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12th Apr 2004, 11:43
This weekend we have yet again had more so called revelations about " celebrities" and their sex lives. Not a month seems to go by without someone else being outed by an ex lover or Mistress.

I haven't ,as I'm not a red top tabloid newspaper reader read much of what has been going on in any of the recent scandals but I fail to understand why anyone would put themselves up for such public scrutiny.
They say they were a persons mistress and then some other low life comes out of the woodwork and tells about their kinky sex sessions with the lover who has just outed a celebrity.

I am sure they can't make that much money from these stories, are they daft , looking for their moment of fame, or simply trying to exact revenge?

Boss Raptor
12th Apr 2004, 11:53
Both...after all what do they have to lose :cool:

Think they make into early 5 figures...not bad for a days work

12th Apr 2004, 12:02
Personally i would not blame Becks for doing it, after all Posh is one of the biggest turn offs out there. Look at their marriage anyway, hardly what i would call loving, economically convenient i would say, eh?

12th Apr 2004, 12:23
Fame and then money I reckon.

Many "celebrities" started out in dodgy PR work/adverts - some of them verging on soft porn. Many have been willing to pose in their underwear (or less) for the local rag as a gateway to national/international stardom. Fame at any price.

Lon More
12th Apr 2004, 12:37
[email protected] with bad haircuts and too much money

12th Apr 2004, 14:11
The 'kiss and tell' (aka slapper) woman is reported to have made at least 350,000, with more to come. Just think, this being Easter, that the usual price was 30 pieces of silver.

Pass the sick bag Alice!

Ralph the Bong
12th Apr 2004, 15:20
Just a couple of slags with deficient personalities trying to attract some attention to themselves.

Who cares less anyway?

12th Apr 2004, 16:40
Fame, notoriety, ego, cash, career - in some perverse way these all give some sufficient motivation to 'dish the dirt'. Flo, I have read some of the exclusive' gutter' press reports on this particular story and its obvious that it is contrived, carefully written, managed, adjusted etc to achieve its aim - ie sell newspapers. You can guarantee that the 'whistle blower' will suffer for it in the end, and only be left with the cash element.

(btw - who were those two young ladies who stitched up some politician a few years ago - came over the pond with their mum and appeared on every tv prog and newspaper. Wonder what happened to them.)

12th Apr 2004, 16:50
5 Figures , that is scandalous !!!

Money is something i am very short of at the moment but the thought of having my life dissected and scandalised by the press is so abhorrent I could not imagine stooping so low as to sell such a story.
Imagine in years to come when your child finds out, or how your family would suffer now.
Perhaps these people really do live one of those soap opera type lives as in "Footballers wives" where such notoriety is acceptable.
But then dignity and head held high is a foreign concept to far too many people these days

Boss Raptor
12th Apr 2004, 17:29
Come on guys and gals...who amongst us would not kiss and tell after a failed relationship/fling...for 350K I certainly would ;)

...and what 'stigma'? if anything I think it would be seen as good fortune and a 'cool' thing to do by yr future generations :cool:

12th Apr 2004, 18:02
I agree with Boss Raptor! Alas as I leaf through the pathetically empty pages of my little black book there seems to be a complete dearth of celebrities to tell about. Life has dealt me a bad hand, this proves it.

13th Apr 2004, 09:58
The thing that amazes me time after time is that the women are seen as 'slappers'.

I'm sorry, but they were single at the time..............the married man involved should certainly NOT be given a slap on the back for being one of the lads.

Guys like this deserve all they blooming well get! :mad:

Ric Capucho
13th Apr 2004, 10:12
I'd have to pay Claudia Schiffer at least 350,000 for a shag, but if I can claim it all back from The Sun, then that's a good deal in my book.

I'd pay 350,000 not to shag Posh.


13th Apr 2004, 11:55
"Come on guys and gals...who amongst us would not kiss and tell after a failed relationship/fling...for 350K I certainly would"

That does it. I'm definitely not going to sleep with you now.

13th Apr 2004, 13:11
I suppose the renumeration depends on who these people slept with.
350k is a lot but it should go up to about 500k if confessing to sleeping with someone really embarassing like Jeffrey Archer.

