View Full Version : Are Moderators secretly feared?

11th Apr 2004, 22:01
.... or do Moderators secretly fear us ? :8

WHo's cuisine reigns supreme??!?! ... err wrong forum/show ...

Just wondering :E

11th Apr 2004, 22:05
We fear you lot mate. We worry you gonna keep us up all night reading :D :D

11th Apr 2004, 22:12
Only if you are of the Muslim faith :{

Rich Lee
11th Apr 2004, 22:15
Why do you pick soley on the Muslim faith? What of the Cotton faith, Silk faith and the despicable Polyester's?

11th Apr 2004, 22:15
Another Iron chef groupie? :ok:

11th Apr 2004, 22:24
Yes I fear moderators.

My finger trembles on the mouse whenever the curser gets any where near the submit reply thingie. In fact I tremble all over!!:}

11th Apr 2004, 22:51

12th Apr 2004, 00:22
Rich Lee, to say nothing of the Adam Faith ...

$hit, Flyblue!

Don't do that. I'm now sitting separated from my trousers and my socks... :ooh:

Buster Hyman
12th Apr 2004, 00:32
The only thing Moderators fear...is if PC Plod gets out of JB!!!:ooh: They fear JB type posts on R&N, they fear Freight Dogs becoming popular and they fear....Danny....Sir.:O

bugg smasher
12th Apr 2004, 01:17
Moderated forums, over time, inevitably take on the character of the moderators. The alternative, of course, is anarchy.

Cliques, peer groups, the military, corporate culture, they all work the same way; nails that stick up get hammered down, some would say it’s brainwash in it’s most effective and insidious form. The express threat of exclusion is a persuasive tool, seen it here on these forums many times.

Velvet hammers are very intoxicating weapons, that power of deletion, insertion, and banishment probably ranks as one of the more addictive of the genre.

Not that I’m cynical, maybe a little, just would like to hear the mod’s views on the subject.

12th Apr 2004, 04:13
Just my 2 cents worth Bugs but I think you are way over complicating it!

You are correct in saying that protruding nails will get hammered down, protruding nails can cause a lot of damage and hurt and when protruding are not playing their part in keeping the structure together.

The Mods job is quite simply to keep the river flowing within it's banks, no diversions, floods, blockages and particularly no pollution. Diversions are 'off topic' and the banks are determined by the owner of the BB who is the one that is legally liable, floods are repeat postings, blockages are two intransigent sides of an argument and pollution is the very occasional nasty PPRuNer who doesn't abide by the rules of engagement!

Simple as that!:ok:

12th Apr 2004, 08:07
I think "respected" is a better word.

12th Apr 2004, 10:26
My experience was that it depends which way the nails stick out that depends whether or not they get hammered down.

12th Apr 2004, 10:29
.. had a dream once where everything went purple all of a sudden, immediately prior to me getting a right good kicking.....

Actually, thats happened in here a few times......

12th Apr 2004, 17:29
I`m not afraid, but having been banned once (for telling the truth about the origins of the state of I****l) I am now extremely careful. I have to admit that the post which led to my brief suspension was made whilst under the influence of half a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon (Australian). This post is being made courtesy of some NZ Chardonnay.

12th Apr 2004, 20:55
Knowing the moderators might ban me is quite useful for self restraint. A reasoned post with restrained emotion is more effective than outright abuse and personal attack.
I guess it comes down to how much I value PPRUNE for debating with my peers.
On what's wrong with the world, how we all got here, and what we should do to fix it.
For me this is not just an armchair exercise, I have marched, organised protests, arranged flyovers of US bases, been arrested and am currently involved in the World wide peace & justice networks.
Many pprune posters have completely opposite views to my own. Danny particularly so!
My life experience leads me to certain conclusions on the present World situation. It is only by understanding why other people think the way they do that I might get to understand why they consistently do things that make matters much worse.
So the degree of fear I have for the moderators is in direct proportion to the usefulness of "jetblast" as a tool for human understanding.
Mike Godsell.

12th Apr 2004, 21:04
I always respect the mods, except at one point where I was part of a forum team, I was the Super Admin, and looked down on mods, but it meant I could see what mods even on a small forum have to do. The amount of work required for a forum like those on PPrune must be huge.

12th Apr 2004, 21:57
Loki's got a point. I know I have had my hand slapped more than once for posting after one too many drams (Ain't that right Flappy ;) ). It is very easy to play the man (or woman) rather than the ball sometimes, especially when you're p*ssed.

