View Full Version : PPRuNe smilies...

12th Aug 2001, 03:04
dont mind, I'm just testing 'em:argue: Argue
:burga: Cheese Burga
:eek: eek!
:wise: God
:karate: Karate Kid
:pity: Mr. T
:no: No No
:pimp: Pimpin
:cap: Pop a cap
:redfinger: Red Finger

12th Aug 2001, 03:09
Hmm, guess not.
SO, has anyone out there got any new smilies they'd like to share? (and don't forget to tell us how they're done! I'm still trying to get the Cartman one.....)


12th Aug 2001, 05:33
They will NOT work on this forum, because the UBB Code is not enabled.........

There are several postings about them on other forums.