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Onan the Clumsy
11th Apr 2004, 15:31
Lance Murdoch wrote this in the current Speed threadIf every victim of crime started fighting back then it would be a different story. And it made me think about something I have often wondered.

We have been taught for as long as I can remember that if someone holds you up then you should just give 'em your wallet. Now I can see that your wallet isn't worth your life, but what are the consequences of this philosophy?

All a mugger has to do is wave a pistol or a knife (or even a fist) at you and he gets a full wallet. Pretty easy really and I must admit, quite tempting. There isn't really any deterrent for them.

Now if we as a society had been taught to fight back with whatever we could, then it would change the equation a little. Sure some people would get killed, but how many would never get attacked instead? Occasionally a government will spout the claim "We don't negotiate with terrorists" and yet, that's exactly what we are taught to do.

[get to the point man]So, should we continue to teach this passive behavior of non intervantion any longer, or would we be better off fighting back?[/get to the point man]

What's next for me, lifetime Platinum membership in the NRA? :uhoh: :hmm: :{

11th Apr 2004, 15:36
My old man being a well travelled chappie gave me some good advice on this once. Always carry some lose change in your pocket and if approached, throw the coins on the floor and run. Hopefully the sound of rattling money will be enough to distract your average drug-crazed mugger for a few moments whilst you leg it. Test this method next time you're in a public place and watch all the heads turn in wonderment. ;)


11th Apr 2004, 15:46
I am tempted to arrange the various bodies on the pavement suitably for the crime photographers but always decide not to because of the pooling body fluids and appointments to meet.

11th Apr 2004, 15:58
A mugger decided to attack a smartly dressed middle aged businessman in an alleyway leading to his office carpark about 15 years ago. The man in a suit, who happened to be Maninblack's father (an ex army drill instructor amongst other things) planted his briefcase in the soft parts of his assailant then gave him a couple of kicks whilst he was down.

A few weeks later Brotherinblack was on leave walking down the same alley when a man who fitted the description of the one who assaulted the old man's briefcase with his testicles tried to mug him.

Brotherinblack gave him what is known in the trade as "a good shoeing" and departed with sore knuckles leaving the person asleep on the floor.

11th Apr 2004, 15:59
Difficult to know how you would react until it actually happened.
I'm inclined to think that because I work hard for my money I'll be blowed if someone is just going to get it off me with out me at least having the satisfaction of clouting them - even if only the once. But then again it is just money - not worth getting injured over.
I'm not sure advising people to fight back would reduce the incidence of muggings, it may increase the number of muggings with violence even though no resistance has been offered

11th Apr 2004, 16:53
Yes, it is difficult to predict how one would respond. Some years ago at a Paris Metro station, I became aware of a strange hand in my pocket. The next thing I remember is being about 6 to 8 feet away from the initial ‘point of contact’ with my left hand supporting a young gentleman by the throat and the right poised to bring the tip of his nose a little closer to the back of his head. Interestingly enough, he just went limp and I couldn’t bring myself to land the ‘coup de grace’. Just ‘threw him roughly to the floor’ in good old ‘Life of Brian’ style and he scampered off. I suppose the ‘limp’ thing might be a learned defence mechanism – perhaps we are not programmed to hit people who won’t hit us back? The most frightening thing was the apparent ‘red mist’ on my part – before that I had considered myself a fairly passive, non-violent type. Had my young pickpocket adopted a more direct (and armed) approach, it would probably have been very different!

11th Apr 2004, 17:43
I carry my wallet in a back posket - maybe not such a great idea.

Decades ago I was in the queue getting on the airport bus at a street-corner in New York City. I realized that my wallet had just fled - and I notice a young fellow walking quickly away. He ducked into a door recess and I followed and ASKED for my wallet back. He gave it back!!!! I'm not a large and impressive person. He must have been a trainee pick-pocket, and a failure at that. Today I would probably been injured in the confrontation.

There was a far more recent news story of "Fluffy the Wonder Poodle". Fluffy's owner, probably a blue-haired old lady, was accosted on the street. Fluffy took offense to this and clamped jaws on the miscreant's leg and wouldn't let go until help arrived.