Personally, I think they do a bloody good job. They banned Plazbot........what more can you say :E

13th Apr 2004, 08:06

In my office after school.


Buster Hyman
13th Apr 2004, 11:24
:* Oh all right then...do I have to call you Uncle Ratty & wear the French maids outfit again???:ugh: :ouch:

13th Apr 2004, 11:30
Shhh, keep tellin' yer, thats only at the weekend...


Buster Hyman
13th Apr 2004, 11:39
Tell me Ratty, do you Mods still have that secret handshake you were showing me?

13th Apr 2004, 11:39
I do not secretly fear moderators. I am completely open about my fear of moderators.

In fact this past day I feared that I had been declared a non-person.

I couldn't log in even by typing my password. Fortunately the automated God of PPRuNe relented and the password Creator gave me a new one that works. Joy.


13th Apr 2004, 11:54
I could tell you, but then I'd have to shoot you.


Buster Hyman
13th Apr 2004, 12:09
Oh, so you got the job as a Sky Marshall then?

13th Apr 2004, 12:12
I don't think getting arrested is something one should be particularly proud of. Thanks goodness mods don't have the powers of arrest:uhoh: :}


Buster Hyman
13th Apr 2004, 12:14
No Ozzy, the closest they get is resetting your post count! To some, that's worse than castration!:bored:

13th Apr 2004, 12:16
Opinions being rather like noses, most of us luckier one have em, we all get stuck in here like pigs in a trough of swill. The protruding nails are indeed hammered ruthlessly down to protect delicate snouts; then while the ambrosial regurgitation offered flows down between the confining and guiding walls of moderation, the occasional lump of dung that has found it's way in is neatly scooped out to avoid offending the fainter stomachs amongst the Gaderenne mass who grunt guzzle and generaly root for those glowing orbs of wisdom often found within our sty in the sky.
In times of particular mayhem though any offending section can neatly be excised in one swift move by he of the flying porker brand, as indeed happened in the past when the unseemly squabling in a particular forum had at last become unbearable.

bugg smasher
14th Apr 2004, 03:38
Exactly so PB, he who presumes to offend the almighty aerial porcined God of this wingleted trough will find himself chops, cutlets and mint sauce forthwith, mushroom sauce notwithstanding, without so much as a by your leave…

But back to the thrust of the matter, Blue Eagle, is it not so that when you and your ilk sit at the exalted throne of moderation, you take on an eerie semblance of, say, Captain Nemo at his pipe organ of twenty thousand leagues; tocattas, fugues, fishes and all, or perhaps Herbert Lom’s twitching Commissioner to Peter Seller’s bumbling Clouseaux, or, dare I say, Dolly Parton belting out a full chested Nine to Five…

14th Apr 2004, 07:31
Errrr................ no.

14th Apr 2004, 08:30
How does one become a mod? is there an exam, or is it another 'not what you know, but who you know'?

Having been a mod on the highly acclaimed and successful www.aircadet.net since the day it first went live, i now feel that as i have got older, i deserve to become a mod on this.

:ok: :ok:

14th Apr 2004, 09:50
There are some hints and tips in this (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=122453&highlight=become+a+moderator) thread.

14th Apr 2004, 15:20
Whaddayameen 'qualifications' to be a mod? Ha, this bunch couldn't moderate their way out of a BA All Day Snack Bag. No one could possibly be afraid of a mod, really the idea that they have any power is just KER-POW

Uuuggg, where ... where did that come from? :ouch:
BIFF Ha, Ha, Ha. Would care to repeat that little paxboy?

Well, actually, I was only saying that the mods are a bunch of over-rated, jumped-up, self-aggrandising twats. BIG BOOT IN THE ... :uhoh:

Really, I don't think that there's any need for handcuffs.
Just take your punishment like the snivvelling little SLFer that you are.

Yeeeeeooooouuuucchhhhh. [Gasp] [Pant] [Sweat] I say, look here my good man, I do think that you have taken an unreasonable - - - BOFF

Alright, Mods, form an orderly queue and just one kick each, we don't want to wear him out too quickly. :}

There are dreadful sounds emanating from PAXboy as he is dragged off to the dungeons

Oh no, you're not taking me to ... to the ... Aft Cargo Hold???

Investigations by the Transport Police has so far proved fruitless. Not just because the entire governing body of PPRuNe were found to be looking the other way but fruit is no longer served on aircraft, due to the risk of someone eating a prune.

