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tony draper
13th Apr 2004, 15:56
How can Drapes lay his hand on twenty dollars American?.
Last time I dealt direct with a USA supplier was in the seventies and sending money then was a nightmare, before anybody suggest it, I refuse to use Paypall or any other online banking service, or indeed put my credit card number anywhere near the internet.
Can Drapes just wander into his bank and ask for twenty dollars?
This is a genuine question, honest.


13th Apr 2004, 16:00
Couldn't one just put on a skirt and wander down to the docks while the night was still young...?! :}

13th Apr 2004, 16:00
You could just wander into Thomas Cook & ask for one, they'd probably charge you 2-3 for the privilage though.

13th Apr 2004, 16:03
Yes you probably can. They will treat it as a sale of foreign currency though so be prepared to pay some currency exchange charges.

Alternatively find a decent-sized piece of wood and an American tourist and apply one to the other.

Another (more sensible) alternative is to ask around the flying community (but then you're doing that already...) for a crewmember who has some spare dollars lying about. Someone might be willing to do an exchange without any extra charges.

tony draper
13th Apr 2004, 16:07
The only thing one would find in the docks round here now are yuppy chaps and Porches and one would be much more likely to score with those creatures wearing trousers.
Seriously I bid for a item on ebay but I had not noticed they only accept paypall,and are USA based, twas not a expensive item, total comes to just over 8 quid, have exchanged emails with the chap and he has reluctantly agreed to accept cash,and if it goes adrift, tiz only twenty dollars
A bid on ebay is a legally binding contract,and one would hate to lose ones good ebay name.


Aha!! tiz ok folks,tiz sorted, ones nephew says one can walk into any travel agent lay out some good honest English pound notes and be handed a twenty no probs, one was thinking twas still the seventies when the guvmint didn't like us Englishmen to send money to foreign parts.

13th Apr 2004, 16:15
Looking in my wallet, I have (in addition to the Saudi Riyals) a few tens of US$, some UAE Dhirams, quite a lot of Bharain Dinars, a few thousand Romanian Thimgies (enough for a coffee in the airport cafe!), some Cyprus Pounds, and some other stuff I don't even recognise!

Could I put them up for auction on Ebay:\

13th Apr 2004, 16:28
Seriously though Tony, I used PayPal once to send $100 to that crazy American who was organizing the human wall in Iraq at the beginning of 2003. The CC is still good. I think PayPal can be trusted, along with Amazon. I wouldn't trust Time magazine and their "automatic" renewals though...:\ After all, PPRuNe uses PayPal. Ooops! I may have to fork out for a title now...couldn't we postpone this post until the end of the month please...! :)

13th Apr 2004, 16:34
Of course drapes is his own man and goes his own way, but....
my credit card, in common with many others offers a total indemnity against Internet card fraud. I have spent thousands on the Net, in scores of transactions, and nary a problem. My wife was done in Reading though, by having her handbag nicked.

So there you go drapes, bung off your paypal wotsits, but avoid Reading at all costs.

Ric Capucho
13th Apr 2004, 16:37
You won't use Paypal, Herr D? You is a dinosaur!


tony draper
13th Apr 2004, 16:50
Roger that Mr Ric and a Luddite to boot, one has only recently accepted the fact that cheques exsist.
One likes the feel of good honest wedge in ones pockets
One has heard to many horror stories of credit card and internet.
Thanks for allthe help peeps but tiz all sorted now.

Incidently one has bleated about this on another occasion, theres a item Drapes is keeping toot on on ebay at the mo,theres 8 days to go, this kit usualy goes for between 150 /200 quid, theres two tumphies in a bidding war with each other right now, raising it 50p at time, they have reached a grand price of 10 pounds to date, they must know they have no chance whatsoever of winning this kit at those prices so why the **** do they do it??


Capn Notarious
13th Apr 2004, 16:52
Ric you deserve commendation, for having discovered a Newcastle Dinosaur. If its a genuine one in black and white, you might well achieve great heights!!!!!!!!!!
Did Drapes ever find a dinosaur????????

Paul Wilson
13th Apr 2004, 18:56
No need to sully yourself by visiting the travel agents, simply visit your local post office, all main post offices carry both $US and euro funny money, available on demand and commision free. Most travel agents will charge commision (and even the ones that say "commision free" will charge for small amounts)

13th Apr 2004, 19:00

This should please you - according to my sources the best rate for small amounts of most currencies is:

The Post Office - a larger branch of course

closely followed by

Marks & Spencer

Or you could send me a cheque & I could use Paypal for you!!!


Seriously though the good old British Post Office should do you

PZU - Out of Africa


13th Apr 2004, 20:41
One was finking about this conundrum and it occurred to one in a blinding Eureka moment, through one's anterior superior temporal gyrus - how did Drapes pay for that wonking great boat thingy called "Ribbit Ribbit" attached to his monocle on Pprune - without Paypal.

Is our Dear Leader accepting payment in kind now or is one entitled to a freebie of gigapixel proportions when one reaches a modest level of posts?

'Tis a strange thing - finking. Probably explains a lot of the bizarre behaviour on EBay :confused:

13th Apr 2004, 21:41
Sorry, I'm in Canada. $20 U.S. here is like $40... and the last time I helped someone out with a stock tip, I was a little off... well, how was I supposed to know that a steam powered cheese grater was a bad idea? I mean, really.

13th Apr 2004, 22:26
From one Draper to another, I have a $20 note spare!

p.s. Just send ME your credit card details and i will post you the $20 bill!!

From one Draper to another - I have a spare $20 bill you can have!

Just send me your credit card details and I will sort you out!

:D :D :D

14th Apr 2004, 01:59
how did Drapes pay for that wonking great boat thingy called "Ribbit Ribbit"

Mr. Draper was paid a temporary visit by the Title Fairy ... t'was not of his own doing!


14th Apr 2004, 04:30
Holiday Hypermarkets give ya comission free $$$$$

14th Apr 2004, 05:54
Drapes I will do it for you no fees or anything else.

You send me 20 pounds, I will send you 20 dollars.
Seams fair. 20 for 20.... No fees no taxes no messyness


14th Apr 2004, 13:40
Mr. Draper was paid a temporary visit by the Title Fairy ...

There is a very effective filter situated on an imaginary line running betwixt Skegness and Rhyl to prevent fairies, goblins and such suffern afflictions reaching the calmer realms of up Norf.

Must have been a temporary glitch in the s/t continuance that let that one through.

On the positive side - one is now enlightened but somewhat apprehensive about further rifts. :uhoh: