View Full Version : Nice, snappy name for a new airport.

Noah Zark.
13th Apr 2004, 16:55
Yes, it surely is. The new name for the former R.A.F. base, Finningley, is to be -Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield.

13th Apr 2004, 17:00
Great! Hopefully we can get Southampton renamed the Matt Le Tissier International:ok:

13th Apr 2004, 17:04
But, given the local council there I'm surprised its not Scargill-Lenin International.:mad:

13th Apr 2004, 17:42
And from this point on, all that work there shall be referred to as "The Band of Merry Men (or Women)"

13th Apr 2004, 18:56
Paris CDG should be renamed
Thierry Henry International Airport

That way there would be very few near misses :-)

And lots of opportunities for go-arounds (of hapless Liverpool defenders)

13th Apr 2004, 19:51

Having had the pleasure of being accomodated at Finningley many years ago I would say that it should be "Worst Naafi in the RAF" Airport.



13th Apr 2004, 20:30
who gives a frier tuck what the airport is called!!

13th Apr 2004, 20:49
Whatever happened to London Airport?

It was three miles from my house when i was a kid, but I can't find it on the map now.

13th Apr 2004, 20:53
perhaps you moved house?? :confused: :confused:

14th Apr 2004, 00:29
Actually, having thought about the Robin Hood part of the name, it's really quite appropriate.

In view of the high local unemployment levels since Finningley closed, "Robbing from the rich to give to the poor" is what it will be doing.

I'm surprised they can't decide which town it's near though. :p

14th Apr 2004, 03:57
Whatever happened to London Airport?

Would that be London City, London Heathrow, London Stanstead, London Luton, London Gatwick or London Manston?

14th Apr 2004, 06:54
May we expect London Finningley any day now?

Should do a treat for Ryanair.

14th Apr 2004, 07:35
Or London Ashford..............:hmm:

14th Apr 2004, 08:18
Or the old airport in Croydon?

14th Apr 2004, 08:28
I remember in the late 90's there was a plan to rename Stanstead as 'millenium gateway'

Can you imagine calling up millenium gateway on the radio?


2 sheds
14th Apr 2004, 10:59
I think that you will find that it is named STANSTED.

2 sheds

14th Apr 2004, 13:17
Well maybe they should re-name it stanstead, just to suit me


14th Apr 2004, 13:21
Or re-name it something totally different, "insted".

14th Apr 2004, 13:22
If two of the New York area airports are named after Kennedy and LaGuardia, surely the third should be renamed Sinatra Airport. (Not a fan myself, just being logical.)

14th Apr 2004, 14:47
(I didn't think that looked right now......... := ) )

Boss Raptor
14th Apr 2004, 15:54
Why do we feel the need to suddenly start naming airports after people? I know it has been an American trait for years but do we really think it is appropriate/required...I certainly dont...do we name a train station after people?.. some civic buildings yes and a few things after royalty but that's not quite the same...do people in Liverpool say 'we are flying from John Lennon Airport'?.. I doubt it I am sure they still say I am flying from 'Liverpool Airport' :confused:

Noah Zark.
14th Apr 2004, 16:42
I think it may be the same for the newly re-named Nottingham East Midlands airport.
Nah. It'll always be East Midlands to us regulars!

14th Apr 2004, 17:21
I hear Blackbushe is going to be renamed - but it's too rude to print.

14th Apr 2004, 18:07
Its the thought of all those American tourists flying into Robin Hood airport, wanting to know where Nottingham Castle is and the local taxi firms charging them a 100 to visit the castle :p

14th Apr 2004, 18:36
Teesside is as far as i know, soon to become "Durham Tees Valley International". As far as i know, the closest airport to Durham thats also in the Tees Valley is Fishburn Farm Strip....


3rd Nov 2004, 19:10
Well done MMe matty but as you point out Fishburrn is not an airport but an air field!!!!

3rd Nov 2004, 20:38
There was a plan some years ago to rename Prestwick "Robert Burns International"

The original scheme to build a new airport in the Thames estuary at Foulness became renamed Maplin (can`think why)

3rd Nov 2004, 23:35
In Canada they name airports for politicians. Upside is, they have to have gone to the big hangar in the sky before they're accorded the honour.

DX Wombat
4th Nov 2004, 00:57
Boss,do people in Liverpool say 'we are flying from John Lennon Airport'?.. I doubt it I am sure they still say I am flying from 'Liverpool Airport' No they don't, they still call it Speke Airport. There is a local children's joke which goes as follows:
Q: How do you get a budgie to speak?
A: Put it on a number 80 bus. :rolleyes: :ok:
(The number 80 bus used to go past the airport when I lived in Liverpool)
My current local airport is also still known by its old name of Yeadon - better known to others as Leeds-Bradford.

4th Nov 2004, 01:21
I thought that the name Idlewild was a beautifull sounding thing. I wish they would change the name back.

4th Nov 2004, 02:56
Bet they end up calling it "Donny" airport:ok:

(Finningley inhabitant 1965-67 and 1968-69 - when REAL aeroplanes lived there)

4th Nov 2004, 03:18
So, which airport is going to be renamed "Football Hooligan" airport?

I'll get me coat.


4th Nov 2004, 08:39
When Mirabel opened, we were told the story that the farmer who owned the land (and was paid a lot of money for it) had two daughters, Miriam and Isabel - hence the name.

A mate of mine commented that the US farmer - the one whose sons were called Ken and Neddy - must have made an absolute fortune.

I thought that the name Idlewild was a beautifull sounding thing. I wish they would change the name back.

4th Nov 2004, 08:42
Twill aluss be Finningley as far as I'm concerned.

As I was born there, I know that its got about as much to do with Robin Hood as Jacques Cousteau.

(Waits for someone to find proof of bathyscape testing in River Don).

4th Nov 2004, 08:59
East Midlands now being called Nottingham East Midlands airport must have something to do with Nottingham feeling left out: situated in Leicesteshire with a Derby postcode how else were they to get Notts in on the action?

Windy Militant
4th Nov 2004, 09:16
It's bound to cut congestion in the South East, I mean it's only a days walk from Dover! :rolleyes: I know tis true I've seen the film ;) ;)

4th Nov 2004, 09:30
Was that the crappy film which had Alp-like mountains in the supposed Sherwood Forest?

And in the south-east it appears that Lydd is now calling itself London-Lydd.:yuk:

4th Nov 2004, 10:05
"Pilots in Tights"?

Windy Militant
4th Nov 2004, 12:29
yes thats the one. Had a theme by the Brian Adam's Family.

Everything that I do (click click) I do it for You (click click) :ooh:

So London now has 8 Airports.

Anyone remember what they were going to call the Seaplane port that was planned for the Saunders Roe Princesses?

4th Nov 2004, 12:33
Prolly London-Dogger Bank.:)

simon brown
4th Nov 2004, 17:18
Nice mouthful for a pilot when conversing with ATC...

Mac the Knife
4th Nov 2004, 17:44
Agree with AntiCrash about Idlewild.

Does anyone know where the original name came from anyway?

henry crun
4th Nov 2004, 19:58
The original airport was built on the Idlewild golf course so it assumed the same name.

I don't know why the Idlewild golf course was so named.

Wannabe Flyboy
4th Nov 2004, 21:23
Would that be London City, London Heathrow, London Stanstead, London Luton, London Gatwick or London Manston?

Let's not forget London Southend.

5th Nov 2004, 04:26
Whatever they name it, it will still be Finningley, the most miserable sh1thole I EVER had the displeasure of living in, and the greatest pleasure in leaving behind, TWICE!!!


Kind regards,

TheNightOwl.:yuk: :yuk:

5th Nov 2004, 04:50
NCL - Alan Shearer International
MME - Stokoe International
MAN - Michael Owen International

... :eek: :rolleyes: :yuk:

Standard Noise
5th Nov 2004, 04:57
"Oohh-arr International", "Scrumpy International"
or even "Cider City Airport" - BRS

5th Nov 2004, 11:55
I'm surprised that Biggin Hill hasn't got in on the act - London -Biggin has a certain cachet to it.

Maybe they are planning to rebrand themselves after a certain nearby village and emerge as 'Pratt's Bottom International'