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Titan Locked
11th Apr 2004, 15:59
Can't crack more than 5 secs myself!!!!

Link (http://uk.download.yahoo.com/ne/fu/dodge.html)

11th Apr 2004, 16:06
My lil' nephew 49.16 at second attempt :hmm:

11th Apr 2004, 16:08
16.7 seconds (second atempt)

0.67 seconds!! first attempt

11th Apr 2004, 20:52
Am I missing something here ? As far as I can see, the blue blocks move once and then the only limiting factor was my boredom threshold. Is it April 1st?

11th Apr 2004, 21:19
14.391 seconds, sixth attempt or so. (Baaad mouse, of course!)


11th Apr 2004, 22:03
a month or so ago someone posted this in the ATC forum - those crack radar-ATCO's got up to 120 sec. :cool:

I myself only got up to 89 sec :(

Papa Charlie
11th Apr 2004, 22:14
those crack radar-ATCO's got up to 120 sec.

But they get to practice everyday - blue blocks are 747's and the red block is a 737!


Hostie from Hell
12th Apr 2004, 01:06
22.68... nasty when it all speeds up .. it's a bit like driving my big jeep over all those little blue cars at Sainsbury's :E

12th Apr 2004, 13:53
run lots of programmes in the background so it slows down!

12th Apr 2004, 14:02
Is that what they do at Swanwick? :}

Ed Winchester
12th Apr 2004, 15:45
Same thing happened to me - quite easy to rack up a 10 minute time as the blocks didn't move.

Anyway - I turned off ZoneAlarm, and the blocks then moved.

It is still a crap game though! :zzz:

Send Clowns
12th Apr 2004, 20:49
Can anyone manage less than 0.05 seconds? :E

12th Apr 2004, 21:18
0.015 seconds :hmm:

8th Jun 2004, 08:32
To answer Titan's thread question.............................it isn't!!!!:p