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12th Apr 2004, 00:41

I'm a recently qualified alternative health practitioner (hypnotherapist - and nothing to do with stage hypnosis or anything esoteric - I'm dealing with phobias, depression, weight control, smoking, the list goes on. Before anyone asks, I'm insured and am a member of the appropriate organisations). Anyway, I've gotten a few clients so far from sending out flyers etc, and feel that there's probably a more efficient way of getting clients. Thing is, I've damn all money at the moment... I'm racking my addling brain for other ways of attracting clients, and so far I've come up with visiting shops etc with flyers, talking to doctors for reccomendations, and just... sending out more flyers. It has to be said that I'm printing and delivering the flyers to houses etc myself, to cut down on cost. Has anybody got any other suggestions? I'm making a living (just) at the moment and get to help people, and getting a few more clients per week would be great. I'm sure plenty of my fellow PpRuNers have been in a similar situation... so any advice would be really helpful!


Hostie from Hell
12th Apr 2004, 00:50
I can thoroughly recommend getting some tasteful leaflets printed up, and discussing the placement of same with the landlord/lady of your best local pubs... the ladies room is a good place.
As a beauty therapist I had poor results from the glossy local mags, not much better from yellow pages.. and masses from the pub leaflets !

All the best HFH

12th Apr 2004, 01:26
Maybe you could give your local freebie paper a call and see if they're interested in doing a story on hypnotherapy. My local paper has a small health section and the articles tend to be thinly disguised adverts for local practioners. Might be ideal coverage for you.

12th Apr 2004, 06:43
alternative health practitioner

I thought you were now called Complementary Practitioners with the idea that you work in partnership with conventional treatments, not instead of. :confused:

Ratsarse has a good idea.

12th Apr 2004, 11:06
Yellow Pages or Thomson Local would seem to be a good investment.
I also find quite a few flyers for such complimentary therapy's at the Gym and Health spas or Beauty salons.
Word of mouth helps when you are first starting up and if they have your card or a leaflet to hand on to friend colleagues etc that may be worth your while.

12th Apr 2004, 13:04
I would think your current patients are your best and cheapest source of advertising and recruitment. And to increase their effectiveness, place a post-hypnotic suggestion :ooh: with each of them to go out and ensure that they tell at least 10 different people per day of your services and how great you are.:E

Seriously, advertising can be expensive with, if your lucky a 1% response rate - work out how much it costs to acquire one customer and you'll soon see why.

Good luck.:ok:


12th Apr 2004, 14:06
Home-printed flyers are absolutely the way to go for cheap, effective advertising. Stick 'em up in supermarkets, gyms, churches ... anywhere where people gather. Do simple black/white ones and do a letter-box drop in the neighbourhood of your practice. Hand them out in the street or tuck under windscreen wipers. Talk to your local community radio station or any talkback one that goes through the night ... plenty of insomniacs there!

Do something with the leaflets that will interest people such as starting with a question - "Do you know what hypnosis is really like?" Something like that to intrigue them.

Good luck with it!


12th Apr 2004, 18:16
Agree with ratsarrse. Editorial, ie articles beat paid advertising for visibility and credibility and are free!
Contact the appropriate journalist for the Health/ Beauty/ Womens etc section on all the local papers and offer a free session or whatever.

Ascend Charlie
13th Apr 2004, 00:35
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13th Apr 2004, 02:10
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