View Full Version : A slight culinary incident...

25th Nov 2001, 22:28
I couldn't believe it when I opened the door –
No cake was like this in days of yore,
The fairest creation I ever saw,
The beautiful smell - all others rank poor.

The true cook in me had come to the fore;
Here was a baker who knew the score.
If only they knew the treat in store;
I could never repeat it, that was for sure.

In their efforts to get some they'd break any law;
If they thought there was none for them how they'd roar;
All those who ate it would cry out for more,
Their struggle for seconds would turn into war!

I paused for breath, and mopped my jaw;
I took a clean apron out from the drawer.
I lifted it up - my soul thrilled to the core -
And then I dropped the bastard all over the floor.

DX Wombat
29th Nov 2001, 05:08
All may not be lost! pick up larger pieces, trim (or dust-off) the edges, place in large serving bowl, cover with something highly alcoholic but edible, leave for many hours so that the alcohol can kill any remaining bugs, then top with fruit and custard or cream (or both if still feeling in need of consolation. Result - trifle. There are various combinations available. Try choccy sponge soaked in kirsch then topped with black cherries and whipped cream. Some would say it is almost worth dropping the cake for. Sorry this isn't in rhyme. ;)

29th Nov 2001, 21:19
1. Show knackered cake to dog.
2. Tell dog NOT to eat it.
3. Go to Pub.