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Send Clowns
10th Aug 2001, 02:54
Do you think the Pocket Oxford Dictionary should be corrected :

Airbus n. propr. short-haul passenger aircraft

from POD, 1994

10th Aug 2001, 05:26
Right, I've got a relative working at OUP. I'll get her on it.

Any contributions related to what it should read?

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10th Aug 2001, 08:45
"Pocket Oxford Dictionary", n., proper.

A short-haul dictionary.

10th Aug 2001, 16:48
"Dictionary" n. proper
See dictionary

10th Aug 2001, 17:27

A writer of dictionaries; a harmless drudge.

Dr. Johnson

You want it when?
10th Aug 2001, 17:47
Iteration see iteration :D

10th Aug 2001, 18:55
From a music dictionary,

"Benjamin Britten - see under Peter Piers",

*thumb, thumb, thumb, then,*

"Peter Piers - see under Benjamin Britten"


11th Aug 2001, 04:40
i remeber in high school we got the class dictionary, twinked out the definition and wrote in you are looking at one stupid.
we then went to stupid got out the twink again and wrote: oh you again! :D :p :D