View Full Version : Shame on BMA!!!!!

10th Aug 2001, 16:34
Did anyone watch the 'Secret History' doc on C4 (UKTV) last night?

It was about the airlift of 100 Vietnamese orphans out of Saigon by the 'Daily Tabloid' in 1975, just ahead of the invading North Vietnamese Army. This was done at the behest of editor Sir David Fester KBE - "Making the news". :rolleyes:

Those who were babies don't know any different, so have done OK. But those who were old enough to understand have had many psycological probs since.

IMHO this paper and editor are publicity seeking scumbags!!!!! :mad: :mad:

Who the hell are they to interfere with peoples lives like this, just to sell thier godawful rag???

"Family Values" :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

The NVA did not embark on any 'orgy of killing' after taking the city, so the whole stunt was uneccessary anyway.

To quote staff writer Mr Lunchtime O'Booze, CBE:

"...I've never done anything I'm proud of..."

I second the motion!!!

Remember the Prime Directive!!!!! :mad: :mad:

BTW, they used chartered BMA B707.......