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10th Aug 2001, 21:44
Slash you d!ckhead, did you HAVE to answer
Danny's tantrum with one of your very own?

Huh? :mad:

You get no grief from me on the sentiments you expressed, but shoot man, WTF phrase them like a 4 year old who's had his crayons taken away?

What is with you blokes anyway? You think it's extremely funny when we wimmin get in a spat and you come out with all the "handbags at dawn" [email protected], but look at the two of you, going at eachother like cockerels in a pit!

Now I know that both of you are clever bugga's, minds like razor blades in fact, but by By Gawd reading the posts the 2 of you made on that particular thread, you could bl**dy well have fooled ANYBODY!!

So after thinking about it for a couple of hours I decided to delete the whole sorry mess.
Saves bandwith if nothing else................

Slash, you don't owe me or anybody else here sh!t, I'm well aware of that.
So if you want to commit suicide on pprune I frigging well can't stop you, but out of purely egoistical reasons, since I happen to enjoy your particular style of erudite-loud-mouthing-sex-talking brilliance, I'm NOT gonna let you do it on MY thread.

Now do I make myself clear or what?

:rolleyes: Shees! :rolleyes:



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10th Aug 2001, 22:02
Well said Flaps, couldn't have said it better.

10th Aug 2001, 22:09
Aha, so thats what happened to it! Well done F40, you probably saved us from having JB closed down for yet another cooling off period.

But can things go on like this? Isnt it time that JB became a closed forum?


11th Aug 2001, 00:08
I've only been away two days!!! What did I miss? Flaps, e-mail me and tell me what that was all about. Please!!!!!

Bio Warrior
11th Aug 2001, 00:36
You know Flaps I think that we are finally becomming responsible for our own threads.
Maybe this is something which Danny can note with pride and smile about.

- Bio (professional silver lining finder)

11th Aug 2001, 00:58
WOW Flaps, I'm impressed! Chapeau! What a beautiful piece of lecture! Any chance of private tuition? :D :D :D

Kaptin M
11th Aug 2001, 03:04
Good call Flaps - one for which I'm sure Slasher will thank you later, but probably not right now judging by his 2 posts. Danny also OBVIOUSLY isn't in the best frame of mind to be on the receiving end of stuff like that, esp. on HIS site....who said only women suffer from PMT?

Thanks again, Danny for the hours of personal time, and loads of cash that you and the others (PPT, Sick Squid, Woomera, InFin, etc)donate to this site to keep it ticking smoothly.

As for you Slasher....looks like your "fans" need a regular dose of you, and if (they're) deprived they withdraw into the depths of despair. Maybe you need to blow USD20 and release some of that helmet pressure before you pop a foofoo valve!

Edited because d!ckbrain here forgot that the UBB was not enabled on JB!!

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11th Aug 2001, 03:17
Thanks Flaps. I read Slash's 1st posting about 1 minute after it appeared and I thought to myself "PPRUNE suicide - but I am sure he understands that and has accepted the consequences". Howver few of us wish to lose Slasher - I thought how can we absorb the post amongst others - multiple postings so Danny wouldn't see!

Your solution is the simplest.

I don't wish to choose between Slash and Danny. However Danny runs this site and he has the final say. I have strongest admiration for Danny's workload and the number of e-mails he has to deal with. I know Slash understands that even if he may not always agree.

Respect to both Slash and Danny!


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Tricky Woo
11th Aug 2001, 10:40
Yet again: Golly!

Feeton Terrafirma
11th Aug 2001, 12:18

Well done and well said. I suspect that you may have saved our collective butts from another bruising and Slasher from worse.

I'm just left wondering if you are as good at other things as you are at putting your thoughts into words? :eek:

You want it when?
11th Aug 2001, 12:32
Well played Flaps - I saw Slashers post and figured that JB would be closed for days. I've no problems with venting anger but if it affects others then you have to accept some responsibility for it, this Slasher v. Danny contents totally driven by Slasher threatend JB.

Good call. ;)

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11th Aug 2001, 13:28
Another one who missed all the fun.


Capt PPRuNe
11th Aug 2001, 18:23
Good job I didn't see it then. I'd appreciate it though if some of you would stop pitting me against Slasher. I do not take what he posts personally but I have to take all the flak from everywhere else when one of his posts offends other people.

If he is pissed off with me then he can email me directly and make his case because if, from what I understand happened here, he wants to have a go and make it personal and in public then it's a no brainer winner for me because I control which IP addresses, down to a regional level can access PPRuNe.