Aileron Roll
13th Apr 2004, 13:16
No problem really Becks has the money to send Posh to a top Doctor who will convince her not to worry (perhaps Dr Phil)

13th Apr 2004, 13:21
Bah! had me celebrity kiss 'n tell all lined up.... 2.50 & a bus pass is all they offered. Bloody Anne Widdicombe...

Mr Chips
13th Apr 2004, 14:16
Have to say, I'm not usualy in the least bit bothered by all this kiss and sell stuff..

But the Beckham situation rathers tickles me. here is a couple who live their lives, by choice, in the tabloid press, and are now trying to stay out of it...

Makes one laugh!!!!!!!

13th Apr 2004, 22:16
The NoW and Sun have now milked this as a front page story for ten days. Loos has sold her story to - guess who? - Sky, and Sky programmes are carrying a teaser for it onscreen. Today's Sun carries a more-or-less nude photo of the 'lady' concerned. The Murdoch pack say that she may be on 500,000 for the story, and I presume that they know, as it is their money.


13th Apr 2004, 22:28
The thing that amazes me time after time is that the women are seen as 'slappers'

Its women who do the gossiping and commenting and are interestd in this B.S, men couldn't really give a crap unless he managed to get the 3 of them in bed together, then he really would be a living legend.

13th Apr 2004, 22:28
Does 'kiss and tell' imply that you are 'telling' the truth?

If not, I could probably earn millions for my revelations of kinky sessions with Mrs Bliar's mac, steamy txt messages from Patrick Moore, revelations about what I found under Dickie Davies's moustache, and stunning pix of the naked newsreader (age 6 months).

Retirement beckons..........

Flying Lawyer
14th Apr 2004, 06:32
Have to say, I'm not usualy in the least bit bothered by all this kiss and sell stuff..
But the Beckham situation rathers tickles me. here is a couple who live their lives, by choice, in the tabloid press, and are now trying to stay out of it...
Makes one laugh!!!!!!!
Well said Mr Chips. My sentiments exactly.
The Beckhams have one of the most effective self-publicity machines in entertainment and love publicity as long as they can control it - and, of course, provided they're being paid enormous sums of money. They created the image of the 'celebrity couple', have milked it for all it's worth and are arguably the greediest couple in the entertainment world. How much was it they charged for photographs of their wedding? 1 million? And for pics of their babies?

The sad part is the tabloids are prepared to pay such ridiculous amounts of money because, for some reason, tabloid readers want to read trivia about the odious couple.

14th Apr 2004, 07:57
Front page of the Sun again today.

I have never seen a story milked as relentlessly as this one.

It shows what really interests the great British Public, dunnit?

14th Apr 2004, 09:13
Its women who do the gossiping and commenting and are interestd in this B.S

There are actually MORE men than women who have responded to this thread, which just goes to show which gender, around here, is interested.

I have my own kiss story, but wont tell, it was 'nothing' to talk about anyway! :{ ;)

14th Apr 2004, 20:31
For 350,000 I would become a slapper but there again I have few morals.

If these guys did not want to be found out should have kept the snake in the pants. Saving that [email protected] a deaf mute that is blind would minimise any collateral damage :ok:

TT5A will pay you 35p for your story promise I will not tell anyone else outside of this forum :ugh:

15th Apr 2004, 03:09
From the country which invented so much and brought so many historical figures we are now reduced to this:

..... "You're ruining a national icon" (posh/becks)....

Kay burley from sky news questioning Rebecca Loos about having an affair with David Beckham.

Oh what a country we live in!!!

15th Apr 2004, 03:52
I thought that only dirty old men hanged around in loos!!!!!

:E :E :E

15th Apr 2004, 04:02
Its always the single woman who is slagged in the press....he is the one who broke his marriage vows!! She is single and free, she can do what she likes!

Buster Hyman
15th Apr 2004, 04:05
He sent me an SMS the other day...but I'm not telling what was in it!:ooh:

Aileron Roll
15th Apr 2004, 06:48
go on please do tell us.........

15th Apr 2004, 07:31
Sun front page today. 12th straight day on the front page.

Buster Hyman
15th Apr 2004, 10:24
Oh...alright then...he said he wished that he was playing for Everton!


surely not
15th Apr 2004, 11:19
Now come on Buster H, the story has to be believable, and that isn't ;) :D

Divergent Phugoid!
15th Apr 2004, 11:33
Come on folks... We all know deep down that the Beckham texts scandal is totally untrue!