"I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you any different." Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

14th Apr 2004, 19:45
Why did you write that blue??? :suspect: :*

14th Apr 2004, 20:00
Yeah - much more likely to have been pink or purple!!

:E :E :E

14th Apr 2004, 20:02
Blue Mod - Care to answer my question posted above?

14th Apr 2004, 20:47
I already did, just follow the link provided by timmcat.
You have to pass the GatBash test , and be incredibly clever an good looking. Hey! :E

14th Apr 2004, 20:53
bugg smasher I'll have a go at giving my view like you asked. After a year of modding JB on my own, I was both pretty worn out and convinced that I was putting too much of a 'personal stamp' on this forum. Discussed it with Danny and the result was Flyblue and Wholigan joining me. Enormous decline in workload, and no more danger of the forum being 'contaminated' by one single personality imprint. So I agree with you on that one. Velvet hammers are very intoxicating weapons, that power of deletion, insertion, and banishment probably ranks as one of the more addictive of the genre.
Hmmm.... don't recognise anything there. I strongly dislike deleting what people have taken the trouble to write here. It's not a pleasant thing to do at all. When discussions start to infringe on the rules, it happens that I sit here like a fool agonising over where to draw the line, how to be fair and impartial, how to stick to our basic philosophy without needlessly hurting people's feelings. (Yeah I know, get a life woman! :p )
Banning is even worse; lie-awake-at-night-stuff at times, and about as addictive as drinking bleach. :ouch:

Paterbrat I'm sure there are both an offence and a compliment in there somewhere :confused: but in the mean time, Gardarene is with one n. ;)

Drap-air expanding on the blue Mod, I'm not sure there is a cover-all answer to that but here goes anyway. I think Flyblue had never met anybody from PPRuNe when she was asked to become the CC Mod. She was asked because of what the Village Elders percieved of her personality through her posts on the forums. I had been to 1 or 2 bashes before achieving my current exalted position of in-house swine herd, but the only time Danny spoke to me was to ask me for a ciggie so he could impress a blonde curvy Greek FA with it. :ugh:
Danny and Rob asked me to become a Mod at a time Danny had closed JB because it had become an unmanageable pain in the @ss. They apparently had something of a brain storm about it in Admin and pulled my name out of the hat as a suitable glutton for punishment. Wholigan is here beacuse I asked for him since JB obviously needed a bloke and I figured his macho fighter pilot curriculum fitted the bill. I also very much liked his undercooled approach of controversial subjects and the fact that he combines a warm caring persona with a very low tolerance for malicious bull sh!t.

After his comment above I am having second thoughts though...... :{

14th Apr 2004, 20:59
Quis moderatiet ipsos moderatores?

14th Apr 2004, 21:10
Davaar, you know the answer (http://www.pprune.org/images/3flypigs.gif) to that one. :hmm:

14th Apr 2004, 21:26
"And as an ev'ning dragon came,
Assailant on the perched roosts
And nests in order rang'd
Of tamed villatic fowl".

Not my own, unfortunately; Milton's.

Rich Lee
14th Apr 2004, 21:36
"A man alone is easy prey." (Preacher)

14th Apr 2004, 22:19
There isn't a moderator that a good fake proxy can't fix.

bugg smasher
14th Apr 2004, 22:47
Judging from some of the mod’s answers, Drap-air, I think a strong desire to become one would automatically disqualify a person to do the job.

Many thanks flaps, for your considered reply. Anonymity may hide a person’s name and address, but it can’t suppress the personality behind the keyboard. In this respect, I am ever amazed at the time people devote to this forum in putting their thoughts down on screen, and even more so at the courage and honesty it takes to transmit them to the world at large. Your own contributions have been impressive.

Blue Eagle, just waxing silly with my last post, no offence intended, it was a great bottle o’ red though. Must really wait until morning to hit ‘send’.

Danny, although some alarming things were posted on the now defunct current affairs forum, I noted a large number of outrageously clever and interesting people frequenting that place, and the resultant steep learning curves all ‘round, a real ‘pulse of the world’ joint. The current mods are obviously over-worked, if you were to assign one or two additional mods, the more mature members in the group, say Paterbrat and Davaar, would you consider re-opening it?

14th Apr 2004, 23:13
I think Flyblue had never met anybody from PPRuNe when she was asked to become the CC Mod
I think I had been a Moderator for 1 year when I first met a ppruner. I had avoided it until that moment because one of the reasons why I like this form of communication is that what really counts is your personnality.