Yes, I threw a wobbler the other day after I had closed the thread started by The Guvnor and blocked him for a few hours. If he wants to play Machiaveli and somehow turn it around as others of you seem to want to, when none of you put in the 4-8 hours a day, every day, just dealing with the mail and admin BEFORE I even get a chance to browse the forums then go ahead. I wouldn't lose any sleep if Jet Blast was closed down for a while. It would ONLY make my life easier.

Thank you for the appreciation you all mention but at the end of the day it is only lip service and whilst I appreciate it, it does not for one minute relieve the workload, and in fact creates more because now I have to keep monitoring this forum too. You can offer to help as much as you like but it isn't so easy as saying it. There is absolutely no way I will give access to anyone except an administrator to the user database and without that you cannot do much to help. Thank you but I'm afraid that doesn't help.

So, please think very hard about what you all want from this forum. It is NOT a free for all as some fo you would appear to believe. It is for topics that do not fit into the other sixty odd forums and where less restraint has to be shown but in no way does it absolve the posters from taking responsibility for their statements. If that is too hard to comprehend for some of you then I will be sorry to see you go but there are countless other websites where you would probably feel more at home.

With the exponential growth of PPRuNe, my time is now at a premium and if I appear to have offended some of you with my post in the Where's Slasher thread then I apologise but if you want to compare the way I made my point with the language and tone that Slasher seems to have done then I would rather you didn't and just left it alone. It is becoming tedious keeping an eye on the hard core group who are the first to complain, when I try to do my job and keep this all running smoothly, because they know exactly what they are doing and it's a dangerous game which I advise very strongly for them to desist.

11th Aug 2001, 18:45
Esteemed P1 Sir:

Might I suggest that JetBlast is to PPRuNe as grit is to an oyster.

It is an irritant that sometimes produces a pearl.

The pearls make the irritation worthwhile.

Yours humbly,


Capt PPRuNe
11th Aug 2001, 18:53
Grit I can appreciate. It's when that grit turns into a stone and then a slime covered boulder that it ceases to have any worthwhile function.

See my post on the Snaily appreciation thread about a private Jet Blast forum, for a fee, where you can have as many boulders as you like, even an avalanche if you want. The grit can stay here for free.

11th Aug 2001, 19:40
A day spent carrying rooftiles up 3 flights of rickety ladders (no I'm not a coolie, we're building a new house) has restored calm & perspective
High time too......... :)

I see that Danny was here just b4 me, in a calmer frame of mind as well.

Since both Captain PPRuNe and Slasher are adults whose employers daily entrust them with steering large metal tubes filled with SLF around the airspace of various continents, neither of them needs ME to tell them how to conduct themselves in cyberspace.

The road to misery is paved with good intentions........
Apologies for trying to tell you what to do gentlemen. I will "cease and desist" as of right now.

Just read your suggestion on the other thread Danny, sounds like a good way of saving the pearls from the prudes and yourself from an ulcer.
Where do you want the money sent?


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PPRuNe Towers
11th Aug 2001, 20:03
Here's what Danny wrote on the other thread:

Obviously a few of you appear to be in dire need of a forum where you can say what you like, when you like, about whoever you like. Well, considering that some of you are not happy with the way this open forum is being policed I am prepared to make the following offer:

I will set up a private Jset Blast forum where for a fee you can have exclusive access. Each username that requires access will be set up so that they don't need an extra password, just log in and enter the forum.

Because it is so time consuming to set up every access and because Jet Blast doesn't actually generate any real income for PPRuNe and the costs are steadily going through the roof I will charge a modest fee. Lets see how many of you are prepared to pay for all this quality that you seem so desperate to keep.

For a one off fee of 50 each Username will be allowed access to the private and restricted Jet Blast forum. How does that sound? You can post what you like as long as it isn't considered libelous, slanderous or illegal. If it gets out of hand you police it yourselves just like Flaps40 did with her thread where it was about to get out of hand.


Capt PPRuNe
aka Danny Fyne
The Professional Pilots RUmour NEtwork


and this suggestion was made by You want it when :


Capt. Sir, I'd hate to lose JB being pretty new to it all. I agree that some of the subjects seem stange and not related to flying. It is a kinda locker room / bar where you can depresurise. Or that's how I see it.

Membership of a club for flying individuals (or tryos like me)who like a beer and a ribald joke. I'd be up for that, but only if for my 50 I also get a black baseball hat with "JetBlaster" on it.

I'd be willing to help with contract / data protection phrasing if you'd like. As I'd expect it to be an "Abandon hope all who enter environment".