Or, he has kept it very quiet and away from the press that he has had private tuition on how to read and write!

It makes my blood boil, all the appalling things happening in the world today and we have to have the pathetic beckhams forced in our faces all the time! How can some of the families of the hostages in Iraq feel when an important story has been pushed away from the front pages because of beckhams inability to keep it in his pants! Mind you with a wife like crater face I cannot somehow blame him for straying.

Hoped when they went to Spain we might have had a break from them for a few years, WRONG!

After all, who exactly are they? An average footballer and a mediocre has been singer! The only thing they do have is a very good PR company!

Lets hope she shoots and kills him in a fit of rage and then turns the gun on herself!

Now that would be worth reading about! (for about ten seconds!)
:E :E :E

15th Apr 2004, 12:10
Fortunatly, I'm from a country where the press has decided that they will not report on "side-steps". Besides, who the f. is in the least bit interested in how an average, albeit good looking, football player and his wife of zero to naught talents are getting along?

Get a life guys, instead of sticking your nose in others!

15th Apr 2004, 13:19
Whether Beckham has had an affair or not has absolutely no impact on my life whatsoever, much in the same way as anyone else who is not family or a friend.

Why do so many people in this country apparently lust for this type of 'news'? Its totally pointless and not in any real sense of news reporting, news!

I seem to be saying this more and more these days, but what is the world and, in particular, this country coming to.

If people weren't obsessed with this sort of thing, then Miss Loos (there's a gag here somewhere) would never have come forward with the story. Even if it was true, I doubt that she would have come forward and told the world if there wasn't a nice big fat cheque heading her way as a result.

That's the way of the world now. Money, money, money...and not forgetting corruption which comes so naturally with money. Oh and don't forget greed, another good friend of money, who'll sell you out to corruption at the first opportunity.

Where are the real values of life? What happened to people wanting to lead a good enjoyable but simple life?

15th Apr 2004, 14:04
Buster Hyman, like your name!

Also, what the hell has Beckham's love/lust life got to do with aviation?:confused:

15th Apr 2004, 14:16
cas10 - Uum..thinks....AHA! He's a "high flyer" and they recently returned to Spain on their private jet!!

Buster Hyman
15th Apr 2004, 14:24
Thanks cas, but not everyone does...:uhoh:

Surely not...I'd appreciate if you'd stop ruining any more of my fantasies!:* Besides, do you think Ronaldo would look good in blue? :E

15th Apr 2004, 18:18
i am in negotiation with a uk magazine about a close friend's kiss and tell story of her affair with a pilot. it is not the people involved that are important but it is a truly witty and vicious piece of writing that will make the pilot community wriggle. be warned!

Rich Lee
15th Apr 2004, 18:25
Let's be perfectly clear: I never bedded that wench and whoever said I did is a frickin' liar.

Ralph the Bong
15th Apr 2004, 18:39
C'mon 5bucks, that a little unfair. There is no solid evidence that he broke his marriage vows, only the word of these women.What credibility do they have, anyway? Anyone who screams to the world that they slept with a famous person obviously has a mind that is a seething miasma of pyschogelignite. Sort of like that silly girl who decided to "go public" with some flirtatous SMS that she exchanged with Shane Warne(if she thought she was taking the high moral ground,as she claimed, then she's dumber then she looked).

Todays Sydney Morning Herald reveled that the Aussie 'model' who claims she bedded Becks has spent more time working for escort rather than modeling agencies.

15th Apr 2004, 19:58
Has anyone noticed that he hasn't actually denied the allegations? He's dismissed them, he's called them ludicrous and absurd, but he has not said it didn't happen.

Not that I care... :rolleyes:

15th Apr 2004, 21:55
annarantly he has a **** on his **** (at least according to the Mirror today) and because Miss Loos knows this, it completely vindicates her. alledgedly.

Anyway the fact that this discussion has now reached 3 pages shows that we must all like this kind of thing, albeit secretly.


(Thread Assasin)

surely not
15th Apr 2004, 22:03
Buster Hyman, the only time Ronaldo would look good in Blue would be if it was the Man Utd away strip :D :D

Now Forlan might look good in Blue :( :O

15th Apr 2004, 22:07
Although basically I couldn't give a b***er about Beckham, the one thing that I find unusual is the number of texts that appear to have been kept, and by different people.

