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Bally Heck
26th Nov 2001, 01:51
I was chewing the fat with a colleague a while ago and he informed me that his missus had become somewhat evangelical about the power of positive thinking under the influence of some female probably American guru.

Now while I am as convinced as the next man that a positive attitude is beneficial, this was a step further, for example if you have a positive attitude about finding a parking place, one will appear.

In a scientific experiment to test this theory, I went to a normally full car park with a positive attitude and failed to find a space. But........was this because my mind subconciously knew that there wouldn't be a space and therefore undermined the surface positiveness which I was projecting? Or is the theory a pile of bovine excretia.

Any thoughts, theories, or better ideas for controlled experiments would be welcome.

Bally Heck
28th Nov 2001, 03:01
I wonder if I post this topic back to the top with a positive attitude if it will do any good. :(

tony draper
28th Nov 2001, 03:10
Yes and No. :(

28th Nov 2001, 03:26
I believe in the power of positive thinking. I reckon you do make your luck. :D
Sure, it hasn't got me the lotto numbers yet but so far life hasn't been too bad. :)

The Nr Fairy
28th Nov 2001, 10:56
"so far life hasn't been to bad"

You're living in Coventry at the moment, aren't you, reddo ?

28th Nov 2001, 17:42
The people who spout positive thinking have us on a "hiding to nothing".

If it works they are right, if it doesn't then we are doing it wrong. Jeeez how can you respond to that!

It is as fair as when the missus asks "Does this outfit make me look fat?" or "Should I wear the red dress or blues dress?". You might as well just give up, put your underpants on your head and run down the street screaming "I am a loser"

However when experimenting - be careful what you ask for! I have tried and I did not frame the thoughts properly. Being follicly challeged (chrome dome to some), I reached out to the universe with my thoughts that "hair will grow" and I was rewarded. I have hair growing out of my ears and nose, and now my eyebrows have joined together. (I now have to regularly part them them in order to give the impression that they are still seperate).

You have been warned.

Windy Militant
28th Nov 2001, 18:57
Have you seen the trick with bit of skirting board that they do at the end of some of these inspirational talks? You know pick the drippiest looking plebe on the course and get him/her to punch through said board. A few years ago an acquaintance of mine was shoved onto one of these courses. At the end of the course the plank they had running the course starts waving the board around. Naturally the bunch he was with, being old lags from the workshops had no interest in getting involved. Anyway Mr Motivator tries to get them enthused by doing it himself. So he enlists one of aforementioned old lags to hold the board, He then turns to wink at his audience to show them what a doddle it was going to be. As he did so the old lag holding the board changed his grip from along the grain to across the grain.
Apparently the crunch as he hit the board was rather sickening, followed by the thump as he fainted and hit the deck.

28th Nov 2001, 19:57
Windy what is a : lag, a plank and a doddle? what language is that?

Tricky Woo
28th Nov 2001, 20:46

That is the King's language, sir, as spoken by the country of your treacherous forefathers.


Celtic Emerald
28th Nov 2001, 20:55
Read Dale Carnegies books 'The Power of Positive Thinking', 'How to make friends & influence people' (OCB could have done with reading that) & 'How to stop Worrying & start living'. There the best.

Like Reddo I agree with positive thinking & that people can think themselves into behaving in a negative or positive way.

Happy bedtime reading folks :)


28th Nov 2001, 21:07
Tricky I'm Irish my forefather's language is gaelic.

Cemerald, I agree with your recommendation of D Carnigie's books, excellant reading
having said that I'd sooner take over the controls of a 747 with all engines out (I'd like to point out before anyone starts typing that I'm not a pilot)than sit through a Tony Roberts or whatever his name is seminar

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29th Nov 2001, 03:12
Remember Annette Bening in American Beauty? "I WILL sell this house today! I WILL sell this house today!" Wrong. Somehow I don't think we were meant to find that funny, but I did. Pretty well summed up the whole concept for me. A load of horse poop.

Me, I just ask my guardian angel to pass a message on to the Lord for me. If that doesn't work, I just wait for Santa.

"Don't give me them negative waves, maan!"

29th Nov 2001, 05:12
Mr D,

Tell us what it was and there'll be a clever Ppruner who'll be able to tell you how it was done!
errrmmmm, actually, there was one time when about three weeks after giving up smoking, I went to look at a house, and the owner,(perfect stranger), started to offer me a fag (UK context!), and then said, "No, you won't want one, you've just given up haven't you?" :eek: :eek: :eek:

When I asked how she knew, she just said she did. :eek:

I hadn't even seen the packet so I couldn't stare longingly at it...puzzles me to this day :confused:

tony draper
29th Nov 2001, 05:20
No Draper refuses even to think about it,and no one repeat no one can give a rational explanation for what occured,because there ain't one.
Shouldn't have posted that. :(

Feeton Terrafirma
29th Nov 2001, 15:39
Where is Dingducky when she should be reading about positive thinkin?