11th Apr 2004, 18:13
A couple of years ago a friend of mine was attacked at a self service petrol station, late evening. Someone hit him on the back from behind with a stick. Being he almost 2 meters tall and of athletic built, he's not easily scared and didn't took well being hit from behind. He recounted me that the next thing he remembers the assailant was on the ground in fairly bad shape, sourrounded by some of his teeth. As he is a Doctor, he felt terribly guilty and called the police. The police said they would call an ambulance and thanked him, but told him to leave as soon as possible, because otherwise they would have to arrest him for "overreacting" :uhoh:

11th Apr 2004, 18:17
FB - Excellent point. It is all too easy to over react in a situation like that. The adrenalin gets up, you see red and who knows what happens next. You may end up beating the guy to a pulp and leave yourself open to litigation. Or the assailant may be armed with something that will cause you a whole world of hurt (or worse). World's gone nuts.

11th Apr 2004, 18:33
I like that urban legend about the old boy who called the cozzer's when someone was breaking into his shed. The police said they couldn't get anyone along immediately but someone would be able to drop in the following day to take the details. The bloke was non plussed about this and called back a few minutes later to tell the police there would be no point sending anyone the next day as he'd just shot the intruders.

Cops showed up in 3 minutes flat.


11th Apr 2004, 19:19
Now my tuppence worth,

I was attacked in March last year in Camden Town by a man who was under the influence of solvents. He didn't want my wallet, he just wanted to kill me.
We were on the canal bank and I really feared that we were both going to wind up in the water. Anyway, I managed to get rid of him and do a swift runner.

Beware - you may be dealing with someone who is temporarily or permanently insane.

I didn't call the police as it was my second day in a new job and I didn't want the cops turning up at my place of work to take a statement. I have mixed feelings about that.

Be careful out there people.

Send Clowns
11th Apr 2004, 20:29
Funniest I ever heard was the youth who attacked my brother and his friend outside a club at night. How stupid do you have to be to attack an officer in the Parachute Regiment and an officer in the Royal Marines, both armed with crutches, due to training injuries?

11th Apr 2004, 21:29
Someone attempted to mug Mrs max about five years ago, snuck up behind her, and tried to grab her handbag. Said mugger was not expecting Mrs max to fight back ( including a shout of "f**k off you c**t) I expect he's still scared:E :E .

Scary woman, my missus, mugger never heard of again, I suspect he got a proper job after that.:ok:

11th Apr 2004, 21:44
We make a habit of being stupid in the Inblack family. Many years ago in the US a character pulled a knife and demanded money from three of us, two male one female.

He didn't seem very enthusiastic and to be frank I was a bit insulted to be mugged in such an apathetic manner so I advised him that he had better be very good with that knife because I intended to take it off him and stuff it up his catflap.

The silly little twerp put it back in his pocket and trotted off with his tail between his legs.

11th Apr 2004, 22:24
I am a fairly big bloke so I am not often accosted by muggers.

A few years ago in Manchester 2 muppets demanded money with menaces whilst I was on a tram. They were about 18 years old or so. I looked the lead muppet in the eye and told him to F*** off. He was still mouthing off so I told him my "Muggers rules" to get my wallet the following conditions have to be met

1) I have to be on the wrong end of 3-1 odds.
2) They have to be bigger than I am.
3) They have to show me a knife or firearm.

I then explained I was getting off in two stops and if they followed me off the tram anything that happened after that was their own reponsibility.

I got off the tram at my stop and they stayed on the tram!

Make of that what you will

12th Apr 2004, 00:54
Funnily enough I was pondering this very subject just the other day. I was even going to start a thread here about it, but then it just slipped my mind. Maybe I have some kind of psychic connection with Onan?

I'd like to think that I would react calmy and passively if someone attempted to mug me. It's not worth dying for some pocket money and a couple of cards, right? On the other hand, with the adrenaline kicking in, I may well give the wannabe mugger a good kicking on general principle. Thinking further on this, it's possible that I could overreact entirely and not just settle for a straightforward kicking, but perhaps take a shoe off and slap him round the face with it repeatedly (a good shoeing indeed) or maybe throw the nearest bin at his head.

I'm reminded of that scene in Crocodile Dundee: "That's not a knife..." It would be quite satisfying if a mugger showed you a knife, and you simply showed him some kind of a hand cannon. I suppose a gun doesn't even have to be real does it? How illegal is a fake gun used as a mugging deterrent?

13th Apr 2004, 00:54
As it seems Carnsie has taken a sabatical (come back dude...nobody can equal your fine ability to twist a post!!!), I guess I'll have to make some inappropriate comment about somebody having a gun in their pocket, or just being happy to see somebody.

Onan the Clumsy
13th Apr 2004, 02:29
Maybe he got into it with his aberrant neighbour. :ooh:

13th Apr 2004, 03:22
Fortunately for my self I don't really look like a victim and have never been mugged, (despite living in dangerous parts of several large cities)
I have seen people being mugged and have successfully interveened and prevented it just by approaching, having a few words and being prepared to lay in, if that what it was to come to, it seems most muggers in my experience are skinny little Junkies too jacked up on crack or heroin to be able to stick a knife or screwdriver into a wet paper bag.

No situation will ever be the same but, I think if you can weigh up the odds, make a decision, if you are going to go for it, go hell for leather make sure that you are going to be the one who comes out on top. And who knows, you may have saved your own life, because you may have been stabbed after you have given the money by somebody who has already stabbed before.

However this thing of being held up with a syringe does really worry me, I think if I had my back to a wall and 2 people were mugging me with a syringe I would just hand what I had over, however, if I was jabbed with the syringe, I know I will not stop pounding the face of a junky until the mortician arrives, having to wait 6 months to see if you contracted anything is a horrible thought, best be able to produce the needle and get it tested straight off!

Recently I started carrying a small can of Pepper Spray on my key ring and I do feel a lot more confident walking through unknown places, especially since I broke a bone in my hand and am feeling very fragile!

Word of warning though, if you ever do carry pepper spray or mace, and your in a situation, do not spray and then follow in with punches, you will run straight into the cloud!!:yuk:
However you can become immune to the effects of it with enough practice!:

Lance Murdoch
14th Apr 2004, 17:39
Ive been mugged once in the US and been subjected to an attempted mugging once in the UK.
In the US mugging I handed over my sports bag without argument as the two blokes were alot bigger than me and quite possibly armed. Unwashed gym kit is not worth getting yourself stabbed for! They didnt get my wallet as they must have assumed it was in my bag rather than my pocket (and I wasnt about to tell them any different!).
My attempted mugging was by two sixteen year old scrotes. I was imbued with a surplus of Dutch courage after visiting several ale houses and when they asked me for my wallet I just told them to 'F--- off'. After a bit of posturing on their part they wandered off.
Your reaction in a mugging should be dependent on the situation. Many muggers are just scrotes who are chancing their arm others will kill you if need be, the trick is to be able to tell the difference which is why I suppose its wise to hand over your money without argument unless you are absolutely sure of yourself.

14th Apr 2004, 20:55
My best mugger-deterent is my boyfriend's 7 stone Alsatian. I can quite confidently walk him through woods at 1am without fear of being mugged/raped/murdered. To everyone who knows him he's a complete wuss but that's not the point, he looks the part. I have quite often wandered what he would do if I were attacked, probably crap himself :rolleyes:

Apparently the carrying and use of pepper spray is illegal in Britain, but there are ways of bypassing this rather insane law. Tesco's ('Every Little Helps') sells black ground pepper in a rather nifty container, which when compacted between hands with much force shoots the lid of and sprays out a fine mist of pepper. Voila! Home-made pepper spray. It is not illegal to carry your shopping home with you (as far as I know).

Tesco's own, the little grey/green checked pots, works best - this was determined after much research when boyfriend's brother was being harrassed by his girlfriend's ex-husband and the police were powerless to do anything until he'd actually been attacked. The three of us bought samples of ground black pepper (the black is very important, apparently it's stronger) from various stores and sat outside banging the lids off to see which gave the most satisfactory cloud. Neighbours were always a bit funny towards us after that ;)

Aileron Roll
15th Apr 2004, 06:50
if mugged hand over how much you can afford, it is probley a pilot looking for work

15th Apr 2004, 10:59
What most people do after being mugged is;

Lose any lefty/liberal opinions they might retain from their youth,

Join the Tory Party (or nearest equivalent)

Write a stiff letter to the "Times" demanding that flogging be brought back.