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24th Nov 2001, 22:02
I was in Tesco's this afternoon picking up some red wine and I decided to browse the spirits/mixers section as I tend not to stay that up to date with trends and it occurred to me that a drink I loved as a late teen, the Snowball, no longer exists!! I was reminded of this by the sight of BabyCham bottles on sale and realised I hadn't seen SnowBall bottles for aeons!!

So..it set me to thinking..does anyone else have a formerly favourite drink that the mere mention of it dates you OR makes folks under 25 look at you as if you are from another planet!! LOL You know where I going with this :D

Good Woman
24th Nov 2001, 22:58
I fondly remember Snowballs too.....and whatever happened to the "Hof" lager which fuelled me at many teenage parties? Come to think of it, I was fond of Tennants lager in the days when dolly birds adorned the cans. I think I'm getting old.

tony draper
24th Nov 2001, 23:12
Went out with a bird for a while, who could get thru many bottles of Cherry B .
Wonder if thats still available. ;)

24th Nov 2001, 23:15
We used to have a squadron cocktail on 1 (F) Squadron called "OSLO". It's not that you can't get it, it's just that alzheimers has struck and I can't remember how to make it .. :rolleyes:

I do, however, remember that it stood for "One Squadron Leg Opener" .... :D

Send Clowns
24th Nov 2001, 23:40
We used to have a regular in the pub where I served who liked snowballs. Seem to remember it consisted of a tiny drop of lime, some Advocaat and topped up with lemonade. Then a cherry on a stick was put on top :eek: which is a very bad sign!

PPRuNe Dispatcher
24th Nov 2001, 23:53
Snowballs :
50% Advocaat, 50% lemonade, 5% lime. Yes, I know that adds up to 105% so use a bigger glass.

My wife makes snowballs for her mother who doesn't normally drink. She says the put her in a good mood but can't understand why she gets a headache the next day.

I understand why - half a bottle of Advocaat, that's why. ;)

25th Nov 2001, 02:22
ooohhh i may have a dirty mind but thats not what i heard a snowball was :eek:

25th Nov 2001, 03:32

Also,(sets scene) outside on a roasting hot summer day, old Coke in glass bottles from a vending machine, chilled to about 34 deg F with condensation rolling down the outside.

Hmmm, I'd like a Philly Cheesesteak with that please.

25th Nov 2001, 03:42
Whats the difference between Snowmen and Snowgirls?

Yep you've guessed it!


tony draper
25th Nov 2001, 04:26
Rum and Gunpowder, the taverns just don't do it now.

25th Nov 2001, 04:30
I must, very shamefaced, admit to having had a liking for vodka and lime in my young and foolish days... :eek:

First and worst ever hangover was a mixture of Newkie Brown, Southern Comfort, wine and 90% pure ethyl alcohol (someone spiked my drink). Until 6pm the following day I didn't dare venture more than 10 feet from the nearest toilet.

Whatever happened to those "Party 7" cans?

tony draper
25th Nov 2001, 04:50
I once drank six double whiskeys in a pint glass for a bet,(stupid ******), I remember waking up over somebodies shoulder being carried home.
For years I had no idea who that was, doing something totaly stupid like that makes you reluctant to make enquires the next day.
About thirty years later I'm walking hound in park and I see a face from way in the past, walking his pooch ,we get to cracking about the old days, when he says,"do you remember the time you drank six double whiskeys in the Gardeners Arms, and I had to carry you home".
Well, one of life's mysteries solved. :o

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25th Nov 2001, 05:00
Another of those memorable(?) :confused: occasions was my 21st. I was at Uni at the time, and we started in the College Bar (4 whiskies) Then to a restaurant (12 bottles of wine between 8 of us). Then back to the College Bar. Barman trots out a something big in a pint mug. It's free if I down it in one. So I did. Fool! Fool! It went down like burning petrol. Then about 20 more whiskies. Back to home, where I won't let my g/f take my trousers off - that's something I've never done before or since, and very odd considering we'd been living together for over a year...

