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14th Apr 2004, 10:35

"in relation to a resolution proposed or to be proposed, means any resolution that the Statutes or these Rules require to be passed as a Special Resolution if it is to be effective for its purpose or which is a resolution (not being a resolution which if passed would purport to interfere with the Directors' right and duty to manage the affairs of the Society) which is specified in a Members' requisition referred to in Rule 31 (3) (a) or in a Members' Notice referred to in Rule 33 (1) (c) and which as its only or main object or consequence or as one of its main objects or consequences seeks that the Board consider, investigate, effect or supply information in relation to a transfer of the Society's business to a commercial company or a merger with another building society or a dissolution or winding up of the Society."

So now you know!

Who dreams up this shite?