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Tricky Woo
10th Aug 2001, 15:26
Uncle Danny wrote:

"Here in the UK we can purchase personalised number plates for our cars. People pay a premium for these plates and so in an effort to raise even more revenue to pay for the next server to run PPRuNe I have decided to sell personalised titles, in colour to those who wish to be recognised by their choice of prose in their title.

"A rising scale of charges will be available from a plain 5 per word with extra features such as bold, italic, colour and even a picture or graphic to be included. These titles would be yours to keep forever and would only be re-chargeable if you forgot your password and didn't have access to the email address you rgistered with. Of course, insurance could be taken out against this cost as well as extra insurance so that you original number of posts could be restored.

"One final idea is to offer member numbers from 10-500 for a fee to those who feel socially inadequate with numbers originally assigned".


Dear All,

Right! It seems to me that Uncle Danny is well on the way to forgiving us all for our many trespasses. Clearly, he's given up on reasoning with us, and from now on is going to concentrate on tapping us for a few quid to help with the server costs. This has all the hallmarks of an idea inspired by copious amounts of beer.

You've read his offer, so append your requests to this thread, although I'm afraid that as Danny is a Scouser, he'll probably insist on cash on the nail.

We're still waiting on the full Terms & Conditions, although I'm sure that Danny will revisit his local boozer soon.


p.s. Put me down for the number 13, please Danny, as my current number makes me feel inadequate.

Bio Warrior
11th Aug 2001, 00:57
Ahhh to be in the UK or have a credit card (only don't have one because my brain turns to custard when I look at aplication forms ~ I'm sure its some sort of inbuilt survival mechanism) :( ahh well I don't need a colar everyone knows who I am.

- Bio (offical PPRuNe Kitten)

Elliot Moose
11th Aug 2001, 03:21
Personalised? I just wish I didn't have to drive around with the slogan (in French of course) "Je me souviens" which means something like "I remember myself" on my damn plate. Here in Quebec every driver gets to make a political statement about being p!ssed at the English for whopping the French a couple of hundred years ago whether they like it or not. Personal plates? No way--the government gets to make it for you!

Sorry about the ranting and moaning folks, I just had to get that off my chest. :o

11th Aug 2001, 03:40
Ok, I will start. "Frustrated(skint) Wannabee Pilot" in red of course, 20.?
How about that. Where do i send the cash..?

P.S. Member No 1280 please.....(Don't ask why..)

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11th Aug 2001, 04:23
Elliot Moose,

I never minded having that on my plates because I remember as well. They still suffer from a two hundred year old inferiority complex.When France was invaded, whose provincial government opposed going over to help the mother country? No disrespect meant to those brave Quebecois, sorry, Canadians, who did serve with distinction.And Degaulle was an idiot.

Kaptin M
11th Aug 2001, 04:33
I'll have a 69'er please....preferably not in red.

Send Clowns
11th Aug 2001, 17:50
Bio Warrior - careful not to upset Pilot's Sex Kitten by claims to be 'Official PPRuNe Kitten'. She's a feisty one, though I got the impression she likes your style. Got to agree with her on that :D

Capt PPRuNe
11th Aug 2001, 19:18
I am serious about the private name tags. I think the fees are going to pan out like this:

5 per word. Max 8 words
Bold or italic 5. Both 8
Colour 5
Picture 20. Max 40 x 40 pixels and 4kb in size (gif or jpg only) hosted on your own server (anywhere but on PPRuNe). If you do not have access to a server to host your picture then we can host it on PPRune for an additional 50.

The works, special offer only 60 (excluding hosting of a picture)

As for changing member number, strictly on a first come first served basis, that will have to be 30 a throw as it is very labour intensive. Numbers between 10 and 999 will be allocated on an as available basis.

Whaddaya think?

11th Aug 2001, 19:34

Pricing too low.
Recommend times three.
Willing to work on IPO.

Kaptin M
11th Aug 2001, 22:15
I've already stated MY requirements. Thank you!

69....the number....K.M the handle!

Bio Warrior
12th Aug 2001, 00:29
Clowns I'm a young puddy cat
Pilots sex kitten is all women!
No cat fight at all over who we are, one of us is sweet and cute, the other is georgious and sexy.


Tartan Gannet
12th Aug 2001, 00:42
Danny, again I ask, how much for no bloody description at all????????? :confused: :confused:

12th Aug 2001, 01:31
Can we purchase as presents? Makes a change from gift vouchers! :p

12th Aug 2001, 01:39
With a fifty quid tag for JB II, things may go down hill quick and I isn't goin to be the first there.

Will keep the name, and do scousers get a discount?...PS Eye is DOUBLE OOH SEVEN!

Tricky Woo
12th Aug 2001, 05:50
Dear Uncle Danny,

I'm intrigued by 60 for 'the full works', but I had a major disappointment a few years ago in Amsterdam on similar terms. Damn.

However, 30 for the number 13 sounds like a bargain. Where do I deposit the dosh? Presumably you want the folded cash in a brown evelope somewhere discrete? Let me know. Best not tell the tax man, huh?


p.s. Are you still feeling grumpy? How does Snow White feel about that?

12th Aug 2001, 07:02
Any chance of getting a learners plate stuck to my name?

and the number 88.

Always reminds me of 2 fats......

P.S do you take credit cards? any cards?
:D :D

PPRuNe Dispatcher
12th Aug 2001, 14:42
Numbers 13, 88 and 1280 are all available at the moment...

I think we should auction 69 as I've had quite a few requests for it already. :eek: I mean the number!!!!