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28th Nov 2001, 14:31
What's the worst thing you've seen or done in an aircraft ?

For me it was sitting on the ground a few years back watching someone aerobat a "thruster" (a rag and wire ultralight) at between 300 and 500 feet AGL - stall turns loop's rolls the full routine - complete with a nonpilot as passenger.

I often think of the bloke and wonder if he's still alive. :confused:

the wizard of auz
28th Nov 2001, 16:25
The stupidest thing?, HHHHMMMMMMMMM, that would be parting with unusualy large sums of money to get the appropriate licences to try and scratch a livivng out of them. :eek:

28th Nov 2001, 16:51
Hmm, well, have seen many stupid things done to flying machines.
The first one that comes to mind was these target towing boys in a C-310 that came in for landing after their session and did not put the landing gear down.

They must have ignored the checklist as well as the warning horn and the red light.

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29th Nov 2001, 01:32
Cleared a light aircraft for take off once, whereupon the pilot taxied onto the runway turned and lined up facing the wrong way.(my view being obscured by the pillar in the corner of the tower). Imagine my surprise, when the next time I saw the aircraft was as it almost demolished the localiser aerial. Even more panic inducing was the fact that a jet transport had just reported passing the outer marker. Thereafter,I always leaned forwards and looked when using that link for departures.

29th Nov 2001, 06:44
In the late 70's,
I saw two Mirage 5 fighters of the "Force aérienne du Zaire" took off from Bangui.... before heading for Kinshasa.

They missed the town, :rolleyes:
Get lost :(
Came in fuel starvation :o
And........ :D ejected :D

I guess, the third of Zaire military fleet went down this day.

henry crun
29th Nov 2001, 08:38
B of B air display a long time ago, the commentator sets the scene for a crazy flying display by warning of an escaped convict heading our way.

Sure enough, a scruffy individual ran from the crowd and jumped in a Chippy which just happened to be parked in front.

Chippy gets airborne and staggers around the sky while the commentator is telling us how he obviously could'nt fly.

Chippy starts a horrible slow flat turn to port at about 100ft and commentor is screaming, "oh look at that, he's going to crash".
And crash he did, wheels and u/c legs sprong off, chippy's back broken, anhedral on the wings.
No injury except to the pride of the pilot, but all this directly infront of his astonished station commander !.

29th Nov 2001, 16:37
Putting people in an Airbus ... ?

(Runs for cover!)

29th Nov 2001, 16:54
People using their mobile phone in the landing roll at LHR.

Tricky Woo
29th Nov 2001, 19:47
Press launching the Sonic Cruiser.

(Stands his ground!)


gravity victim
29th Nov 2001, 23:54
Swapping seats in flight in a Piper Cub (nearly terminally silly when one of us fell head-down into the front well and jammed the stick forward.) An instructor to boot :eek:

30th Nov 2001, 00:37
18-wheeler,I sentence you,for the rest of
your miserable and hopefully painful life,
to fly boeings. that should teach you. of
course, it will be too late for you by then.
[/LIST] :cool: Ha!

John Eacott
30th Nov 2001, 03:41
A squadron mate who, with his crew of four, thought that they could hook a giant Manta Ray with the rescue hoist of a Sea King.

And the convoluted explaination to the squadron wheels as to why the zillion dollar hoist cable came unravelled, and written off :D :D

30th Nov 2001, 22:56

That's so ridiculous it's actually really funny.

:eek: :eek: :eek: :D :D :D

1st Dec 2001, 11:15
gravity victim, one or both of you must be slim, small and very very flexible :eek: :eek:

1st Dec 2001, 12:53
How about "Body Surfing"? One lowers the loading ramp of a C130/L100. Next (important) part is to attach a strap to yourself and (very very important) attach the D ring to the aircraft floor.
One then crawls backwards out of the door, and while holding onto the ramp, lets one's body "surf" in the slipstream.
Beat that!
PS 18 Wheeler: thats dangerous! :)

gravity victim
1st Dec 2001, 15:34
Low 'n Slow'

We were both normal size males in the Cub - as I remember, the technique was for the front seater to turn around, stand on seat and flatten himself against the roof. This allowed the rear seater to slither over the back of the front seat and then into the front, (but upside down.) By now in theory the ex-front seater was flying from the back although facing backwards, while the ex-back seater was trying to get the right way up.
It all went a bit egg-shaped when the front stick got wedged forward and a horrible dive ensued. I can still remember thinking 'what a stupid way to kill yourself', and hearing the maniacal laughter from the back.
Best bit bit was landing back on the farm strip where the owner was watching, who said " Funny, I could have sworn that you two were the other way around.."

Gash Handlin
1st Dec 2001, 16:32
hahaha Cargorat,

I remember flying down windermere at 250' with the tailgate down on a C130. The LM and myself standing over the edge at 60 degrees waving at the tourists :D

must be something about folk from Tynemouth... do I know you??? bet you went to Priory then Marden ;)

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1st Dec 2001, 18:19
That took some nerve and/or suspension of common sense gravity victim. I'll bet the owner was completely baffled. :eek:

I used to do inadvertant aeros when I reset the altimeter subscale from the rear seat, watching your flight path must have been hysterical :D

PS It's LowNSlow. Low n'Slow is a mil pilot (I think). It's caused confusion before when he flamed somebody and I got blamed for it.

gravity victim
1st Dec 2001, 20:14
Definitely a suspension of common sense, but when you're a student and your instructor says "we're swapping seats" you do it. (He also instructed me to moon the unfortunate occupants of a hot air balloon via the open side door, very draughty.) As you can imagine, I had an interesting progress towards my PPL with this character..

2nd Dec 2001, 05:26
Fitting the engines the wrong way round on the Avanti. Only the Italians could design an aircraft that looked like it was coming towards you when it was running away. :D