Surely it is not normal to be able to keep that number of texts sat around in a mobile?.

Mine fills up relatively quickly and the memory needs to be cleared.

So either the people involved have somehow managed to keep the texts (and for what reason may one ask), or alternatively someone has managed to intercept the texts.

15th Apr 2004, 22:10
bletchley, suggest you update your enigma machine to a cellphone with greater capacity

Bally Heck
16th Apr 2004, 01:16
Who's Beckam? And who cares? Je? Non? Load of Sh*t*

16th Apr 2004, 04:08
Your right. There is no proof yet. And yet the single woman is the slag and trashed in the press for coming forward and he is still worshipped and pitied for his alleged infidelity. She is seen as evil. And he is made to feel sorry for because his wife wont move to Spain to be with him. He is still acceptable. The single woman is unacceptable. He is still good. She is evil. He is the one whose married remember??? Do you think women are evil?

16th Apr 2004, 05:36

I'll take this matter seriously when David Beckham commences defamation proceedings against the women concerned!

16th Apr 2004, 08:54
Sun front page today - Beckhams, 13th straight day.

What will it take to knock them off the front page? Will it happen in my lifetime?

16th Apr 2004, 09:48
But it certainly sells newspapers - at least in the UK - to gullible poms who need to get a life.

Down under, who gives a continental - except the owner of a Sydney 'knocking shop' who apparently reckons that one of Beck's 'girlfriends' was on his (the owner's) payroll (and web site) at the time Comrade Becks is alleged to have flown the mission. Said gent claims that Becks didn't pay the man for the girl's .. er .. time. Definitely not the hallmark of a gentleman. True love? Unlikely, as he apparently didn't love her in the morning - but really a matter for those concerned, and not the world at large.

Ric Capucho
16th Apr 2004, 10:12
Finally seen a picture of this Rebecca Loos, wot Beckham shagged.

Seems Becks is into S&M, 'cos both Loos and Posh look like collar and leash material. He can shag the most beautiful girls in the world, and he ends up with these two dogs.



17th Apr 2004, 08:36
Day 14 - still on the Sun front page.

Wonder what the Screws will lead with tomorrow?

19th Apr 2004, 10:38
News of the World front page Sunday.

Sun front page Monday.

16th straight day.

20th Apr 2004, 07:51
Day 17 - still there.

21st Apr 2004, 09:40
Day 18. Sun front page - Rebecca Loos.

This must be some sort of a record.

a is dum
21st Apr 2004, 11:24
As I do not give a monkey's about Posh or Becks I would not have reacted until it (very belated) struck me that it can not be common knowledge that "Loos" as in the before mentioned person Rebecca Loos, means something like "Harlot" in Dutch. (Being semi-Dutch she will be aware of that)
Not exactly translated correctly but the knowledgeable people can use the song '"daar was eens een meisje loos" as context.
Bit unfortunate name I would say, because having now read this thread (despite not giving a monkey's!) I totally agree that it is (IF true) Becks who should be pointed at and not Posh or Ms Loos. He is the married one and he is (alledegedly - SP) doing it outside.

22nd Apr 2004, 06:58
He did admit it. He is a very naughty boy indeed!

The big question is what will happen to Posh now? Will she hang on and work it out? She cant play football. She cant sing. She cant dance. She doesnt want to live in Spain. Whats to become of the poor girl???

22nd Apr 2004, 09:17
a is dum
Maybe that's where the saying "loose woman" comes from i.e. a lady of loose morals... :D


Posh is not exactly a "poor" girl!

22nd Apr 2004, 09:28
Dishman - she will be poor if she leaves him. He is the breadwinner. Thats whats a bit sick. Is it love or money or what? She doesnt want to live in Spain with him.

22nd Apr 2004, 10:30

IF she divorces him for adultery I don't think there will be much of a contest! So half of everything he has she'll get...houses...savings....etc etc...
Oh and then there's the maintenance for the kids - to keep them in a manner to which they are accustomed...he'll have to fork out a pretty penny for them too.
....so don't worry....Posh is highly unlikely to be signing on for social security handouts for a good while yet ;)

22nd Apr 2004, 19:45
Day 19. Off the front page at last, but still there on inside pages.