View Full Version : The Ultimate Beat-Up ?

12th Apr 2004, 04:33
beat - up (http://www.boatreference.com/glob/images/leisure/video/unfishing.wmv)

The mother of all beat-up s ?

I can hear the crew laughing from here......:D


The Nr Fairy
12th Apr 2004, 07:22
Nah - this link is a) better and b) not a setup.

http://www.alexisparkinn.com/oh_my_god.htm - a few "rudey" words, for the fainthearted.

Boss Raptor
12th Apr 2004, 09:56
From a film called 'Always'...it's the first scene...classic aviation film about Firebomber pilots...fans of Al the Pal and Peter St. Pete will already know this

It was compulsory viewing for us when I did my instructors rating years ago :ok: