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9th Aug 2001, 20:34
Thought I should probably apologise to everyone who tried to chat to me last night...

Yes, I managed to walk out of the office last night without closing my chat window. Came back this morning, found the window still open, with the following "conversation" repeated several times:

<User> logs in
<User> Hi FFF
<User> logs out

D'oh :rolleyes:

If you were one of the many users that did this, I'm sorry - I wasn't ignoring you, it's just that I was at home, and the computer was at work!


You want it when?
9th Aug 2001, 20:48
All I can say is Muppet. Most politely of course :D

Vortex what...ouch!
9th Aug 2001, 20:54
:D Just be glad it wasn't the dial up computer at home and you were at work :) I left my mobile connected to an overseas number, rang a woman I know while drunk, for 11 HOURS! Ouch. Does that make me a muppet too? :)

9th Aug 2001, 21:07

Why not have a pay-as-you-go mobile?

Never keep more than 10 credit on mine (min is 5 on Orange) - thats all you'll lose if you leave it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes:

10th Aug 2001, 16:35

Come on what was the damage or have you not got the bill yet?

11th Aug 2001, 02:39
A ship surveyor friend of mine used to play a nasty one on the agent when he felt he wasn't being given adequate cooperation.

He'd use the agent's phone to dial a talking clock somewhere on another continent, preferably on a Friday evening. And leave the phone off the hook.

11th Aug 2001, 03:56
FFF, I am sure no-one took offence - we are all quite civilised on here - with some exceptions!!!