Strangest thing was, that I behaved myself the whole evening... That I don't understand at all... :confused:

25th Nov 2001, 07:12
I can remember drinking a fairly innocuous lager and lime as a teenager in England ... is that still around?

25th Nov 2001, 07:24
I got horribly drunk on Pernod and blackcurrant when I was more foolish then I am now. Only trouble was if you puked it looked like you were bleeding.

25th Nov 2001, 09:23
Have a friend who used to cook up the occasional mean batch of 'shine. Mixed with grape juice, it was known as Purple Jesus. Yeeeccchh!! :eek:

Transition Layer
25th Nov 2001, 11:37

You don't think I was going to let that post of yours go unnoticed! You dirty dirty girl...I love it ;) ;)


25th Nov 2001, 15:19
Can remember drinking port at the local football one afternoon with a girlfriend in the depths of winter (it does get cold in Sth Oz, I'll have you know!!)...anyway..we were drinking it out of beer glasses...I have never ever ever been soooo ill in all my life...took me a few years before I could look at it again!

I can remember drinking Brandivino and coke...don't know if you can still get Brandivino! And also..Campari??? Ok, so I didn't much taste when I was younger...and judging by the men I've gone out with, I'm not sure it's improved much with age!


25th Nov 2001, 17:19
Cinzano !
Anytime, any place, anywhere

It was just a matter of time!

Check Wheels
25th Nov 2001, 19:54
Min, I remember Brandivino - only used to drink the stuff because I couldn't afford brandy. No it's not around anymore, fortunately.

25th Nov 2001, 23:01
One I've seen ordered fairly regularly of recent is Guinness and Blackcurrant-- it looks sort of like...yuk!
To diverge a bit, what's the price of a pint in your local?
Mine's 1.90 for bitter and 2.10 for lager.
Hmm... I can feel a beer calling. See ya.

Send Clowns
26th Nov 2001, 02:32
Is Blackbeard still alive and posting as Draper? :eek: Rum and black powder sounds ... powerful!

26th Nov 2001, 05:34
Good thing Brandivino is no longer...I can remember at the time thinking it wasn't too flash but I drank it anyway! Thankfully, I have moved onward and upward.

Off topic, all the Adelaideans around lately it seems....!


26th Nov 2001, 05:54
Can't drink spirits now due to "games" at the rugby bar...whisky and pernod in the same glass...bleeuuurrgghhh :eek:


1.90 for bitter

Last night,


I was drinking Robbies in the Red Bull for FREE!!!

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26th Nov 2001, 14:54
Oh dear.
Dark rum and black....
When I was living with my parents I reeled back home one night after an evening on the aforementioned and had a quiet chunder out my bedroom window.
The trouble is the house was whitewashed and the next morning the dreadful evidence was splattered down the wall for the entire street to see.
They also saw me with my father standing by, trying to remove the evidence with a long-handled broom.
It was ages before it really went away....

Tricky Woo
26th Nov 2001, 18:21

You cruel, sadistic b*stard.



26th Nov 2001, 18:45
In Sharjah 1970 we used to have the full range of Pimms (No's 1-7 Brandy, Gin, Whiskey, Vodka-based etc.). Many's the night the squadron would have a "Plucky Pimms Night" and we'd mix our drinks by swapping from a Pimms No1 to a 6 to a 4 until we had all gone thru 1-7 at least once!

Squadron moved to Bahrein, when again it seemed a good idea to have a Pimms night but strangely nobody was able to complete the full range and remain standing and the evening came to a very premature end with everybody legless.

It wasn't till the following day that we realised our new bar only stocked Pimms No1, so when we were ordering Pimms No2 or 3 etc. Ali the barman gave us double, triple shots of Pimms No1. Quite logical but lethal!