Regarding Flaps, when the JB problem arose, there was a plebiscite, a wide general consent about her name on Admin as the only one who could bear the herculean task of modding that -ahem- place :rolleyes: When it happened I had not yet met her personally. I should have known better because she was later very clever to take revenge on me and pin me (and poor unsuspecting Wholigan) on JB like an enthomologist with a butterfly. But of course she was right. Because even if some of you think that we wallow on our superpowers, the reality is that our main concern is to remain objective and try not to mix our personal feelings with the moderating thing. Hence the lie-awake-at-night thing. When an iron fist action is taken, it's usually reluctantly and after a "meeting", sometimes even with Danny himself, or Pprune Towers or others in Admin.
I think I can speak on behalf of the three of us when I say that we get our reward from the knowledge of contributing to the life of such a place as JB, and pprune on a bigger scale. We all have been on other boards before: we try and keep pprune free of all those things that make other places less welcoming and agreeable.
I agree with John Stuart Mills' "Harm Principle" that : The liberty of the individual must be thus far limited; he must not make himself a nuisance to other people*. That's the principle after which we act when doing our moderating job, to offer ppruners the possibility of enjoying a "good enough" (in a Winnicottian spirit ;) ) and free environment but following the "Harm Principle".

*from On Liberty

edited for de-reification of the Boss

15th Apr 2004, 06:14
.........sometimes even with Danny itself :E ;)

15th Apr 2004, 08:44
You purple witch :*
Have you had a look at the time when I posted??? :ugh:

15th Apr 2004, 12:11
bugg smasher

I never stated i wished to become a mod, i simply stated i feel i deserve to be one!

However, upon reflection, i feel the title, Drap-air mod, would surely pull the ladies in!

:ok: :ok: :ok:

15th Apr 2004, 12:24
Certainly by the level of participation from the masked avengers themselves it would appear that 'moderation' is not only not quite the simple matter in first appeared but is taken quite seriously by those who were plucked from obscurity and placed above us.

In defence Flaps there was certainly no offence intended, and I will humbly remain mingling with the Garderene, one n duly noted. I certainly do find pearls of wisdom in the troughs frequented, and yes along with Bugg smasher did find sensible, interesting and enlightening thought in the current affairs, but had to reluctantly concurr that the ratio of gems to rubbish probably counted towards it's demise. Pprune remains due to the kind efforts of the team, a fairly unique niche for a lot of people to frequent and for which we should remain very thankfull.

15th Apr 2004, 13:35
Bugs No problem!:D

tobzalp hope you are only joking? This particular BB has it's share of computer wizards in abundance, you will be found out!:E

(Oh yes, and I agree with everything that Flyblue and Flaps just said!).

Buster Hyman
15th Apr 2004, 13:36
Okay, I think we all agree...the Mods are a bunch of Nancy's!

We can close this one now!

:E Wait for it..........................

15th Apr 2004, 13:46
Why did you write that blue??? Because I'm secretly in love with you?
Because I'm hoping for a good whipping? :E

"I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you any different." Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

15th Apr 2004, 14:42
hey hey hey!!! whats going on in here? I've never intended for this thread to be serious! :ugh:

Everybody get back to cracking some jokes, pronto!!

:E :E

15th Apr 2004, 16:28
Just as soon as FlyBlue and Flaps get cracking with the punishment ...... :}

15th Apr 2004, 20:58
Ok mods here's a question for yers, why was my registration date moved from March 2003 to April 2003? I registered in March of last year and I have proof of it which I will resort to if the worst comes to the worst :suspect:

15th Apr 2004, 21:06
873 is a very respectable score, whether or not that dates from March or April 2003...! :E

bugg smasher
15th Apr 2004, 23:17
Ahh, sorry Drap-air, I missed the subtle distinction. Interesting point you bring up though, never occurred to me that Mod-groupies exist, thought that privilege was reserved for rock stars, US presidents and such. You might have something there…

Think the mods here will kiss and tell?

16th Apr 2004, 06:39
airship sshhhhhhhhhhh!!! :suspect:

Buster Hyman
16th Apr 2004, 09:48
WHAT! This thread's still open?

Told you they were a bunch on Nancy's!

16th Apr 2004, 11:16
I once had a dream, what did it mean
I wrote a long thread, well FM dead!

No one could see only but me
what it was that I wrote all about a fur coat.

Call the police I need a release why is this happening to me.

Then they wrote over the top you silly little ****
in a caring and sharing way.
Wakie and wakie , it's all only a dream.

We're not the cops although we're tops,
It's the Mod Squad and don't you forget it! :} :{ :ok:

16th Apr 2004, 13:10
... you know what really makes me proud?

This thread! Its my first thread that goes into 4 pages! :ok: :cool:

** edit- make that 5 pages!

16th Apr 2004, 14:07
As Mayor LaFortune might have said, fortune may come and then wither away. Someone else once said, pride comes before a fall... :O

398 since June 2002 compared to 110 since February 2003...you win hands down! Somebody whispered sshhhhhhhhhhh?! :E

I do so hate myself. :uhoh:

16th Apr 2004, 14:52
Interesting thread, makes the moddies almost look human. Arrghhh....I'm good; always thought Flyblue was femine ...;)

16th Apr 2004, 15:30
Seriously, someone should lend me an "L" plate until I can afford my own... ;)

I have been thinking about this for awhile. And I have come to the conclusion that every on-duty mod is seated at a console which would make even the bridge on the Starship USS Enterprise pale into significance...dozens of plasma displays, showing posts at the preview only stage, posts by poster and posts by topic. It is absolutely uncanny how rapidly they can shift and sift... :)

16th Apr 2004, 15:57

How many times should we repeat that some subjects must be avoided on JetBlast (apart from Danny's list, of course) ?
If you really have an irrepressible itch to talk about it, use metaphors and do it discretely.

You had been warned before and it already happened to you more than once.
You asked for it, you got it, nobody's gonna cry for you :E

Look : I'm saying nothing about my aunt Mary

16th Apr 2004, 16:07
Has a moderator on pprune ever moderated another moderators post? Or has a moderator ever moderated their own post, after realising it needed moderation ex. deletion?

16th Apr 2004, 17:38
Yes and yes!!! :E

Rich Lee
16th Apr 2004, 19:23
Evidently Moderators do not like to be rated.

16th Apr 2004, 19:25
Even less, to be berated.

16th Apr 2004, 22:30
Or only even tolerated...

bugg smasher
17th Apr 2004, 00:19
And they will never be ex-communicated...

17th Apr 2004, 08:36
Evidently Moderators do not like to be rated

It's not a contest: we are a team, and as a team we take glory and blame together

Rich Lee
17th Apr 2004, 14:41

The family that moderates together, eh flyblue? Sentiment of that nature makes the Noble Peace Prize somehow look cheap in comparison. However, one often finds it difficult to prevent the cream from inevitably rising to the top.

17th Apr 2004, 22:08
However, one often finds it difficult to prevent the cream from inevitably rising to the top.
Oooh, I'm not on me own then..

(OK.. I'll get me coat..)

17th Apr 2004, 22:42
A comment from one of the resident feline types about cream....................you don't expect that now. ;)

18th Apr 2004, 00:34
cream only gravitates to the top cause it`s less dense nuff said I think

Takan Inchovit
18th Apr 2004, 04:28
Cream may be 'less dense' but I dare say, it is much thicker.

18th Apr 2004, 10:45
Flyblue I think they're saying you're fat! :eek:

18th Apr 2004, 11:02
Oooooooh, Flapper!

What a naughty dragon you are, stirring things up like that ... you'll get this thread closed if you carry on like that, you know!


18th Apr 2004, 11:35
One must not expect always good press coverage. Comes with fame, you know. :cool: :E

18th Apr 2004, 16:37
Ssssh.. looks like I got away with it chaps....

18th Apr 2004, 17:40
I'll sort you out later...

18th Apr 2004, 17:42
I like being sorted out...:E

18th Apr 2004, 18:22
FB.. flappy is on this occasion incorrect - I was not making an inappropriate jibe with regard to a ladies weight it was a smutty schoolboy pun for which I take full responsibility (although I was a tad pished at the time) :bored:

19th Apr 2004, 20:24
There is one point that I have been wondering about. That is when a mod posts a new topic, which is not directly related to "moderating" activities, (ie) when they become like "one of us". I'm not questioning their right to do this nor attempting to be critical of their posts. I can appreciate that there are plenty of times when a mod will want to contribute just like anyone else. Wouldn't it be more suitable for mods to assume another "neutral" identity when doing this? :uhoh:

The sudden appearance of a mod for me is (still) a somewhat unsettling experience. Due no doubt to the fact that I have never met any mods "in the flesh" nor anyone else here for that matter. Or that their keyboards are equipped with a "reset" button?! A few minutes together over a beer would probably be sufficient to dispel many doubts and I think the mods would agree. Not everyone will be able to make it to a PPRuNe bash. So, in order to reassure the mods here and to further mutual comprehension, here's a picture to go with the pseudonym (http://www.altfrankfurt.com/Spezial/Zeppelin/Hindenburg/Lakehurst/pic/InFlames.jpg) ;)

19th Apr 2004, 20:36
Wouldn't it be more suitable for mods to assume another "neutral" identity when doing this?
Especially when wandering on the verge of lobby rules like in here (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&postid=1300104#post1300104) :E :E

19th Apr 2004, 20:40
Right, after having an identity crisis sorted by flyblue and the Danny man, I will fight to the death anyone who berates or belittles these fine men and women mods. Now you can all jest **** off:E :E


19th Apr 2004, 21:24
Verge of lobby rules??? VERGE OF LOBBY RULES???? You wanna see verge of lobby rules matey!!! :E :E

19th Apr 2004, 21:50
Stop that Ozzy, you're getting me emotional :\ :E

19th Apr 2004, 22:06
Monsieur Bre901, it is very pleasant to find your powerless glider in the slipstream! But beware of turbulence...

(it is often invisible...speaking of which, where are our friends T.I.M. and T.I.C. these days, have they abandoned ship?)

The Invisible Cat
19th Apr 2004, 22:12
Thou shalt not call my name in vain.
I'm right in front of you. Please don't step on my tail. :E

last time I saw T.I.M was on the "rat race " thread.

Where are you T.I.M. ?

Rich Lee
19th Apr 2004, 22:31
It bothers me that there is not one set of UN approved Lobby Rules for the whole universe. Sure, we all talk about Lobby Rules but has anyone ever seen them in writing? Maybe you have not seen them because they do not really exist.

You can do and say a lot of things in a French Lobby. In Singapore you cannot even talk in a Lobby without being fined for something. The British have been known to allow dogs in their Lobby. I saw and heard unspeakable things in a Bangkok Lobby late one night and you know what, nobody even complained.

19th Apr 2004, 22:38
I have also heard of unrepeatable going-ons in Congressional lobbies...but I digress here...there is already a forum, I mean thread for this type of comment...how does Mr. Lee like his eggs?! ;)

Rich Lee
19th Apr 2004, 22:52
Eggs? Did you say eggs? EGGS? Do you practice the dark arts? Are you attempting to intimidate me with some voodoo fertility incantation? Why do you want to know how I like my eggs? Is there some kind of approved way to have eggs here? Do you often ask people "how they like their eggs"? Do you have an egg fetish? Do you know of some egg lobby rule?:confused:

19th Apr 2004, 22:54
Some people do not eat eggs.

19th Apr 2004, 22:55
what is not compulsory is forbidden. what is not forbidden is compulsory.

19th Apr 2004, 23:03
People who don't eat eggs will never go anywhere near here. (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=127167) Is it cruel? I mean, are eggs still "alive" when one plunks them into boiling water or hot oil or whisks them into a froth?! There, I'm digressing again... :rolleyes:

Buster Hyman
19th Apr 2004, 23:06
What came first? The Moderator or the offensive post?

The Invisible Cat
19th Apr 2004, 23:07
I'm against cruel treatment of animals.
That's why I never boil the mice I eat.
They taste much better eaten live, on a Persian rug. :E

19th Apr 2004, 23:14
flyblue, let no man say I was not valient in yer defence. Smooch (do I get away with that??).


The Invisible Cat
19th Apr 2004, 23:26
let no man say I was not valient in yer defence
'ow about naughty puddycats then :E :E

19th Apr 2004, 23:28
What came first? The Moderator or the offensive post?

The chicken, no the egg, no the chicken...the cock, the forum?! :8

19th Apr 2004, 23:43
Hell is not a burning lake of fire. It is Eternity at table with a two-year old child who is pushing a horn or blue plastic spoon into a soft-boiled egg, and waving said spoon.

19th Apr 2004, 23:51
What came first? The Moderator or the offensive post?

The moderator - he got created when the board was created.

The offensive post came after the moderator moderated. ;)

Buster Hyman
20th Apr 2004, 01:51
But, if there were no offensive posts, why would you need a moderator matt?
When the board was created, it was created in the image of Danny. Danny saw it was good and populated it. Therefore, it should have been so good that offensive posts would never have been conceived...ergo...no need for moderation.

20th Apr 2004, 03:26
yes, but then the evil draper came along in the form of a ... computer geek (?) ... he made jerricho sin by starting a pointless thread where he could reply too - there after we were all doomed and kicked out of the holy forum called R&N and cast into this hole, named JetBlast!

Now i guess we are all waiting for our savior, danny's son (does he have one?), to save our souls from this hole and bring us back into the R&N forum.


The Invisible Cat
20th Apr 2004, 11:16
We would need to be sure that Danny's boy is not a very naughty boy :E :E

T.I.M. has posted yesterday on the "Finish the sentence" thread :ok:

Buster Hyman
20th Apr 2004, 12:27
But, who came first?

20th Apr 2004, 13:08
The lady of course, being a gentleman... :O

The Invisible Cat
20th Apr 2004, 21:42
What have you not been doing ? I haven't seen your Aunt Mary in such a good shape for hours:p

The Invisible Cat
21st Apr 2004, 09:04
Uh-oh, looks like someone is thinking I've been behaving like some sort of naughty puddycat. :uhoh: :uhoh:

But then, why 6, and not 1 or 17 ?

Mr airship do you accept members of the feline kind in your club ?

21st Apr 2004, 12:25
Welcome to The Club T.I.C. ! :)

Any feline just has to look at me straight in the eyes with that look, which I can only describe as "beginning with a frank stare displaying supernatural intelligence and finishing off with a series of slow half-closings of eyelids", by which time I am completely mesmerised. :zzz:

8 would have been ominous...speaking of which, I have invented another term. As you know, self-respecting cats will not have anything to do with synthetic or other shiny bed covers (static problems?) which is why one's satin sheets are little used. Only 100% cotton will do. As you know, a pointer towards the quality of cotton sheets is the thread count. So here's wishing only the best Egyptian cotton on which to catnap!

The Invisible Cat
21st Apr 2004, 17:19
Hey, don't look, I've managed to go over 10

21st Apr 2004, 18:46
What came first? The Moderator or the offensive post? It needed a computer programmer to create the message board first and some of them are thought to be offensive - even before they post ... :}

"I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you any different." Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

The Invisible Man
21st Apr 2004, 18:54
I'm frightened to post,

I'll never make up over 600 bits of c**p ever again.

Mind you I can feel a controversial thread coming on....

Mmmm..... yes I'll do it late at night..... I may get away with it!!!:E

21st Apr 2004, 18:57
Thing that disturbs me. I write something I think is provocative, and the moderators ignore it. Don't they recognise a cry for help when they see it?

21st Apr 2004, 19:56
Dise............? :confused:

What was that word again Davaar?


The Invisible Cat
21st Apr 2004, 21:48

Don't worry, in case you do not succeed, one would be delighted to welcome you in the club, and one is quite sure that airship agrees.

Well, well well, looks like my mother's sister is not doing that bad today, isn't she

21st Apr 2004, 22:47
you know whats worse then using a pink/purple color when typing? Using a grey color and pretending its invisible :E :E :}

I shall not fear any moderators in this thread :ouch:

The Invisible Cat
21st Apr 2004, 22:58

Where did you find grey ? one is using silver.
On thunk it gives a classy touch to one's posts.

One is not afraid of moderators either, but one does respect large flaming and smouldering animals :uhoh:

Buster Hyman
22nd Apr 2004, 03:00
I take it then that nancies, like me, believe they are a nice bunch of people then?:p

This is what happens to yer post if you ain't careful what yer says!! :E

The Invisible Cat
22nd Apr 2004, 07:48

Welcome to The Club my friend.
One thunk not it would happen so quicly
Maybe this Mrs Elisabeth W. has some friends at PPruneTowers ? :uhoh: :uhoh:

Buster Hyman
22nd Apr 2004, 22:56
HA HA WHoligan!:p

I never said that I wasn't a Nancy!!!:cool: :ugh: :eek: errr....:bored: :O

22nd Apr 2004, 23:37
Hmmm... Why do i have to log myself in every other day? I'm wondering if this is some evil doing from the mods ... :suspect:

23rd Apr 2004, 04:55
Cookies only remain for a max of 24 hours now, any longer and you will have to log in again, 'twas in the Computer forum I think.

The Invisible Cat
23rd Apr 2004, 12:11
The ones that must not be named have been strangely silent for some days.

