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11th Apr 2004, 22:18
Having just come back from 3 days on Dartmoor with DofE, I am rather freaked out.

On a micronavigation exercise, only 10k, 2.5 hours walk, in pairs, we had to find clues, like orienteering. NEway, Me and Liam (Guy I walk with) were a little freaked out because the forest we were walking in is inhabited by a big cat anyway (reported by rangers etc, and eaten sheep found). In the forest we found a shack built from wood, with headless dolls, birds nailed on the wall and candles in it, as well as various dolls wth various things done to them. We didn't go in it, but walked away at a hell of a rate, anyone else found anything as freaky as this?

Hostie from Hell
11th Apr 2004, 22:37
You found my secret hideaway then:\

Rich Lee
11th Apr 2004, 23:12
Where the 'headless dolls' Barbie Dolls or G.I. Joes? It makes a difference you know.

tony draper
11th Apr 2004, 23:30
Steer well clear of the Grippen Mire.

"They were the footprints of a gigantic hound!!" :uhoh:

11th Apr 2004, 23:44
didn't find the Blair Witch then??

Onan the Clumsy
11th Apr 2004, 23:54
Sounds like a pot from Blood in the Wire :eek:

12th Apr 2004, 01:39
I remember wandering through some woodland with one of my mates when I was a kid. Just exploring, like you do. We stumbled upon a clearing which was tastefully decorated with dozens of bird corpses suspended from the branches with bits of coloured string. We ran. Never went back to those particular woods.

I often wonder what the idea was. Some kind of vendetta against birds? Some kind of pre-serial killer ritual? God knows. All I know is that it was very strange and that part of the wood was very, very quiet.

12th Apr 2004, 09:51
Grimpen Mire, wasn't it, Drapes ?

Still, given the choice between drowning in quagmire and chomped by the phosphorescent jaws of a gigantic hound , reckon deadheading got off lightly with a few headless dolls :eek:

tony draper
12th Apr 2004, 10:00
Gamekeepers do that Mr ratarse, when they are not busy giving the lady of the big house one, they shoot unwelcome critters and hang them up where other unwelcome critters can see em,as a warning I suppose.
We used to do something similar here, theres a little hill in my town where we used to hang dead highwaymen and such in little cages, frankly I can't see a dead highwayman freightening off crows though.

12th Apr 2004, 11:15
When doing the Silver DOE award my group and I found ourselves in the middle of the back of beyond of Wales in thick fog half way up a mountain.
Sheep in fog appear at a distance to be the size of elephants, and the noise they make is very spooky.
We naturally as teenagers regaled each other with ghost stories and talked of gibbets with bodies hanging for weeks from them.
We had pre determined a camp site at an abandoned farm and by the time we got there in the evening ( the fog had made the trek very much slower than expected) it was dark and still extremely foggy, it loomed out of the mist like something out of Scooby Doo. Windows hung off their frames, doors were half open and rats scurried everywhere. Strange noises echoed throughout the whole night and none of us slept.
When we woke in the morning the Fog had cleared and the place was still as scary as it was the night before.
A couple of my group were certain they had heard footsteps around our campsite during the night.
One very scary place, ceratinly I have no intention of ever trying to find it again.