Never drunk the stuff since!! :(

26th Nov 2001, 21:02
Seeing the New Year in once in parts Caribbean, we started at the the time the New Year hid the antimeridian, and decided to have the national drink of somewhere in each time zone as the New Year hit it...

Not many people lasted the full 24 hours / 24 drinks!

Check Wheels
27th Nov 2001, 04:18
And then there was the original leg opener "Barossa Pearl"

Thank Christ that's no longer available! :cool:

henry crun
27th Nov 2001, 06:41
CW. I never tried that one but it sounds as if it was on a par with BCG, Black Currant Gin.
That also, thanks goodness, is no longer available.

27th Nov 2001, 15:49
Stones Green Ginger Wine???


tony draper
27th Nov 2001, 16:00
Newcastle Amber Ale.???

Tricky Woo
27th Nov 2001, 17:34
Am I the only one who laments the loss of Boddington's Bitter; the original stuff was absolute nectar. I believe some clever bod decided to gut the old brewery and replace all the gizmos with the rusty components of an old Elsmere Port petrochemical plant. Nasty, nasty stuff now. The Southern poofs like to drink it now, which just goes to show how far things have slipped. (sniff).

As that cruel sod Eric keeps pointing out, the last great Manchester bitter is still available in a dodgy Stockport pub near you: Robbies (Robinsons to the uninitiated) is simply marvellous.

Anyone remember Colt 45? A canned lager who's only virtue was the guarantee that a single can would keep you well and truly p!ssed throughout the duration of a school disco. Once drunk two cans in quick succession when I was fourteen and was rat-****d for a week. Nasty.


Capt Vegemite
28th Nov 2001, 14:28
AH yes Pimms No 1 cup.
Pour a couple of those into the girl friend and into the back of the Austin A40 for a wrestle with the stockings and corset.(Can Draper remember them?
Draper is lucky he never encountered several hairy-assed stokers in the bar after he drank the six whiskeys I think?
Most interesting thing I've seen was a cocktail competition held at a pub in Darwin frequented by lovely prawn trawlermen.
The winner was a conncoction called a "Rosella Regal"
Chivas Regal and a large dollop of Rosella tomato sauce.

tony draper
28th Nov 2001, 15:16
OOh! ooh! Stockings and Corsets. :rolleyes:

gravity victim
28th Nov 2001, 15:21
Anyone remember playing 'Four Jacks?' This horrible bar game involved turning over playing cards. The first to turn up a Jack would order a drink on credit, the second drank half, the third finished it and the last Jack paid.

Theoretically one could compete for something agreeable, but sadly human nature would rear its head and the unlucky second Jack might well find himself contemplating a pint mug containing a half of bitter, a creme de menthe, something else weird from the top shelf and a jar of whelks bunged in for good measure.

On one memorable round somebody pulled the first Jack and ordered up something utterly vile, then turned up the other three as well!

Check Wheels
29th Nov 2001, 15:37
Stone's Green Ginger Wine still around Min, great to get the heart started on a cold winter's morn! :cool:

tony draper
29th Nov 2001, 15:47
Yeh, Mr TW, Colt45, and Luger and Lime. ;)

30th Nov 2001, 10:27

stone's ginger wine also makes a good basis for jus roti with roast duck :)

djk aka chef :)

Capt Vegemite
1st Dec 2001, 02:38

How the hell you manage to get the duck to drink that stuff?

1st Dec 2001, 03:07

ermmmm you're not meant to, the duck should be dead by that point :)

1st Dec 2001, 10:27
Ahh Colt45 what a shock to the tastebuds that was. Even worse when warm.

I miss Flash. Take a 100 litre tub add 26 kg sugar, 0.5 kg yeast and fill with water. Stir until sugar dissolves. Don't use your arm cos the yeast will eat your skin. Leave to mature for 4 weeks and then run through the still of your choice. That's Flash (Libyan name, aka Sidiki in Saudi). :D