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19th Mar 2002, 00:10
We have a set of Bose speakers. The ones with the satellites and a sub that sits behind the sofa. I think that they sound amazing and was really pleased with them until my three year old son got near them. Being the son of an engineer, curiosity obviously got the better of him one day, so he proceeded to take off the covers of the little cubes to see how they worked.. .. .Bless his little heart! What did he do next? Poked his finger into one of the speaker cones and inverted the little dome in the centre! Aaarrrgghh!. .. .A friend of mine told me to try sucking it out with a vacuum cleaner, nil fix.. .. .What I would like to know is; what does that shiny dome in the centre of a speaker cone do? The speakers still seem to sound ok, but then again, my hearing is probably shot from spending years around jet engines!. .. .Any acoustic experts out there?

19th Mar 2002, 00:49
The little dome is only a dust cap over the voice coil. It should make little/no difference to the sound whether it is convex or concave, though I expect some will disagree with me on that point! The diaphragm and enclosure make the most difference to the sound produced, so you should be OK. Surprised the vacuum cleaner didn't work though!. . . . <small>[ 18 March 2002, 20:49: Message edited by: sanjosebaz ]</small>