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13th Apr 2004, 13:29
Clacker.. term for an attractive young lady (IE- "there was loads of clacker out last night")

Tossing it off... term for doing very little whilst at work (ie- "spent most of the day tossing it off today")

Toss Pot.. term for a tosser who tosses it off a lot.

Dork.. one of poor intelligence

Nobber.. general term of disdain for a fellow human (ie - "Geez - what a nobber he is")

13th Apr 2004, 14:11
Blart....term for women - ie there was plenty of Blart about last night

Gash...term for women - ie the gash was fantastic in town last night

I'd best shut up at this point.

13th Apr 2004, 14:59

All we need is the invisible one to make a comment and we can call this thread the cat house!


13th Apr 2004, 22:25
Where I was brung up a clacker was that wobbly thing at the back of your throat.

One of my favourites was 'Cronk'. It is the position a dog adopts whilst having a crap.

By the way, just about any slang for female genitalia will be used as a collective term for ladies.

There is a subtle differential between the singular and plural in Scotland - fanny can mean a number of girls as in 'there's lots of fanny in town tonight'. Meanwhile fannies refers to a group of blokes who are not quite up to scratch as in 'Rangers are a bunch of fannies'. :E

13th Apr 2004, 22:38
In my Glaswegian schooldays, "Tube" was a derogatory expression, as in, "he's a tube". No idea how that one came about.

Smelly people were said to be " mingin' " - nowadays used south of the border to refer to ladies, as in, "she's a real minger"

tony draper
13th Apr 2004, 23:01
One recals clackers as little plastic balls on the end of strings that sprogs used to bounce agin each other like demented conker players, they produced a exceedingly irritating clacking sound that permiated this entire Island for a while, they were frowed upon by the luvvie health nazies as a danger to young bones, so the kiddies moved on to heroin and glue sniffing.

14th Apr 2004, 01:07
"Mard" meanig soft, wimpish
"Skrykar$e" ditto

14th Apr 2004, 03:05
When you're up someone's "clacker" you're driving too close!

When you're driving like the "clackers" you're driving too fast!

14th Apr 2004, 05:08
Fith - F**ked in the head

Butterface - "She has a nice body, but 'er face is shocking"

14th Apr 2004, 05:30
filth - Failed In London Try HongKong

14th Apr 2004, 09:11
A colleague of mine from Huddersfield insists that a clacker is the bodypart sometimes also called the hoop, or ring....I'll leave you to work that one out. (Know more slang words for this body part than I care to admit to actually...hmmm)

GWA (pronounced gwar) - Ginger with attitude
Ganking - same as minging
Zinging - clean
Jack - selfish
Harry Black - Black masking tape (Scotch tape)
Colonel Gadaffi (shortened to just The Colonel) - NAAFI
Thrush - Irritating ***T

Just a few gems one remembers from time spent in the British Army. There's much more, but it just gets worse...:uhoh:

14th Apr 2004, 10:22
Clacker?? Thought that was the overspeed warning??

Or maybe it's the part of the anatomy with a propensity for uncontrollable constrictions should the overspeed continue through to the "funny little snapping and popping noises' stage.