View Full Version : Very funny piss take - or - Off the Deep End?

Onan the Clumsy
10th Aug 2001, 20:11
Take a look at...


10th Aug 2001, 20:20
Danny, you've got to switch UBB back on so we can do the "puke" icon!

10th Aug 2001, 21:23
Naaahhh!!! Gota be a pi**-take! Someone's got some Ladyboy and car showroom pics and had a major PhotoShop session!

The bit where he refers to his hair as a Mullet is a bit of a giveaway - and that damaged pen (due to his 'vibrating hands'! Classic! Well done Onan ;)


10th Aug 2001, 23:32
Looks like one of those Thai transvestites.

The Guvnor
11th Aug 2001, 00:58
Hmmm, you guys seem to know rather a lot abouth Thai transvestites! Is there something you'd like to share with us? ;) :D ;)

11th Aug 2001, 08:40
She looks kinda cute; its kooky folk like her that make the world such a fascinating place. I wonder if all the other inhabited planets that must exist out there somewhere are as amusing as this one?

Through difficulties to the cinema

PPRuNe Towers
11th Aug 2001, 15:29
Am I alone in being worried that Onan found the site in the first place??

12th Aug 2001, 12:34
Funniest thing I've seen in ages!

"Am I not hot?" Smokin', baby! :D

Per Ardua Ad Asda
12th Aug 2001, 21:19
Well, guess what Onan was famous for? (And got a slap from JCs Dad for doing it too!)

So, how (why?) did you find the site Onan?

PPRuNe Towers
13th Aug 2001, 00:03
I believe he did it single handed Per Ardua.

Onan the Clumsy
13th Aug 2001, 21:19
My mate Neil sent it to me in an email. Said it was "the biggest larf he'd had at work on a Friday."

Funny thing is though that he drives a van just like the one in one of the pictures :confused:

I thought that Body Modification website would have drawn a lot more comments than it did. :eek: :eek:

27th May 2005, 00:30
Hey Onan.... how's your ladyBoy friend going.....????

So are you still into "Shims" then...???

Them's some real twisted shut, my man....


Still...... to each his own. Or as the frogs say, Vive la Difference or something like that.

Still, personally, I woulda drawn the line at chix wiv dix.