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The Nut Behind The Wheel
20th Mar 2002, 04:46
I suppose I am not the only one, but doesn't it annoy you when you are all set up for a restful days/night's sleep, and hotel noise stops one sleeping properly? . .I particularly hate it in the morning when all "normal" people get up, and you end up being woken by such classy sounds as Mrs. Jones three floors up depositing her morning package down the plumbing system which seems inches away from where your pillow resides. Or another favourite- the couple next door playing bondage games at 2am, with much gusto (it would be ok if they had only invited me to join in!). .Anyone else had such wonderful encounters as the above?

20th Mar 2002, 04:53
Twice I have complained to a well-known major hotel not far from a major Londond Airport that they saw me checking in at 0400-ish, the cleaner comes in at 10:00, ignoring the "Do Not Disturb" sign - and they still phoned my room at 11:00 to ask whether the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door was intentional!. .. .I asked the receptionist "What part of "DO NOT DISTURB" do your staff fail to understand?"

20th Mar 2002, 04:53
Could be worse, a fat bloke in a skirt could start playing the bagpipes at 0130 in the foyer of the hotel....

20th Mar 2002, 05:03
True, FP - or some Irish lunatic could try to nick your hat... not to mention the sound of glasses being smashed in the bar!

20th Mar 2002, 05:13
Overnighted in one in EDI recently. The management had thoughtfully put all the crews on one floor, and a sign outside the first of the crew rooms politely asking for patrons to be considerate to the resting flight crew. And which rooms were the noisiest!!!! <img border="0" title="" alt="[Eek!]" src="eek.gif" />

20th Mar 2002, 05:35
On one occasion during my stay in a hotel they appeared to be holding the bedroom olympics in both rooms either side of mine. I found it incredably annoying as even with a glass to the wall I couldn't quite hear everything that was going on.. .One particular room seemed to be holding the marathon and i've had a complex ever since. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Wink]" src="wink.gif" />

20th Mar 2002, 06:02
Or returnong to a hotel from a trainging course only to have all your 'colleagues' tell the 180 pax from a cancelled flight your room number and that they should contact you for their food and drink vouchers.. .. .Groundclown

20th Mar 2002, 06:25
Stayed in a posh hotel in Jermyn Street, once upon a time.. .01:10 sound of glass breaking down below.. .01:10.01 sound of very loud shop alarm.. .01:10.05 sound of police car siren.. .01:10.08 sound of screeching tyres and departing police siren.. .01:10.09 to FIVE in the bloody morning...sound of very loud shop alarm.. .. .They did a very nice english breakfast for GBP 12.95. .. .Funnily, my main consideration in choosing a hotel these days is opening windows in the rooms.

Bird Strike
20th Mar 2002, 18:48
Huggie,. .. .My husband and I had exactly the same experience at a well-known hotel near a major London airport! Maybe we fell victim to the same "Let's not allow people to sleep in" gang?

21st Mar 2002, 07:13
I used to work in a Hotel for a few months over our quiet season and we had flight crew staying. Dare i say that the complaints about noise etc were from the other guests about the flight crew members and not the other way around.. .. .At least i know what is expected of me when i get into an airline <img border="0" title="" alt="[Big Grin]" src="biggrin.gif" />

21st Mar 2002, 07:23
My father was on an overnighter at JFK many years ago. Went to sleep, only to be jolted awake by someone beating with all their might on the door of the next room. This later happened on the other side, as well as up and down the halls, loud enough to keep waking him up.. .. .The next morning, he found out - it was a group in town for a convention of the deaf! They could feel the vibrations coming off the doors... their version of knocking.

21st Mar 2002, 08:16
Hah! You ain't done nothin' until you've tried to sleep in a room over the bar, where the #1 hit on the jukebox is "There's no Pricetags on the Doors in Newfoundland" played at a great rate of decibels. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Eek!]" src="eek.gif" />

21st Mar 2002, 13:28
Have slept in a bar though and by the look of the state of it when I awoke, missed a good fight too.

The Nr Fairy
21st Mar 2002, 14:57
I arrived in LA, got to the hotel at about 8pm, went to sleep at about 10pm.. .. .Woken up at about 7am by the couple next door - loud moans, groans and all the rest - but wasn't able to discern any male voices. 30 - 40 minutes later, was able to go back to sleep.. .. .I was tempted to go round and ask if I could watch because my wife would very much appreciate any increase in my knowledge in this area !

21st Mar 2002, 23:24
never stayed in a noisy hotel, but did work in one many moons ago.. .. .It was one Xmas eve and as a lot of the staff were staying overnight so we could serve breakfast at the usual time for Xmas day we all decided to go down to the local pub, after a few hours, we were asked politely to leave by the management.. .so off to the next pub we went.. a couple of pubs later and a check on the time, we decided it was best we headed back to the hotel. One of the managers who joined us was in possesion of the keys to the staff canteen. and of course it was handy to have the bar manager with us as well.. .. .so we now had a venue, some alcohol... strangely enough we forgot about food.. .. .after another couple of hours our celebrations were slightly marred the appearance of the food & beverage manager. apparantly some customers had complained about the noise from below. so off we trundled to a few rooms.more alcohol & noise later brought the hotel security banging on the doors and terminated the party. coupled with the fact that one of the phones in the room ended up in the bath and as we found out, televisions don't bounce too well when dropped from 4 floors onto the street below. (luckily there was no-one out in the street when it was dropped).. .. .so if anyone stayed at the Kensington Close Hotel, London over Xmas in 1988 then I apologise for your sleepless night <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="smile.gif" />