

As long as this place is self moderating and entertaining that's fine. However the moment it steps over the border into causing us agro JetBlast 11 gets another thread.

Ultimately it's nothing to do with free speech, apple pie, Speakers Corner or democracy - it's about our time and how we wish to use it.

14th Aug 2001, 21:34

You can find the details of how to order PPRuNe badges on Aircrew Notices and on R&N.

Just follow the yellow brick road and you will have your badges.

I look forward to your order!

Celtic Emerald
15th Aug 2001, 20:32
If these ever was a salesman InforRetirement is one. Never waste a chance Info old chap do you mate ;)

xxx Emerald :p

tony draper
15th Aug 2001, 20:36
Ones interest is piqued, wonder what those two are doing to each other down there, all alone. ;)

16th Aug 2001, 02:23
No Em your right. I can sniff out a ten quid note from about 18 inches. The distance from me nose to the screen and keyboard :D

I love the InF-o-rRetirement. Sounds like I am in a home for old pilots.

Oh! By the way, when you buying your badge flower? xxx

We have sold over 1000 worth now, and that is 100 for the fund, so many thanks to Danny for that. ;)