With the exception of some "rude" always edited words I don't really subscribe to the swearing dirty mouth culture but what the hey - count me in.

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tony draper
11th Aug 2001, 22:48
I would not object to a fee like that, but I can see this ending in tears.
The people on this forum are a tad more mature,hail mainly from one profession and there seems to be a predominance of brits,so It may not end up as bad as some other unmoderated forums I've surfed in my time.
Mostly they end up as ridiculous flame fests,
I think moderated forums with a set of rules for posting that assumes we are all adults is the best answer anyone has come up with to date.
I can post you links to websites you would not believe,and I'm not talking about places frequented by spotty faced teens.
These places always remind me of the CB radio farce, a good idea origionaly ruined by people just keying their mic and screaming abuse at each other.
We need someone in charge, someone to put a bit of stick around when necessary, otherwise people just stop coming, it becomes a private arena for a few people to throw abuse at each other, the membership takes sides with one or another dominant character, and virtual warfare ensue's.
Now a lot of people seem to enjoy this sort of thing,and derive great satisfaction virtual warfare, not me.
I may be being over pessimistic here, nothing i like more than a little bit of mick taking and good humor, but even among seemingly intelligent people the tendency is downhill.
Just my opinion, Sir Prune would still be legaly liable for anything posted as I understand it. :confused:

henry crun
12th Aug 2001, 01:41
Mr Draper: agree with everything you say except about the fee.
While this would not present any problem to most, there are many who derive great pleasure from this forum who are not flush with money. I'm thinking mostly of the struggling fledgling pilots.
From another viewpoint, it might also cause problems for many of the overseas readers/contributers who have an bad exchange rate against the pound and grossly excessive international transaction charges to contend with.

tony draper
12th Aug 2001, 02:23
Sorry Mr C never thought of that, I lost a forum that I really enjoyed posting on last year, they went fee paying overnight almost with no warning,the fee wasn't much, 50p a week it worked out, not much, but I don't use my credit card on the web no matter what, it was based in Canada, so I could have made some kind of snail mail arrangement, but I never bothered, as it turns out most of the friends I had made over the years stopped posting there also.
It will be the trend of the future I'm afraid
dedicated people start websites on a part time basis, and if they are good the reputation spreads, more and more people register, and bandwidth costs rocket, they are forced to introduce a fee for useng the site.
In the future this may limit the number of sites that people not working may be able to visit,although most people are still paying way over the top for their internet access to start with,I am fortunate in that it costs me just 9 quid a month for completly unmetered access 24 hrs a day if I so wish.
I have been self employed for the last 16 years or so, for a number of reasons my work is somewhat slow coming in at the moment, so if I am not working that day, I log on to tthe internet in the morning and just leave it on all day.
Just keep having a quick peek now and again as I potter about, see if anybody is posting.
I guess I'm a addict now.
;) ;)

12th Aug 2001, 03:54
Happened to check the index just now and found a new forum.
Jet Blast II - The Hell and damnation forum.

Told me I didn't have permission to be there and to hit my back button with a hammer.

Capt PPRuNe
12th Aug 2001, 11:00
I can't see what is so difficult to understand. If you want to discuss Slashers knob or The Guvs Jizz literage then you will have to do it in a restricted Jet Blast area and for a fee. Simple! :rolleyes:

This, the original Jet Blast will remain here and still freely available. The only difference will be that the discussions that are considered too raunchy and fall outside the scope of the 'hotel lobby' rule will be moved to the new forum.

The members of the new, exclusive forum will be able to start their own topics and play away without the restrictions that are placed on this open & public forum. Simple rules and helps improve the service that PPRuNe can provide by helping to fund the ever increasing costs involved.

12th Aug 2001, 11:29
I would hate to be a bore but for those of you that don't log out of PPRuNe your siblings would have access to this forum should you subscribe to it and you were logged in, which if I remember correctly everyone said shouldn't be allowed to happen hence the original back lash to some of the content.

Is this a return to square one?

PPRuNe Dispatcher
12th Aug 2001, 14:51
No, it's not back to square one. The responsibility for logging out of PPRuNe is with the individual PPRuNer, just as logging out of an on-line bank account is the responsibility of the customer.

Mik Butler
aka PPRuNe Dispatcher

13th Aug 2001, 00:21
We used to have 'PPRuNe Line Traing' didn't we?

Well, why not see someone's 1st 20 post (or whatever) as preciseley that.

If they are obvioulsy an idiot, then 'da manangment'can deal with 'em.....?? :eek: