View Full Version : The best place to stay for 6 month?

15th Apr 2004, 12:30
Hi everybody

I would like to know , according to you, where is the best place to stay for 6 months in UK among these city?

Newcastle, Bristol, Edinburgh.

Quality of life, people, entertainment, surroundings, etc...

Standing by for your objective comments;)

15th Apr 2004, 13:55
Forget Newcastle not much to see except a bridge (a very nice bridge) Edinburgh is quite nice but if it was me i'd go for Bristol. Why? Beacuse it's warmer and you are in easy reach of most of england and wales.

15th Apr 2004, 14:16
Nah, any of them!

If it were me, I'd go for Newcastle as the people are so freindly but, hey, they are in Bristol and Edinburgh too!

With all of them good pubs etc and you don't have to go very far to be in some fabulous countryside.

Bristol would be warmer and less remote from other large cities. Depends on what you want!



15th Apr 2004, 14:26
if your english, Bristol!

if your not english, Edinburgh!!

:O :O :O

15th Apr 2004, 14:48
Of that choice, definitely Edinburgh!! It has by far the best surroundings.

15th Apr 2004, 14:50
Another vote for Bristol.

Wales, Cornwall, London, the Cotswolds, Birnimgham (!!) etc all within three hours drive.

And even if you don't have a car you're on a transport hub that will get you to all these places pretty quickly.

15th Apr 2004, 14:52
Edinburgh, gotta be.


15th Apr 2004, 15:41
I'd say Edinburgh. It has lots to see and do, great places to eat and drink and it has a unique soul about it. The only problem is it's within 60 miles of Glasgow :rolleyes:

15th Apr 2004, 16:55
Nope, Edinburgh is over rated - fine for a weekend away but six months of it? Don't forget it is where Trainspotting was set - not a very pretty place once you are away from the touristy bit.

Newcastle would be fine if you didn't need a translator. And a thick coat.

I'd go for Bristol. The West Country accent can be strong but it is not impenetrable, the climate is generally mild, there's a couple of (admitedly crap) football teams to watch and a (pretty decent) rugby team down the road in Bath. Plenty of nice scenery nearby and although Wales is close you don't actually have to go there :E :E :E :ouch: Oh, and the scrumpy is horrible but you only need a couple of pints of it to feel seriously happy :ok:

15th Apr 2004, 18:15
Bristol's over-rated IMHO. It's pricey and is ridden with all manner of drugs and ghetto related crime. Even in the nice bits like Clifton you'll be a target for light-fingered scumbags.

If you must live in the West Country, I'd live in Bath, which has more charm than Bristol and much less of the scabby element. Or if you're loaded then one of the lovely Chew Valley villages like Chew Magna are a good if snobby choice.

Newcastle's a different kettle of fish. You'll find the people more down to earth and the cost of living a bit cheaper probably. Newcastle's not without it's inner city problems, but the rate of construction in the city is amazing, and there's some great places to go.

Edinburgh - never been there. Heard it's lovely.