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12th Apr 2004, 00:58
I posted an entirely innocent and even slightly humorous post about the fun which could be had on Google and it goes and gets deleted.

It took the mickey, yes, out of GWB, WMD and the french, but it could hardly be considered offensive!

If a mod deleted this then please let me know what it is I've done wrong here. Perhaps mods could PM the people whose threads they are deleting in this manner? At least if you close it you post a message on it saying why, but to just delete without any reason given is just plain rude!

If, however, it disappeared back into the ether and nary a mod had anything to do with it then I'll just crawl back into my box and shut up... :O

12th Apr 2004, 09:47
Perhaps because it had been done several times before ?

12th Apr 2004, 11:25
Exactly that Grainger:ok:
PTT, I'm truly sorry I hurt your feelings. We usually PM someone upon deleting or moving something to the Big Forum in the Sky. In case of a joke or link having been posted for the umptenth time we usually close the thread and post the reason. In your case I was trying another strategy, wondering if it wasn't better to avoid letting the whole board know and just delete it.
Consider it happens dozens of times per week :ugh:
In this particular case the joke was at least one year old and had been posted ten times or so on JB.

12th Apr 2004, 11:36
Fair enough. You didn't hurt my feelings, it's just that this isn't the first post I've made that has been deleted without reason, and I was starting to get a little PO'd about it! Normally I'd PM the mod in question, but there didn't seem to be any online last night so I couldn't pin down who it was - I must have missed your name in the list.

I know how difficult a mod's job can be as I used to do it on another forum until it closed (because it was got argumentative for those who owned it!). The better strategy is the old one, IMHO - let people know why you are doing what you are doing. I know you are only really accountable to Danny, but you have a readership here which needs to be kept on-side.

Ideally, either post a reason when closing the thread or PM the individual in question when deleting it - please - it'll prevent more idiots like me posting rants like this!

12th Apr 2004, 11:53

I understand your point of view. And believe me, we would like sometime to to everything perfect and PM people whenever there's something with one of their posts. As I said, we usually do for more important issues. But when the time is short and we have many things to do, we leave behind something, like in this case a simple case of a link having been posted already. If we had to be bureaucratic about every single move, we would have to quit our day job and spend the day prooning (:ooh: ). But you have my assurance that we try to keep members informed as much as possible.
let people know why you are doing what you are doing
In a general way we do: all our Mod actions are carried out following the JB ROE principles.
I must have missed your name in the list
No, you didn't. It doesn't appear even if I am online ;)

12th Apr 2004, 12:44
Sorry but nor does mine show. However, just in case you didn't know, you can still PM someone by finding a post they've made and clicking on the PM button. Sorry if you did know that, don't mean to insult you but worth saying if you didn't know. :ok:

12th Apr 2004, 22:44
I recently had a topic deleted. I can only presume it was deemed a waste of bandwidth (because I too wasn't informed why) but shortly afterwards a Mods' sticky warning note about pointless threads appeared.

It was a little harmless joke that was deleted even before the punchline was reached. Looking at the contents of JB at the moment I don't think it was any worse than some other long-running threads, but fair enough.

However, another thread appeared very shortly afterwards that I contributed to, with an apology to all for my part in causing the Mod Squad's wrath to descend upon us. That post also disappeared without explanation.

I have been contributing to this Forum since 1995 (I think I was member number 72) and was certainly the first to post about helicopter topics, albeit under my old original username. I was also one of the first to contribute financially to the website. If I am doing something wrong these days, it would be nice if a moderator could spare the time to tell me what it is. :confused:

As far as I know, in almost 9 years of PPRuNe'ing I never had a post referred or deleted until now. Mind you, I've also gone 30 years without a speeding ticket until recently, then I got two. P'raps it's me age. :ouch:

12th Apr 2004, 23:14
However, another thread appeared very shortly afterwards that I contributed to, with an apology to all for my part in causing the Mod Squad's wrath to descend upon us. That post also disappeared without explanation.

Errrr...if it was on the thread about the "Be Careful" sticky, it might have been the victim of JB's resident ghost...something terribly wrong happened while I was trying to merge two threads, and a third one was involved...(we suspect some kind of bug in the version I like :rolleyes: ) A couple of posts were lost in the manipulation but since they were lost I couldn't apologize :(

13th Apr 2004, 01:00
Ahhhhhh yes, the JB Ghost.

This place is famous for the spirits that flow through some people's posts.

13th Apr 2004, 01:24
Here lies poor Shytorque O{--

Tragically lost whilst undergoing manipulation by Flyblue. :{

Oh well, I can think of worse epitaphs...what a lovely way to go...

Please don't delete this post then, Flyblue, I think it's quite funny....actually my original matchstick man picture was a lot funnier but you'd definitely have to delete that one, especially as you're the "blue" moderator! :E

13th Apr 2004, 05:18
I wondered who had lost this.........\


13th Apr 2004, 08:13

I should be so lucky, more like ...%.... ;)

13th Apr 2004, 09:52
I know how to PM someone, the problem was I didn't know who to PM - no mod had left a trace of either the thread or their action!

Either posting a note on the thread saying "Thread closed because it's been done a million times before" and then closing the thread, or deleting the thread and sending the same message to the originator via PM will make everyone happier and will prevent entire threads like this from wasting bandwidth!

Seriously, I know you guys work hard and you have real jobs, and I for one appreciate the hard work you put into this without recompense, but is that too much to ask? :)

Rich Lee
14th Apr 2004, 17:22
PTT, the PPrune rules of engagement exist for your safety and for that of your fellow posters. They are not flexible nor are the moderators. Either obey them or you are history. Is that clear?

(Many thanks to a certain film, the name of which I cannot recall at the moment)