Something must be cooking somewhere :uhoh: :uhoh:

23rd Apr 2004, 12:17
Not so strange really...no more multiple Iraqi and ME threads! Must be like being on hols... ;)

The Invisible Man
23rd Apr 2004, 12:20
Maybe they have been told to lay off,

Should I type a really naughty swear word and see what happens???

Here goes......BUM

23rd Apr 2004, 12:34
The automatic ****check didn't even pick that up. But wasn't that the name of the Iranian town destroyed by the earthquake earlier this year? ;) T.I.M., you're in a very antagonistic mood today, spoiling for a fight eh?! Fancy a bit of shadow-boxing to take the edge off? :p

The Invisible Cat
23rd Apr 2004, 12:41
One sincerely hopes that they have not been downsized :uhoh: :uhoh:

maybe they were only figments of Danny's imagination ?
:confused: :confused:

JB Mods
23rd Apr 2004, 14:13
Silent? Who's silent? Wholi keeps complaining about how much we girls can chat!:E

As opposed to being figments of Danny's imagination, we are here in real time deepest Somerset having this very serious meeting about u lot. :p

They certainly are firing up MY imagination!! :E And I don't have to read the "word" BUM when they are here TIM! That's why I'm keeping them locked in the wine cellar, so I can control myself! :E :E :E

Biggles Flies Undone
23rd Apr 2004, 14:16
It's going to be a cosy fit in Wholi's car - especially with that dreadfully choppy suspension..... :ooh:

23rd Apr 2004, 14:17
Be afraid ---- be very afraid! :uhoh:

The Invisible Man
23rd Apr 2004, 14:29
GULP :uhoh:

The Invisible Cat
23rd Apr 2004, 14:30
airship, T.I.M.

Shall we accept "JB Mods" as a member ?
Look at their p**t c**nt, it must have been zeroed very recently, 'cause it's presently reading one. ;)

Whodunnit then ? :confused: :confused:

23rd Apr 2004, 14:31
Could it be that the mods have been moderated.... :E

23rd Apr 2004, 14:37
T.I.C., you may have noticed that the mods responsible for JB are flaps, flyblue and Wholigan. JB Mods is obviously an impostor and will soon be sorted out by "our very own". At which point, we may have to accept a new member. ;)

The Invisible Cat
23rd Apr 2004, 14:47
One has to admit one just awoke from one's nap. :O :O
One had mistaken "JB Mods" with "JB Mod Squad".

However, "JB Mods" joined April 6th, so there must have been some advance planning :uhoh: :suspect: :uhoh: :suspect:

23rd Apr 2004, 15:09
Can the Queen's scientists predict earthquakes with accuracy? Who else was registered on the 6th April I wonder...someone planning naughty events perchance?! :hmm:

The Invisible Cat
23rd Apr 2004, 15:52
A large bunch of peeps registered that day (http://www.pprune.org/forums/memberlist.php?action=getall&what=datejoined&ltr=&perpage=30&orderby=joindate&ausername=&homepage=&icq=&aim=&yahoo=&joindateafter=&joindatebefore=&lastpostafter=&lastpostbefore=&postslower=&postsupper=&direction=DESC&pagenumber=31), so it would be hard yo find out :ugh:

However April 6th is very close to the big JB turmoil
Jet Blast: War & Peace (merged) (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?threadid=125730&highlight=moderator%2A+thread%2A) and Injustice By Flapforty!! (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?threadid=125605&highlight=moderator%2A+thread%2A) (one of the offending threads) both started April 6th

Looks like the "Be Careful" sticky has been a victim of the JB Ghost, at least they say so (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&postid=1291871#post1291871) :suspect: :suspect:

23rd Apr 2004, 18:20
Relax folks, JB Mods is indeed "US" :p
We just popped in togehter to say "Hi" even if extremely busy with the ongoing meeting :}
Well, gotta go, can't trust to leave poor Flaps alone with Wholi and Danny...or the other way around??? :confused:

The Invisible Man
23rd Apr 2004, 18:25
Will you be posting the minutes of said meeting? The microphones installed in the room failed when someone screamed.

Were you all being tortured again? I still think about the Working Time Directive Thread and how close to the truth I might have been.

23rd Apr 2004, 19:27
UK (FT0C) Fearless but Frightened and a great big namby pamby who is wondering how many words I can get on here before it stops me putting any more on.Mmmm it seems to be endless so I'll stop now

:} good one :}