(I know, retorical question, she's in chat

;) )

29th Nov 2001, 16:01
Nr Fairy,
Nah mate, not in Coventry any more. Worked hard and passed the exams and left there!! :)

Negative Charlie
29th Nov 2001, 16:22
A small correction to Celtic Emerald's bibliography: 'The Power Of Positive Thinking' is by the Reverend Doctor Norman Vincent Peale, not the esteemed and nonadactyl Dale Carnegie.

29th Nov 2001, 18:36
Shows how little you understand the concept, Bouncing. If Emerald read it and thinks positively that Carnegie wrote it, then by God, Carnegie wrote it!

Windy Militant
29th Nov 2001, 18:55
T-Richard as you are a fellow Celt I'll pass over any un seemly wisecracks.
A plank - contraction of the slang "Thick as two short planks" to indicate that the individual concerned is more than a bit dim!

A Doddle - I'm not sure where this is derived from but is again slang for a simple task or somthing that does not require much effort

Old Lag - Again slang used mostly to refer to long term prisoners, but also used in the forces or in old traditional industry eg colliers, foundrymen, shipwrights etc

T-Richard as you are a fellow Celt I'll pass over any un seemly wisecracks.
A plank - contraction of the slang "Thick as two short planks" to indicate that the individual concerned is more than a bit dim!

A Doddle - I'm not sure where this is derived from but is again slang for a simple task or somthing that does not require much effort

Old Lag - Again slang used mostly to refer to long term prisoners, but also used in the forces or in old traditional industry eg colliers, foundrymen, shipwrights etc

Popeth yn glir nawr? :p

Celtic Emerald
29th Nov 2001, 19:19

I'm in a library & I've just wasted 5 minutes of the lousy 50 minutes I'm allocated checking the on-line catalogue beside me & I'll admit (grudgingly) that on this rare occasion I'm wrong :( Binoculars, I'm in a library for chrissake. One is not supposed to burst out laughing in this haloed hall of learning. Give me a break mate will you :D


I already suggested to Dingducky when I was doing my Angela McNamara (an Irish agony aunt) stint down in Madges ream. Don't know if she took my advice though, hope she did though for hers & all our sakes


Tricky Woo
29th Nov 2001, 19:31

How's your command of Gaelic? Fluent, I expect. Amazing how you American's try to hold onto the nationalities of those countries your ancestors were so determined to escape from.

Incidentally, I also claim the nationality of my ancestors. As I am half-English/half-Portuguese ("Aha", say the multitudes, "I knew there was something fishy about that Tricky Woo: he's 'almost' a Spic".) I think I can claim with some certainty the following nationalities:

Portuguese (Papa)
English (Momma)
Welsh (let's keep that one to ourselves)
French (mais, oui)
German (ahem)
Norman (see Viking)
Viking (see Norman)
Gaul (see French)
Ancient Briton
Vandal (explains a lot)
Lusitania (not the sunken ship)
Ancient Roman
Ancient Persian
Ancient Egyptian
Ancient Greek

Of course, it's the devil's own job keeping up with all those annual street parades, but I rather think it's worth it to oneself, if one wishes to keep in touch with 'the auld country'.

Of course, I still have the option of applying for multiple-citizenship, although the administration might get a bit out of hand. However, the perks attached to being a citizen of, say, ancient Athens are stupendous: hundreds of acres of farm land, a multitude of slaves, plus the chance of having a pop at the King of Ancient Persia, Xerxes, from time to time. Funnily enough, the Yanks have cottoned onto that one just recently.


29th Nov 2001, 23:10
I`ve been thinking positively for some while, but Nicole still hasn`t phoned me.

tony draper
29th Nov 2001, 23:15
I thought the Portugese were classed as Dons,
Micheal Portillo, was a don wasn't he, hmmm splendid chap. ;)
ps, I wonder if our chaps have thought up a suitable derogeratory name for the taliban yet, they usually are not satisfied with the standard term,, much to the horror of the politicaly correct, one is allowed to put Johnny foreigner to the sword of course, but nor call them by a slang name.

Hmmm, Tallies,? Banns,? Beards,?
Mecca Headbangers?,Pork Dodgers?, the possibilities are endless. ;)

Tally don't surf

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30th Nov 2001, 01:40

I am lucky I know how to spell "Gaelic" Couldn't speak a word if my life dependent on it.

2nd Dec 2001, 14:23
the postive thinking stuff is crap :(

oh and tricky, wow your ancestors got around ;)

Celtic Emerald
3rd Dec 2001, 21:58
Oh well atleast I tried. No-one can ever accuse me not having done so :(

Crap it is certainly not. Alot may seem like common sense when you read it but then again you'd be amazed about how many people don't use common sense in their dealings with other people & in their attitude to life. It makes alot more sense than alot of the over zealous religious crap that has been sprouted on these pages from time to time. The same could be said for alot of these alternative lifestyles and drugs (including alcohol) used for escapism & to give a false happiness and fulfillment.


Bally Heck
4th Dec 2001, 03:48
Good lord above!!

I was just thinking positively about how this thread was doing and it has.

The prosecution rests m'lud.

Just off to think positively about Carmen Electra now. I'll keep you informed.

tony draper
4th Dec 2001, 03:54
Never seen her for a long time Mr Heck, does she still wear those big hats with all the fruit on them?. ;)