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Cyclic Hotline
9th Aug 2001, 20:30
Granny Makes Bomb Threat at Miami Airport -Police
MIAMI (Reuters) - An 83-year-old Colombian grandmother, apparently upset when a flight attendant wanted to check her carry-on luggage, made a false bomb threat that landed her in jail, police said on Thursday.

Beatriz Escobar De Rodriguez, of Bogota, was removed from an American Airlines jet bound for her homeland on Wednesday at Miami International Airport, said Miami-Dade Police spokesman Juan Del Castillo.

The woman boarded the plane with carry-on luggage that could not fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat, airline officials told police.

A flight attendant told Escobar De Rodriguez the luggage needed to be checked in and placed in the cargo bay of the plane.

"Did you see the bomb in my suitcase?'' Escobar De Rodriguez asked flight personnel, according to police.

The plane was taxiing for takeoff when the pilot decided to turn back to the terminal and have the passenger removed, delaying the flight for two hours, police said.

Police checked Escobar De Rodriguez's luggage but no bomb was found. She spent the night at a detention center near the airport.

"Her penalty depends on the judge,'' a court official said. ''She can remain in jail for 21 days or go out on bond.''

Flaps Down
10th Aug 2001, 16:11
The old whore! :eek: