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28th Nov 2001, 04:01
To those who don't know who these characters are, let me explain:
In a Disney cartoon series "Tailspin" Baloo Bear became a freight dog in a floatplane, with Louie as a bar owner nearby!
IN another, "Ducktales" Launchpad McQuack was personal pilot to Scrooge McDuck, and he had a habit of, um, not landing properly.

Aaanyways, to those who do know, I just wanna ask, who's yer favourite? I'm leaning towards Baloo, but Launchpad still got to fly an invisible jet (I remember vaguely) I think they'd both make great nose art, but I dunno which to pick!

Giz a hand, and Remeniss on the exploits of the great cartoon pilots who inspired many little chiddlers to take a yoke to their hands.....

:D :D :D :D

P.S. If you can think of any other cartoon pilots, do share! Let's make this a biggie!

28th Nov 2001, 04:14
Well I suppose Ding Duck (http://www.pprune.org/cgibin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=48&t=000161) just about qualifies (though he does seem to seldom get off the ground!)

28th Nov 2001, 05:31
What about Dick Dastardly,Mutly and clunk in Stop the Pidgeon.

28th Nov 2001, 05:35
Good call 100LL What was the name of the guy with the wobbly voice from that cartoon.? I know i would love to do a P.A. annoucement using his voice..... :D

28th Nov 2001, 08:07
When Roger takes a proton pill
The crooks begin to worry
They can't escape their awful fate
of proton's mighty fury

OH, Roger Ramjet He's our man
hero of our nation
for his adventures, just be sure
and stay tuned to this station.

http://www.vision.net.au/~groover/roger/ramjet1.gifPiccy (http://www.vision.net.au/~groover/roger/ramjet1.gif)

the wizard of auz
28th Nov 2001, 17:39
And who could forget SNOOPY sitting on his kennel, scarf and goggles on, off to do battle with the red baron. :D
I do believe that launchpad sitting in the invisible jet would make very good nose art.

I have "the Dog" from footroot flats, chasing a sheep on the nose of my aircraft........but I am a mustering pilot after all. ;)

Tricky Woo
28th Nov 2001, 20:32
"Nyaaaaaa... Boom! Curses to you, Red Baron, CURSES!!!"

Snoopy fighting the Red Baron was absolutely fantastic. He once got 'shot down' over 'enemy territory', but managed to pass himself off as a Belgian by wearing a false moustache. Unfortunately, Snoopy got himself rumbled when he was spotted drinking root beer in a Belgian bar. He then refuses to talk during his interrogation... until Charlie Brown comes out to feed him, in which case he quickly spills his guts, and then scoffs his dinner.

Snoopy then spends a remorseful night lamenting his weakness for food("Waaahhh!!!"). When morning comes, Charlie Brown feeds him again, but this time Snoopy is determined not to talk to the enemy.

The last cartoon is of a confused Charlie Brown blinking with the dog-food over his head. A haughty Snoopy is looking the other way with his arms crossed.


I heard that the cartoonist Schultz fell off his perch just a few months ago. RIP, Charles, you kept me happily entertained for years and years.


Elliot Moose
29th Nov 2001, 11:57
I still think Bugs Bunny did a fine job of piloting the double decker (A380 like) 8 engine piston banging airliner around at gunpoint after being caught playing pilot by Yosemite Sam (who had just robbed a bank). His situation got even worse when the robot pilot packed it it (well actually he took one look and then absconded with one of the two parachutes that were on board). At least he finally saved the day only a few feet from the ground ("Lucky for me this thing has air-brakes!") :D