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10th Aug 2001, 13:24
Late night research in Pprune chat has revealed that a remarkable number of people have not yet heard of next year's OzBash, so I have been commissioned to post in JB as well as our current threads in Dunnunda and PPRuNe Bashes.

Yes, Virginia, there is an extended pissup in Melbourne, Oz, next April, to which Capt PPRuNe has been invited and will appear. I am also led to believe that legendary PPruners like Velvet and 10W will be there, and several other overseas visitors are working hard to make it.

It goes without saying, which is why I am now saying it, :) that all Ppruners from all over the globe are invited. Full details can be found in the PPrune Bashes Forum. Please help us to make this a memorable Bash, we would love to see you all.


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11th Aug 2001, 06:50
Yeah, hop to it folks and register if you're interested, via the Bashes Forum, as Binos said :p

It's going to be a great opportunity to Flash those PPRuNe badges around :D

GoGirl ;)

12th Aug 2001, 13:21
is that all we're going to flash gg?

16th Aug 2001, 14:24
We'll see, Coconuts, but having seen the photos of the various UK Bashes we are aware of the level of depravity we have to live up to, and I advise the foreigners that we here in Oz are not short of female attractions of our own!

Still seems to be someone in chat each night who has no idea of the existence of either the Ozbash or for that matter the PPrune Bashes Forum, so here we are at the top again, continuing to enlighten Ppruners worldwide!

See you all in Melbourne :D

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24th Aug 2001, 05:18
so anyone out there with a nice private jet who can come and pick me up and transport me to the bash? :D :cool: :D

24th Aug 2001, 17:05
Biscuit ... you're ON. Please e-mail me to discuss pricing.


26th Aug 2001, 13:50
Awwww, Ding, I was all ready to help you out with the offer of me Kingair. Then I reviewed your post and saw those dreaded words ...

nice private jet

Geez, I missed out again! :( :eek: :D

Feeton Terrafirma
28th Aug 2001, 19:54
Hey Ding,

Wouldn't a Turbo Prop give you more time for that
nice private session on the way to the great Oz Bash?

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28th Aug 2001, 23:59
I don't know OzExpat,

But if you want to come and get me please feel free ...

I like king Air's !

"Can I fly it?"

29th Aug 2001, 21:09
wouldn't that tire me out before i even got there? ;)

30th Aug 2001, 18:27
Geez, I sure hope so, Ding! :D

RW-1... Can you fly it? :confused: :D

30th Aug 2001, 18:31

Well, those yokes still seem funny to a rotory guy, but yeah, I think I could manage straight and level, some climbs, some descents(just not to the ground at a high rate hehe ...)Maybe even an approach to landing. It would be fun to try ...

Now, would I be legal to do so? Likely not.
:( (We won't tell anyone shhhhhh .....)