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13th Apr 2004, 13:23

Could someone please shed light on the following:

1) How do you go about converting a Canadian CPL & Multi IFR(or FAA - its probably similar) to Australian CPL ??

2) Typically how much dough ($AUS) are we looking at for the conversion inc. written tests ?

3) Do you need to do some flying in beautiful australia ? If so how much ?
5) What kind of visa would a Canadian need to instruct
4) What about an Instructor rating in australia ? How long ? how many hours ?

What kind of visa would a canadian need to work as an instructor ? Would love to hear from some canadian gone aussie instructors....

6) how much do instructors in australia make? sufficient to survive ?

I know this sounds like a lot, any advice will do !! Thanks...

scarlet wimpernel
13th Apr 2004, 15:06
Mate, best place to look for this info is:

There’s an email address at the bottom of this page, they’ll be able to answer specific questions.

I think that you can only get a working visa for one year and as to whether you’d get hired on that is unknown. Check at the Aussie consulate in Vancouver on this though, they’ll have info on visa’s etc, this stuff might change from time to time.

Just my opinion but I reckon it’s easiest to come down here to do all your study and flying if you’re serious about it.
Sorry, I don’t know anything about instructing so I can’t answer those questions.
Anyway mate, good luck,

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